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Midnight Mass (2021)

Drama | Mystery 
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Rayting:   7.9/10 22K votes
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

An isolated island community experiences miraculous events and frightening omens after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious young priest.

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Season 1

September 24, 2021Episode 5 Book V: Gospel
September 24, 2021Episode 3 Book III: Proverbs
September 24, 2021Episode 2 Book II: Psalms
September 24, 2021Episode 1 Book I: Genesis

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Top 20 (Ranked)

September 24, 2021star8.9 1083 votesS1E5 Book V: Gospel
September 24, 2021star8.8 869 votesS1E6 Book VI: Acts of the Apostles
September 24, 2021star8.3 1082 votesS1E3 Book III: Proverbs
September 24, 2021star8.3 935 votesS1E4 Book IV: Lamentations
September 24, 2021star8.3 900 votesS1E7 Book VII: Revelation
September 24, 2021star7.9 1133 votesS1E2 Book II: Psalms
September 24, 2021star7.5 1320 votesS1E1 Book I: Genesis

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User Reviews

benjaminskylerhill 25 September 2021

This is NOT a horror. It is an extremely intelligent religious drama that contains some horror elements. And you know what? It is MAGNIFICENT at what it does.

From episode 1, I knew I was in for a treat from Mike Flanagan. This man knows how to write unique, compelling characters. Each tragedy is explored so deeply and so personally that the shocking plot revelations become much more hard-hitting.

Some of the dialogue is a little too intellectual to the point that it doesn't feel authentic, but it's always engaging nonetheless. Some of the story elements take too long to start truly making sense, but the conclusion is so satisfying that such a complaint sort of fades into the background.

The religious themes in this story could have been handled very simply, but Flanagan never wants to give us the easy answer. I've never seen a story dive so deeply into the complexities of personal faith and organised religion to the extent or with the tact that this one does.

This show will have me thinking for a long while yet. It's not perfect, but it's ambition has to be admired. What a unique tale. Hats off.

NFY00 25 September 2021

One might think when starting this limited series he will have the usual scares of ghosts n demons esp that Mike flanagan is a master in portraying horror onscreen just as Stephen King works his horror magic on paper and leaves u to ur imagination while reading.

This is horror to the soul and the absolute identification of each person's "inner demons" and "inner intentions" that count in living and in dying..Religion is a mighty tool that if put in the hands of the wrong ppl would most definitely reek havoc on the rest of mankind whichever the religion is.

Great show brewed onto 7 episodes with equal doses. Can't be shortened and can't be lengthened. Just the perfect dose.

pazmandy-szilvia 25 September 2021

Really liked how the story is built up, slow burn and carefully dosed details... meanwhile the characters are also developing.

I was happy to see familiar faces from Hill House and Bly Manor and Hamish Linklater was stellar in the role of the priest.

Flanagan did it again, added an interesting twist to the horror genre and an awful lot to think about - such as what happens to us when and after we die?

Looking forward to his future works.

kjak-69010 25 September 2021

I am generally not a fan of religion mixed in with my horror but this was extremely well written. Maybe more of a thought provoking somewhat disturbing drama than horror. It was definitely worth the time. I never ever want to watch it again though. In fact I don't think I want to hear any sermons or speeches for a long while. However, unlike a lot of reviews I have read on this site I feel that the sermons were justified in making the story more impactful.

alexvali 24 September 2021

I had my doubts when I first began watching this series and I have to say that I was impressed. It's not the kind of horror you'd expect to see but it's the kind of horror that will make you think and care about its characters. Just give it a try and don't bail on it just because the first 3 episodes are developing too slow. I promise, you will be impressed.

aonm-86190 25 September 2021

Though Midnight Mass has Christian and biblical aspects, it's also crazy and amazing. As an atheist, I tend to stay away from most religious based shows/movies that promote religious dogma, however, this show does none of that! Mike Flanagan did it again, showing his brilliant imagination and putting it down on paper. The cast was fantastic as well!

brides-27489 26 September 2021

Each character would go on and on with their own " meaningful" monologue where it just felt forced and unnecessary. The overall story and execution was fine a little boring but I watched the whole thing and probably won't reccomend.

wb-chelsea 26 September 2021

I liked the premise and set up of the show. The core characters were also introduced and developed well in the first couple of episodes. However, it starts to lose steam around episode 4-5. The religious sermons and evangelical characters start to get repetitive and tiring. I get that this is supposed to be a commentary on real-life fanatics, but it didn't grab my attention for long given how drawn-out it was. We also don't get the explore the characters after their initial introduction, and a lot of the conflict or story seems superficial and one dimensional. As a result, I am not invested on what happens to any of them and am just waiting for the next jump scare. It's a shame because I like this type of horror (that's not campy or relying on gore), but this lays it on so thick with the religious stuff that it loses its way.

jon_pratt12345 29 September 2021

This is definitely a cut above most Netflix originals that I've seen. I liked that it was prepared to go at a slow pace and carefully explore characters and I enjoyed how the mystery was gently teased in the first half of the show. The overall idea is very interesting but I did feel like the execution got weaker as the show progressed beyond the 2nd half. I also got slightly fatigued by the way characters interacted almost exclusively in long long monologues with often only tenuous relevance to the story; I found it easier in the 1st half but later in the show, as more was revealed, I wanted characters to talk about what was actually going on in front of them. Anyway, overall this was a very enjoyable show that I loved after 3 episodes and liked by the end of all 7.

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