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Miracle Workers (2019)

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Country: USA
Language: English

A comedy set in the offices of Heaven Inc. When God plans to destroy the Earth, two low level angels must convince their boss to save humanity. They bet him they can pull off their most impossible miracle yet: help two humans fall in love.

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houtxnikki 15 February 2019

To all of those upset by this show's humorous take on all things Heavenly - lighten up. Do you really think the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor? In the first place, He created man in His own image (Gen. 1:27) - meaning if we are capable of humor, so is He. If Moses' word isn't definitive enough for you, let me tell you a little story. I used to have a Great Pyrenees, a 150 lb sheepdog, who was allergic to 21 different substances (I had him tested). Twenty of the 21 things were environmental; mostly plant-based. Want to take a guess what that 1 other thing was? What's the absolutely, positively, very last thing on the face of this tired old planet to which a sheepdog could possibly be allergic? Yep. You guessed it... Wool. Never let anyone tell you that God doesn't have a sense of humor.

Given the endless parade of mayhem, excess, zealotry, barbarism, bigotry, intolerance and atrocities invariably perpetrated by men who have historically claimed to be doing so in service to the Lord, and taking into account the feelings of displeasure, disappointment and anger in Him these must surely engender... do you still seriously think He's going to waste that much time getting upset about a silly half-hour sitcom?

Is it irreverent? Yes. Is it time to call up Torquemada out of retirement? No. If it offends you, there's a simple enough solution - change the channel.

niceguy-737-812940 10 March 2020

Looking at reviews on here, it looks like this premiered SOMEWHERE maybe a year ago, but around here it premiered only a few months ago, with maybe a week between seasons, so it's rather easy to compare. The title nicely fits the premise of season 1, Heaven is an office with departments, with Buscemi's God being the goofball CEO. Fun. And loved seeing Radcliffe in something else. We mainly follow two angels trying to pull off a miracle (where they're limited to techniques that don't automatically prove there's a heaven). I found it fun and funny, and as someone gleefully without religion, religious topics usually don't interest me, but that wasn't a problem here.

Cut to season 2, subtitled The Dark Ages. The subtitle likewise neatly explains the setup. But EVERYTHING from season 1 is gone! No god, no angels, no heaven, no divine influence... The only thing in common is the majority of the cast, all in completely different roles! Now, while it's cute that their experimental human from season 1 now gets to interact with the others in season 2 (though we're missing the female experimental human, I found her cute and would like to see more of her. Pity), that isn't anything, really. This is essentially a completely new show! Plus it betrays the title, there's no miracles going on, nobody is "working" on miracles. Plus I miss the magical elements, the Heaven way of doing things here and there.

I can't take off TOO many stars for this weird shift in tone and setting, the new season is still enjoyable (though unquestionably less so, with less and more subtle humour). Radcliffe becomes the new goofball. Buscemi and the female lead become downtrodden peasants (a SIGNIFICANT step down for Buscemi, LOL!). Of course, the focus changing to downtrodden peasants in a backward time has an unpleasant undertone of their sad bleak existence. One cute thing is frequent somewhat subtle references to modern life, converted to Dark Ages, like someone asking Alexa to play music and skip tracks becomes telling a minion the same things and having him sing things for entertainment. It's a cute gimmick, but it inspires a smile at best.

Hopefully if this gets to a Season 3 they'll remember the "Miracle Workers" part of the title "Miracle Workers", LOL!

cherold 9 April 2019

Season 1 Review - 8 stars: This miniseries involves some of heavens drones attempting to save earth from destruction by a god who is not so much wrathful as just bored. Wagering the planet's future on their ability to use divine guidance to bring two shy people together, they find a constant set of obstacles to overcome.

Bringing the couple together often involves killing people, sometimes dozens of people, and I like that darkness in what is generally a silly, rather genial sitcom.

Steve Buscemi is amusing as earth's idiot god, whose story reminds me of a book I read part of which discussed a gnostic sect's belief that Earth was created by a mad god who was not, in fact, the ultimate god. I don't know if the writer had that in mind, though.

The writer, BTW, also did Man Seeking Woman. This isn't as funny and crazy as that series, but it's still lots of fun.

Season 2 Review - 6 stars?:

Turns out Miracle Workers was not, as I had believed, a miniseries, but instead is an anthology series, like American Horror Story. So season 2 is the same actors playing different characters in an entirely different premise ...

which isn't nearly as good.

Season 2 is a medieval tale about peasants and royalty that really isn't worth detailing. The cast is still good but it's not as funny as season 1 and 3 episodes in, which is as far as I got, there's no overarching story to keep you going.

Recommendation: watch season 1, then stop.

DylanSMPhillips 27 March 2019

Miracle Workers is a quirky comedic concept that never finds itself fully formed. The story, themes and comedy never quite hit the absurdist levels they hope to push. Thankfully, the cast is extremely charismatic and fun surrounded by an entertaining premise and some thought-provoking themes. It ends up becoming a run-of-the-mill, ordinary comedy that is saved by the hilarious and layered performances of Buscemi and Radcliffe. From its fun inventive premise to its half-baked idea, Miracle Workers ends up being the passable distant cousin of The Good Place.

Lurker246813579 2 April 2020

First off, I created an account just for this review. I have a fb and twitter and i have never touched them, just to lock up my name, I'd rather be in the mountains than be on fb. I like this show, season 1 was something unique, I think we're all looking for unique content these days. It was very Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxyish, the book, not the movie. You cannot successfully put multiple books into a movie, stop it. The character chemistry was great, I like that the show uses rated R language as well, it's not over the top, but realistic. People seem to hate season 2, I liked it. A complete flip from heaven, to shovellin'. There aren't too many shows that address the medieval time period in history, and who would hae thought such a unique job was out there. The Fred Armison episode was great. The father son tension was good. The love interest tension was good. There's always a moral point or two to an episode. I awaited each episode, it's a smart show. Big Bang is not a smart show, it debases intelligence. The only big network shows I watch is Brooklyn 99, and the Orville, when's that come back?. I liked the good place. Don't give me politics, give me a good story arc, smart dialogue, likeable/hateable characters. We need some of these shows in our lives to decompress. It's Always Sunny, why do we love it, because it's stupid, and we forget about things for 22 minutes without commercials. I want more of the jumping around timelines, with this same cast, they are great together, even the king. If American Horror Story can do it, why not a show like this? AMH, needs help though, maybe they need a dark ages season.

I hope the right people see this and make a season 3, I like this show.

annaelizabeth-37981 14 February 2019

This was super funny. I can see why some are scoring this low, due to the satire and dark humor that may seem a little sacrilegious. If are realistic and you actually have a sense of humor, regardless of how cynical, you will love this show.

If the others didn't feel like they would go to hell for laughing and could relax and laugh a little,.. I'm sure they would too.

10/10. I'm looking forward to the next episode. No spoilers. Just remove the stick and watch it. Lol😜

sibuszkrypt 30 March 2019

When I heard Buscemi was playing God it definitely raised my expectations. Maybe my expectation were a bit too high. The humour is a little basic and juvenile. There were no laugh out loud moments, and the ideas were cliche. Watchable but will not be my "go-to" for something funny to watch.

johan-magnuseriksson-185-97383 11 May 2019

At ep 3 it starts to be better and at ep 4 it's very good.

It's a slow starter, but it needs to be, we need to get to know the characters better. And since you know the characters you will like the show much more and the comedy will make sense.

brittni-71113 17 February 2019

I was on the fence about watching this but i always enjoy Steve Buscemi's work, My only dislike is i wish the episodes would be a little longer since it will be a short series i'm already dreading the last episode. The cast is great and the underlining dark humor is wonderful. I'm sure if God is really out there he might find this amusing.

alindsay-al 17 July 2020

So after watching the first season of Miracle Workers, I have just finished season 2 of the show even though there is literally no connection between the two seasons and here is my review for the second season of Miracle Workers The Dark Ages. The premise of the season shows how people get by day to day in the medieval times. Main Character Geraldine Viswanathan was more of a supporting character in the first season but I felt like here she is the main character and I thought she was okay. I think she is a talented actress and she has some fun moments here it is just her character that I didn't really enjoy. She comes across as really pretentious and above every other character here and it makes it hard to care about her and the plights that she goes through. Supporting Characters Daniel Radcliffe is more of a side character here but he is still really good, he plays the prince of the village and he was very likeable for me and was funny here, like he was in the first series. Steve Buscemi is back but he is not God this time around but he is still funny, he is likeable here and still looks like he is having plenty of fun. Karan Soni is back and he is still a fun part of this show and has some good chemistry with Radcliffe throughout. Also the addition of Peter Serafinowicz as the King was an inspired choice and I thought he did a great job.

Story This is mostly where the show falls down for me, the plot really doesn't do anything for me, mainly because I still am not sure exactly what the point of the story is. There is this basic romance and family drama and it just didn't work for me and if I am just being honest I would have much preferred a second season in Heaven.

Script The script is still quite funny here, I cannot deny that at times I was finding myself laughing quite a bit. It just lacked the charm that I thought the first season had and the lack of intrigue that the first season had as well.

Style The one thing I like about the style of the show, is the use of modern day ideas in the medieval times and the creative ways that they use them. But, a slight criticism I had of the first season was having a few too many episodes, so they thought it would be a great idea to give this season 10 episodes which is way too many which hurts the show.

Overall Overall, this is an average second season, that feels more paint by numbers which is disappointing. If you enjoyed the first season, you might have some fun here but I wouldn't recommend this.

tabletopwarrior-84137 17 March 2020

I don't need it to be anything more than what it is. It's funny without being gross.

troysgrampa 7 March 2020

LIke several other comments...I dont get it???? what am I missing? what is this???

What is connection between the Dark Ages...and the previous season??

At times funny...but it is tempered by what the He** are we watching?

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