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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (2015)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   7.8/10 8.9K votes
Country: France | South Korea
Language: English

Marinette and Adrien, two normal teens, transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir when an evil threatens their city.

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Best Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

October 31, 2021star9.6 111 votesS4E18 Dearest Family
May 26, 2019star9.5 379 votesS3E7 Oblivio
November 10, 2019star9.5 375 votesS3E21 Cat Blanc
April 25, 2021star9.5 194 votesS4E3 Gang of secrets
September 26, 2021star9.4 137 votesS4E13 Mega Leech
April 11, 2021star9.2 229 votesS4E1 Truth
October 27, 2017star9.1 244 votesS2E2 Despair Bear
October 27, 2019star9.1 145 votesS3E15 Kwamibuster
October 28, 2019star9.1 118 votesS3E16 Feast
October 3, 2021star9.1 70 votesS4E14 Wishmaker
May 20, 2018star9.0 205 votesS2E12 Captain Hardrock
November 18, 2018star9.0 190 votesS2E25 Mayura: Heroes' Day (2)
April 18, 2021star9.0 184 votesS4E2 Lies
October 30, 2016star8.9 287 votesS1E26 Stoneheart - Origins, Part 2
January 14, 2018star8.9 223 votesS2E9 Glaciator
October 30, 2019star8.9 183 votesS3E18 Timetagger
October 30, 2016star8.8 276 votesS1E25 Ladybug & Cat Noir - Origins, Part 1
April 3, 2016star8.8 242 votesS1E24 Volpina
October 21, 2019star8.8 163 votesS3E9 Reflekdoll
May 23, 2021star8.8 143 votesS4E4 Mr. Pigeon 72

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User Reviews

djazzy-36339 27 October 2018

Watchseries; Even though I'm 15, I still seem to enjoy this show since it's so interesting to me.

djazzy-36339 27 October 2018

Even though I'm 15, I still seem to enjoy this show since it's so interesting to me.

jimihandrix 17 April 2016

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir watchseries. Okay so as you probably've guessed after reading the premise,LadyBug is a homage to the superhero and magical girl genre,and it shows in its transformation scenes,to the villain who turns innocent people into his henchmen by using his mind control powers,to the whole "oh,I'm not interested in you,Cat Noir,I got a crush on Adrien,a guy who looks just like you but can't be you" cliché.However even if it might use some clichés,most of the times they come off as a homage rather than a repetition of something which has been done over and over again.It really doesn't matter if something has been done before,what it really matters is what you make out of it.My only real problem with this show is that it feels a little bit too much like Sailor Moon,yes I know it's supposed to be a homage but sometimes the tune feels a bit generic especially when it comes about the villain.He's not bad but someone like him could very well belong to any magical girl anime who had a villain with mind control powers. Anyway outside of this the show doesn't have any other real problems and the CG is awesome by TV's standards.Okay,maybe some character look better than others but Marinette,who's our protagonist has the best design and the best transformation scenes.Originally the show was gonna have a 2D anime style but I think the art style changed for the best.By not making it look like a traditional anime they made it easier for the viewer to recognize its comic book superhero themes and the action also feels more intense because of the CG.Also for a french cartoon the English dub seems to be pretty good so far,yeah some characters sound better than others and it's once again Marinette who got the best voice and for an European cartoon you don't usually expect something like this from English dubbers.Still,I recommend you to first watch it in french if you ever decide to fallow this series.

dkemp-33122 25 July 2018

I would be very glad to say that this is My number one favorite TV show of all time and the best TV show in the world.

roar-ob 12 January 2017

I stumbled upon Miraculous while I was baby-sitting one day, with the kid that I was watching telling me "watch this show it is the best". So to not disappoint her, I did. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed in myself, in fact - I loved it.

Ladybug has a fascinating story about a teenage girl named Marinette who got chosen to be a superhero named Ladybug along with an accomplice Cat-Noir. Each episode explores a simple issue in a real life situation experienced by a person, then dramatizes it with a villain who uses the issue to try and defeat the heroes through the person experiencing it. It's that simple formula which makes the show exciting especially since you know roughly what will happen each episode. Through the 20 minute episodes, a couple of minutes is dedicated to explore Marinette's personal life as a shy teenage schoolgirl which builds a great likability to her character. However, the show isn't perfect. It gets really repetitive after a while since every episode has the same formula. Although this was fixed in the final two episodes where a villain was stretched out to two episodes to defeat, giving more time to empathize with Marinette the main character, but the rest of season one didn't really do that. The other problem is how the episodes barely give enough time to do character building with the supporting characters and instead focuses on how to defeat the villain, instead of the consequences of not defeating them (excluding the final 2 episodes of season 1). In saying that, it's not that the show is bad, but with enough work it can easily reach the heights of other great animations such as Avatar the Last Airbender.

All in all, Miraculous is a great show - one of the best I've seen in this last decade. Season one may have felt a bit repetitive, but there were moments which were definitely worth remembering and the final two episodes of season one definitely set some standards for season two.

jjiawen 4 June 2016

I am a calm, perfectly cool as a cucumber character on the verge of being a fully fledged adult. This show has somehow turned me into a fully fledged fan girl that blushes on occasion.

I've always been a fan of Batman. Maybe Cat Noir in a black super-suit just calls to me, or more likely it's the awesome fight scenes. Not to mention hilariously purrfect puns thrown in here and there.

This show will also definitely pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has experienced a maddening crush on that special someone. The beautiful landscapes of Paris just amplify the feels :)

One of the few shows I've seen where there's a great mix of drama, fighting and romance. The top notch animation definitely just pulls you in! Give the show a go, it's amazing :)

sathreal 9 April 2016

i originally started watching this just for the voice cast most of which i know from anime i watch but it quickly become something i wanted to watch for the actual story. Its cute and fun.. and its something i cant really find anything to complain about..

that is rare for me.

Again the voice cast is great the story is great. also i love the animation if you love superheros,anime,or something funny with a monster of the week this is the show for you and your friends or siblings. I love how fast paced it is. everyone give this gem of a show a chance you wont regret it

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