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Modern Family (2009)

Comedy | Romance 
Popularity 60
Rayting:   8.4/10 386K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

Episode Guide

Season 11

April 8, 2020Episode 18 Finale (2)
April 8, 2020Episode 17 Finale (1)
March 18, 2020Episode 15 Baby Steps
February 19, 2020Episode 14 Spuds
February 12, 2020Episode 13 Paris
January 22, 2020Episode 12 Dead on a Rival
January 15, 2020Episode 11 Legacy
January 8, 2020Episode 10 The Prescott
December 11, 2019Episode 9 The Last Christmas
December 4, 2019Episode 8 Tree's a Crowd
October 16, 2019Episode 4 Pool Party
October 9, 2019Episode 3 Perfect Pairs
October 2, 2019Episode 2 Snapped

Season 10

Season 9

Season 8

Season 7

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Modern Family Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

February 25, 2015star9.5 6488 votesS6E16 Connection Lost
March 26, 2014star9.2 3405 votesS5E18 Las Vegas
January 19, 2011star9.0 2848 votesS2E13 Caught in the Act
January 23, 2013star8.9 2975 votesS4E13 Fulgencio
May 20, 2015star8.8 1978 votesS6E24 American Skyper
November 25, 2009star8.7 2757 votesS1E9 Fizbo
February 10, 2010star8.7 2492 votesS1E15 My Funky Valentine
November 18, 2015star8.7 1833 votesS7E7 Phil's Sexy, Sexy House
April 6, 2016star8.7 1747 votesS7E18 The Party
May 8, 2019star8.7 1283 votesS10E22 A Year of Birthdays
May 19, 2010star8.6 2322 votesS1E24 Family Portrait
October 10, 2012star8.6 2186 votesS4E2 Schooled
May 23, 2012star8.6 1987 votesS3E24 Baby on Board
May 21, 2014star8.6 1950 votesS5E24 The Wedding (2)
April 8, 2020star8.6 1521 votesS11E18 Finale (2)
May 12, 2010star8.5 2267 votesS1E23 Hawaii
October 27, 2010star8.5 2227 votesS2E6 Halloween
January 18, 2012star8.5 2029 votesS3E13 Little Bo Bleep
January 15, 2014star8.5 1929 votesS5E12 Under Pressure
November 7, 2012star8.5 1892 votesS4E7 Arrested

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User Reviews

Sakshijain_1012 2 March 2020

Modern Family is primarily a comedy that revolves around three families that are held together more by their virtue of acceptance and love than by the blood ties that connect them. Each character has been thoughtfully written out and played to perfection by a slew of actors who take your breath away. A family that is so imperfectly perfect that you draw the expectations for your own family - present or future - from their actions, morals, decisions and values.

It's a show where an old rich man marries a young woman of colour; where a white patriarchal figure accepts, not without his reservations, his openly gay son and his partner; where a gay couple gets its chance at parenting when they adopt an Asian girl; where we have a teenage pregnancy create the foundations of a loving family; where an old couple decides to give parenting a spin in the second innings of their life; where each child grows up emboldened with the confidence that his family is there to support him/her to become their own person.

What the show does impeccably well is throw societal expectations for a toss to underline only one thing - who we are and choose to be does not dictate the rightness or the wrongness of our being. The only this that does is the purity of our hearts. That is it. One episode after the other, we have the writers create interwoven and hilarious narratives into episodes that break stereotypes and societal conventions to showcase the meaningless of their existence.

Despite the seriousness of the central theme, the show is outright hilarious. It is witty - much too witty to understand every joke, every emotion, every retort in just one watch. The writing is spot on. It makes you live the characters and fall in love with each one of them - one episode at a time. It's made me pause the show because I had to laugh so bad. It has also made me pause to make way for a few tears which flowed without announcement, without purpose. The families, despite their eccentricities and unconventional way of being, are ever so relatable in how they love one another. The only way to truly love someone is to let them thrive in their own choices - that's what I learn from this show - every day.

It's unparalleled what this show has done for the people who were too scared to come out of their closets and the parents who were too scared to have a kid who did. I cannot recommend this show enough. You will feel a myriad of emotions when you truly embrace the depth of the stories and therein lies its beauty.

heartion 15 October 2009

For those still in withdrawal from the cancellation of Arrested Development, let me write you a prescription: Modern Family. The comparisons are obvious and with good reason. The postmodern comedy for the 21 century was ushered in by The Office(UK) and Arrested Development, but I, for one, doubted something could come along and satiate my longing for another truly, original comedy. Albeit, you may initially be wary to see yet another mockumentary-style show, but by the end of the pilot, you'll be smiling/laughing way too hard to stay cynical. Thus far, the plot lines have been really fresh and the characters are so, for lack of a better word, lovable. This show fulfills all my comedy needs, and I feel like I must resort to the listing of relevant adjectives: Witty, dry, smart, outlandish, silly, clever, cute, sarcastic, subtle, not-so subtle. HILARIOUS. I hate to say it, but the laugh tracks and raw goofyness of classic sitcoms like 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' are obsolete and leave something to be desired. You will find that something in Modern Family. And who knows, maybe some of the more painfully funny and poignant scenarios will reveal insight into the changing dynamics of both the modern family and modern comedy. Great show. Period. And let's get it right this time around: don't cancel good TV shows. Pretty please?

waterman1976 27 March 2021

I haven't seen season 10 & 11 yet, because Prime doesn't show them in my country yet, so my review is not based on the whole series. But....

I've seen this show at least 5 times now and every time I get pulled in right at the start. The cast is perfect, the script is clever and very funny and the addition of the "documentary feel" adds a whole lot to the tongue in cheek humour. There's a lot to say about why this show is great and for me it's for a great part about Ty Burell and Ed O'Neill. The latter, ofcourse, is almost a culthero because of his role in Married with Children, but in MF he's just amazing. His agitated looks into the camera are spot-on and his fear of Gloria is played out great. Burell, in his own right, is a class apart. I wonder if his role could have written in the way is has been written, if it hadn't been played by him. Take away the physical element and his sarcastic undertone and you might end up with an annoying character that insults his wife on a regular base and is constantly dodging responsibility. But this show is about a group and not a lead and everything works. The gayjokes, the sarcasm, the familyfeel... I love it. But...

Somewhere it loses its magic. Not all the children grow up fine in the show. Manny gets annoying, little Joe could have been left out and Haley starts working in my nerves. But I guess this is always a big risk when working with young actors who have to keep playing their chosen role. Also, somewhere around season 7 or 8, the script loses its touch and this is showing in season 9: weird plots, overacting and more crudeness erode the original feel.

And please Hollywood... stop botoxing, lipfilling and plastic surging your actors. People are beautiful when they age in grace.

dashfast 12 August 2009

Give this show a chance. I really kind of watched it against my will, but figured I'd give it a shot. I bet out of a hundred pilots, I would like maybe one - this was that one. I literally laughed out loud at numerous parts - the way that it comes together is interesting / well-done - each couple has an interesting balance - great dialog (IMDB won't let me spell it with a "ue" at the end) - original characters - I'm impressed.

I don't think I've ever seen ABC come out with something in this vein. Normally their shows are a bit watered down, but this is edgy and as fresh as anything I've seen hit network TV. I know that comparisons to Arrested Development will be frequent, but I think that this has more structure. The characters aren't as wacky, but they're more believable and easier to sympathize with in my eyes. Tremendous acting, great kid actors - I forwarded the pilot to a bunch of people already, and I feel lucky that I got to watch it before it came out officially.

lisawilson11 20 October 2009

I just want to say that I love this show!! It is good family entertainment. I believe all of us can relate to someone in it or have a relative that can. For those of you who only saw the pilot (which I watched by accident and loved)please don't give up on it, it is really good comedy. I can't decide who my favorite character is, Cam, Phil...all of them, each week another one cracks me up. I rarely watch TV but this one has me hooked. I agree that the format is much like The Office, which I also think is funny, but the shots to the camera, the expressions are some of the best parts. We have all of the shows on dvr because my daughter and I usually can't wait till the next Wednesday to see it again! Again...Best show in years!

bob-dow 22 October 2009

Modern Family is one of the best shows on TV in 2009.

It's written by smart and funny people. It shares some DNA with Arrested Development and Fraiser, but has a little bit more heart.

6 episodes in and I am still impressed and still laugh out loud.

I usually avoid ABC because their programming in years past has been terrible and vanilla. Happy to see they have taken some chances on this show and hooray for them, it seems to be finding an audience and critics love it too.

I usually hate shows with little kids in the cast... they usually end up getting used as cute crutches when writers run out of ideas, but Modern Family has been giving the kids sharp dialogue to match the grown ups.

The gay Mitchell and Cameron couple are portrayed honestly and they are hilarious.

The very underrated Ed O'Neill is pitch perfect as the grouchy but soft family patriarch. Sofía Vergara who plays his Colombian trophy wife is excellent and very funny in what could have been written as a terrible bimbo role.

I wasn't sold on Ty Burrell as the dad who tries too hard to be cool after the pilot... but he's a slow burn, and now it works.

Julie Bowen as the slightly off kilter mom adds an anchoring charm to the mix.

Every person on this show gets good lines, and the quality is holding up... I hope they win a boatload of Emmys.

jessdelong-25072 12 March 2021

I think this is a great series, I think Mitch and Cam are hilarious. And while this show is certainly mostly funny, for me personally it's frustrating how in every episode, they are always lying to each other or hiding things. So for me, it takes away from the comedy aspect. Lots shows do however display this kind of behavior towards each other (for drama, obviously) so I'm not very surprised. That goes to say that trying to look past it, the episodes can be funny and sometimes lighthearted. After they apologize for lying to each other for the millionth time.

ray-461-374304 18 May 2018

Up to Season 7 was great, a laugh a minute but season 8 & 9 just bomb I think I manage one laugh a show. They should rename it to Sarcasm Family it's just full of bickering and bad jokes.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 8 May 2021

Modern Family is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms of all-time! There's a reason why this show and it's actors/actresses won so many awards over the years...because it's hilarious! There's really not a weak link among the main characters, they're all pretty funny!

mareller-1 22 October 2009

When I saw summer promos of this sit com I thought it looked forced and very predictable. As Cam would exclaim, "Surprise!" It is well cast, written, and consistently laugh out loud funny. The documentary camera bit is actually as well done, no, even better than one of the best, The Office. I recognized most of the talented adult cast, they have great chemistry, and it was so hilarious when Shelley Long guest starred as the ex wife. But it is the kid actors on the show who are amazingly well directed in their parts- Manny, as a son, stepson, brother, uncle, and cousin is a hoot: he can wisecrack with the best of them, and then break your heart when dad isn't able to fulfill his promise for the weekend. I always thought Steve Levitan did agreat job with "Just Shoot Me", on NBC and I think he and ChristopherLloyd have got a hit show for ABC. Take a look at this so ABC won't cash in on some more ridiculous reality shows.

ellakittykat 24 April 2020

This show was great for the first 5 seasons, it was original, funny, smart.... then the kids grew up and the writing lost its humour. Season 6 was ok, but after that it just went downhill. It's such a shame they didn't end on a high note rather than drag it out, flogging the horse until it was well and truly dead. Part of the problem was the child actors who were adorable when little but lost their ability to act as they aged!

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