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Modern Family (2009-2020)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   8.4/10 355693 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

Episode Guide

Season 11

April 8, 2020Episode 18 Finale (2)
April 8, 2020Episode 17 Finale (1)
March 18, 2020Episode 15 Baby Steps
February 19, 2020Episode 14 Spuds
February 12, 2020Episode 13 Paris
January 22, 2020Episode 12 Dead on a Rival
January 15, 2020Episode 11 Legacy
January 8, 2020Episode 10 The Prescott
December 11, 2019Episode 9 The Last Christmas
December 4, 2019Episode 8 Tree's a Crowd
October 16, 2019Episode 4 Pool Party
October 9, 2019Episode 3 Perfect Pairs
October 2, 2019Episode 2 Snapped

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User Reviews

tetrafunk 15 October 2009

I saw the trailer for this show a while back and was instantly intrigued. Shot in a "mockumentary" style it follows the lives of three couples who's various members are related as family members. Although the set-up is slightly cliché, a gay couple, a stereotypical family and a Columbian wife and son (from her first marriage) with her American husband, this is where the standard ends. The dialogue is fantastic and at many points I found myself really laughing quite loudly, something which is very rare for a TV show to accomplish for me personally. The casting is also spot on with the inclusion of Ed O'Neill (the infamous Al Bundy!), Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sofía Vergara, with each actor really bringing something unique to the mix. I strongly recommend this show to anybody who appreciates good comedy, the "to-camera" sections of the dialogue have a very close resemblance to the original UK version of "The Office" and for those who are familiar with this, Modern Family will be a welcomed return. Great show, great acting, great script. Highly recommended.

jackie-613-971127 22 February 2019

I weep for the untimely departure of the wit and intelligence of this show's first seasons. For the past two seasons, I felt the writing less subtle than before. But this (hopefully) final season takes the cake! The stories are garbled, the direction inexistant at best and the acting on constant overload. I won't cry its demise.

mareller-1 22 October 2009

When I saw summer promos of this sit com I thought it looked forced and very predictable. As Cam would exclaim, "Surprise!" It is well cast, written, and consistently laugh out loud funny. The documentary camera bit is actually as well done, no, even better than one of the best, The Office. I recognized most of the talented adult cast, they have great chemistry, and it was so hilarious when Shelley Long guest starred as the ex wife. But it is the kid actors on the show who are amazingly well directed in their parts- Manny, as a son, stepson, brother, uncle, and cousin is a hoot: he can wisecrack with the best of them, and then break your heart when dad isn't able to fulfill his promise for the weekend. I always thought Steve Levitan did agreat job with "Just Shoot Me", on NBC and I think he and ChristopherLloyd have got a hit show for ABC. Take a look at this so ABC won't cash in on some more ridiculous reality shows.

dubravko-pavlovic 21 February 2017

I'm just gonna say that this show has gotten so bad lately that i started literally hating all characters. Each and every single one. Well, just about...

After pretty good first few seasons, everything that followed was getting harder and harder to watch. Jokes are so lame that elicit more and more facepalms.

The only character i still respect in this show is Ed O'Neill, and that is just because he used to be a women's shoe salesman... I will never forget Al Bundy.

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