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Modern Love (2019)

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Country: USA
Language: English

TV series based on the New York Times' column that explores relationships, love and the human connection.

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sherigeoff1-139-667308 18 October 2019

I watched the first episode and cried and felt wonderful when it was over. I believe that is the definition of a "feel-good" story. I watched the second one and now I want to take some time and think about what I've seen and how great the performances are and I want to call my adult daughters and tell them about it and have them watch so we can fan-girl about it. I want to curl up on a cozy couch with a fluffy blanket and cup of tea and box of tissues on a cold afternoon and watch the next episode. It's unexpected, it doesn't follow the path you expect and best of all, it's a master class in subtle, nuanced acting.

gjonisee 25 October 2019

Anne Hathaway, had an award winning performance in episode 3. Episode 2 was touching, real with a great performance by Dev Patel. I didn't expect to like the series but I love it!!!!!

alicekwatts 19 October 2019

Stuck in bed sick and have binge watched the whole season. I cried, I laughed, I felt all the things. Fully recommend.

ksteele-94867 14 August 2021

The title of my review says it all. Season 1 was impactful, beautiful, and it loosely connected all episodes of the season in a thoughtful and artistic way. Season 2 was disjointed and just lacked the emotional punch of season 1. I appreciate that not all the stories have a happy ending, but some eps in season 2 had no ending at all; they just......ended. Some episodes were just vapid and felt like filler. So disappointed in season 2! The episode with Minnie Driver was the most impactful, but ill-paced. The episode with Kit Harrington was the most interesting, but it lacked resolution. I was hoping all season 2 episodes would somehow tie together or offer some glimpse of resolution like in the last ep of season 1, but they didn't. I feel sort of silly because I recommended this series to so many people, but season 2 was such a let down.

maciconte 18 October 2019

I went into this with a big old chip on my shoulder. I hate the "Love Actually" contrived, everyone is connected in some way storyline. I find it painful. But I had gotten tired of streaming dark British crime dramas and gave it a shot. I almost turned it off in the first ten minutes. Really? They are going to start the series with a lot of actors we've never seen. And then the magic happened. It stopped seeming contrived and became lovely. The characters were good people and I wanted them to be happy. No Hallmark moronic misunderstandings. It's not all hearts and flowers, and I have only seen two episodes, but it made me emotional and happy in a way TV seldom does. 30 minutes is too short............and just right.

mtmsocial 21 October 2019

It's so nice to watch a new show that is truly just heartwarming. Each episode had me so emotionally invested in such a short amount of time. So nice to finally watch a show were you don't have to expect a sad or miserable le ending & instead were always left with a happily ever after. This show made my heart truly happy & the way every episode came together in the end was so beautiful.

bemvenutti 20 October 2019

It gives you a feel of faith in life and relationship. It brings back the feeling of pure love; the same emotion I used to have when I was a teenager. Thanks for this wonderful stories.

katrinatiebel 24 October 2019

I was skeptical but after watching the first few episodes I was hooked. I'm about as cynical as you can get, but this touched my heart. Episode 3 was brilliant and real. I highly recommend.

nightringer-76840 24 October 2019

No wonder this anthology series gather some brand-named actors. Very enjoyable, well written, well directed, not over the top, juat the right amount of smiles and heart warming little stories. It's like the full-course-fine-dining of tv series, the dishes might be small, but they are packed with flavors to satisfy your senses and stomach at the end.

hannah-bethany-h 19 October 2019

I've only watched the first three episodes so far, but this show really surprised me. The storytelling and casting is fantastic! I love that they're all standalone stories... too good to binge watch! I feel like I need to soak each one in!

elisaa-63297 15 August 2021

I loved season 1, it was interesting and SO enjoyable. I was really looking forward to Season 2 and what a disappointment. It wasn't interesting or engaging.

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