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Monsters at Work (2021)

Animation | Comedy 
Rayting:   7.3/10 4.8K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Tylor Tuskman had just graduated from Monster's University at the top of his scare class and has been recruited at Monsters Inc. as a scarer. However, the day before he started, Waternoose was canned. With Mike and Sully now in charge, the whole corporation is transitioning to a joke company. Tylor now needs to figure out how to become a jokester.

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September 1, 2021star8.4 296 votesS1E10 It's Laughter They're After
August 11, 2021star8.2 362 votesS1E7 Adorable Returns
July 14, 2021star7.5 591 votesS1E3 The Damaged Room
July 28, 2021star7.4 413 votesS1E5 The Cover Up
August 4, 2021star7.4 373 votesS1E6 The Vending Machine
July 21, 2021star7.3 487 votesS1E4 The Big Wazowskis
August 18, 2021star7.3 307 votesS1E8 Little Monsters
July 7, 2021star7.2 837 votesS1E1 Welcome to Monsters, Incorporated
July 7, 2021star7.1 704 votesS1E2 Meet Mift
August 25, 2021star7.0 280 votesS1E9 Bad Hair Day

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User Reviews

Batman_Go_Bananas 12 July 2021

If you are looking for some wholesome, fairly comedic entertainment for the kids, look no further. But if you are jumping into this hoping for a worthy follow-up to the first two films, with the same charm and wit, you won't find it here. This show lacks the heart, soul, and compelling characters that pixar is known for (Maybe because Pixar didn't even do this show *cough* *cough*), and instead comes across as an average disney channel film follow-up. We shouldn't judge it too harshly just yet though, considering the amount of episodes out. Let's just hope they deliver in the long run.

ramo140 7 July 2021

It's an alright show but it's definitely geared towards the younger audiences with not much to engage the older fans of the original.

Wookie_Wookie 7 July 2021

I along with many loved the original Monsters Inc. For taking the concept of the ole' monsters in your closet myth we all used to believe when we were young and building it into a unique world with likable and funny characters. For the most part, currently we're only 2 episodes in, Monsters at Work needs to work on what worked with the original, the world building is solid with callbacks from the 2001 film and Monster University that anyone who liked the films will enhance the experience. Monsters at Works' comedy is the main flaw with the series, there are funny jokes don't get me wrong but there are a lot jokes that didn't get a chuckle out of me which is kinda surprising for Pixar who has proven track record with comedy. Both Monster films are consistently funny in my opinion and to see this not quite hit the mark is little surprising since they've done it for 2 films already, might just be the first 2 episodes but it felt like they weren't firing on all cylinders. That's the main flaw but some other minor flaws would be Sully kinda feeling out of character, few of the character designs feel uninspired granted with good designs to make up for it like Duncan, but overall the series can be good but if the comedy is not going to improve then that would be a shame because I want this to do good. Also credit to the animators as the animation looks great for tv and this may be the fist series to truly do full smooth cgi for an entire series so that's a step forward!

daviddevilliers54 8 July 2021

This is okay so far. While it does a few things well, like calling back to Monsters University and showing what happened in the time gap in the end of the first movie, how monsters went from scary to funny, the execution is very... eh... so far. I just don't feel any connection to the main character, and I don't like the idea of Mike and Sulley being secondary characters. Tyler, the main character, is just not interesting and feels way more like a blank slate for the audience which, in my opinion, is the worst thing for movies and shows. And the other supporting characters are just too much for me to handle. I will keep watching as there's still hope it could get better but I don't know, I'm just not feeling this.

shakedatjunk 8 July 2021

This show is awesome when Mike and Sully are on screen and when they're on the laugh floor and when discussing the business. The protagonist is relatable and likable. But everything about MILT, and the over the top physical "comedy" is absolutely atrocious.

The maturity level for this show is not on the level of the movie at all and it is disappointing.

Also the animation looks especially cheap for everything including Mike. Sully still looks great and the backgrounds are solid but everything else looks pretty bland.

The only thing keeping me watching entertained is Mike n Sully, the business itself and the atmosphere of the facility, and the familiarity/nostalgia. Right now it's a 7 for me but I can see it getting worse if MILT stays prominent.

SHU_Movies 8 July 2021

Although I can see why kids might like this, it's not at all for anybody else. I watched the first two episodes and never laughed or even smiled once. It never needed to happen and never should have. It just takes away from the fantastic ending of the original movie even more than Monsters University did!

cilliansayshi 7 July 2021

While not yet as strong or iconic as the original, Monsters at Work shows a lot of promise, for another charming Pixar instalment.

djean-385-619019 9 July 2021

The animation quality on this program is way too terrible to look past. There are PC games from the early 2000s that are better quality than this. Impossible to take this seriously. I expect better from Disney and Pixar.

denhom 8 July 2021

Whyyyyyyyy? Why spoil art? Disney's work frankly looks boring, new characters are not sympathetic. Hate Disney for this. Return Freedom Pixar. The real rating is 5, just so as not to spoil the rating I put 7 cus love universe of full-length cartoons.

dimi_tris85 7 July 2021

Amazing and great to see again Monsters!!!

Some people are with nothing Satisfied... Where is this and where is that!

Come on!! Just enjoy it!!

Great job!!

rocketwoods 7 July 2021

We're only two episodes in and I still want answers! There's definitely some charm and laughter to it but given it's a sequel series, I thought it would be for us. Mainly for the kiddos and im not tripping over it. Just wish it got the 'Incredibles 2' treatment and was meant for the grown ups lol. Overall, it's a great series and leaves off where the first film left it. Cant wait for new episodes!

CriticBag 7 July 2021

It's been so long since a monsters inc movie! This show is amazing!

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