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Moon Knight (2022)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Steven Grant discovers he's been granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god. But he soon finds out that these newfound powers can be both a blessing and a curse to his troubled life.

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March 30, 2022star8.8 3770 votesS1E1 The Goldfish Problem
April 6, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 Summon the Suit
April 13, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 The Friendly Type
April 20, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 The Tomb
April 27, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Asylum
May 4, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 Gods and Monsters

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User Reviews

GomezAddams666 30 March 2022

This was amazing.

Totally what I wasn't expecting, but it blew my mind into the stratosphere...

I love the pacing and the storytelling route they have chosen for this extraordinary adventure.


sumtim3s00n 30 March 2022

I get Batman or Punisher and the like. They have a lot to offer in way of interest/entertainment aside from combat skills.

This guy though. The only thing aside from his "power" (which is basically the passive ability of most heroes, ndown to asian kung fu movies i.e. A dime a dozen..,a.k.a boring) is his past lifes schtick and running around like a headless chicken. It is just a headache and annoying.

I wish they had invested in some more interesting and exciting hero.

Joshumms 30 March 2022

This show is not what I expected but it is very interesting. It starts off showing us the life of Steven, and it's kinda sad what he goes through with his multiple personality disorder. But then it absolutely just throws you and Steven through a loop and it's absolutely insane but it does such a good job of setting up the story. The story is exhilarating and it is fast paced and Oscar Isaac does a really good job.

Some people may be disappointed because honestly this really is not the serious type of show it seemed to be advertised as or a very deep character study, it feels more like a really fun ride with more serious undertones of what it's like with dissociative Identity Disorder.

Also for a marvel project the budget seems to be pretty low, the CGI is VERY rough in almost every scene that cgi I used and I'm scared the fight scenes might turn into a black panther situation.

bosporan 30 March 2022

A strong first episode setting the scene of a multiple personality protagonist. The reflection metaphors work well (mirrors, puddles, scales ...) even if they are pasted on so thickly. So too the missing time around the girl, the goldfish and most impactfully the fighting. The use of implied violence is compelling especially in the car chase where there is already explosive action - this also informs us of the character of the alter ego.

Passable acting from the three main characters - Isaac, Hawke and Calamawy. Some of the support cast, however, are poor, notably the wooden portrayal of the museum supervisor played by Lucy Thackeray - who, based on this single example, could not act her way out of a paper bag!

andrew-hill515 30 March 2022

Who can even be bothered with weekly shows in this day and age?

I guess I'll watch and review the show when it's actually out.

I'm not getting my hopes up considering how bad Marvel is these days, putting virtue signalling ahead of storytelling or audiences and the Chinese market ahead of story and character but below their tissue paper thin false pretence at progressiveness.

Long story short, Marvel stuff was pretty much the same and got boring before it fell of a cliff recently and now seems to be an attempt to see how expensive and crap they can make their products to see at what point they go bankrupt.

javiergarcon 30 March 2022

I was hoping they didn't make this man so belittled at least a little respected amongst his peers. This TV show is too much geared for the kids which is yuck. If you want to make a TV show for kids then make a cartoon but please stay away from real people acting (Action scenes) it just looks so 90's Power Ranger acting with 2022 technology. I got bored with the self pity part and started to find myself fast forwarding the scenes. Overall I didn't like how they did the Moon Knight reveal even a 10 year old could of done a better job. It felt like there where too many directors doing too many scenes towards the end and they mixed it all in and it looks chaotic. Terrible 2000's Filming that needs to be done without! Get rid of the multiple directors and keep only one mind and focus on the show so that it is not a bunch of Picasso paintings that we are looking at.

giticomi 30 March 2022

What an amazing first episode. The camera work was delightful the way it made me felt as confused as him was amazing. Plus the dialogue between himself sold it.

liamshaw-40258 30 March 2022

Great! The mystery of the storey drew me in and kept me there. It touches on a very dark aspect (mental illness) that a character may have, despite the fact that he or she is a superhero! Well, perhaps a superhero. What are the chances? However, it already feels distinct from previous MCU efforts. I'm quite interested to see where this goes!

pjdickinson-27822 30 March 2022

Aside from the obvious faking of London locations which people who've never been to London won't notice, although why you would fake the National Gallery when the place would never have held the exhibition is anyone's guess this isn't as bad as I expected. Isaacs is quite good and so far the show hasn't clumsily done a bait and switch or introduced identity politics. Perhaps that is for next week. This is a Marvel show, after all. Ethan Hawke gets very little to do but hopefully that will change.

furnacefuneral 30 March 2022

This feels like walking into a conversation at a party kinda awkward, but after an hour and a nice buzz you're all of a sudden best friends with your new company. Oscar absolutely slays in this so far. I can't wait to see the beast unleashed like in daredevil and punisher. The best episode of literally anything I have seen in years. Lovin' it.

lusciousmuffins 30 March 2022

I did not expect this to be great or even good, but it did surprise me with regards to the ways in which it was bad.

First and foremost, it was painful to watch Oscar Isaac struggle with a British accent.

I always thought of him as a decent actors, but he was so clearly uncomfortable trying to affect the accent that is made me uncomfortable.

Next, of course, was the very lackluster story development, which seems to be Disney's signature these days.

Compounding that was the very poor dialogue; even the casual banter was awkward and stilted.

Alas, the other problem was treatment of the hero.

The insistence on denigrating certain people and exalting others based purely on immutable traits like gender, race, and sexuality is impossible to ignore.

Ironically, it also has the opposite of its intended effect.

That is to say, the fact that the writers are trying to hard to shoehorn in certain ideologies is painful obvious and therefore rings false.

Consequently, instead of liking the characters you are being pushed to idolize, you end up disliking them, in this case, intensely.

One thing that saves a lot of Disney's Marvel offerings was absent from Moon Knight, humor.

The comedic elements that typically make these increasingly generic superhero shows somewhat tolerable was almost non-existent in this show.

Certainly attempts were made to inject mirth, but they failed, which in turn made watching this a very joyless experience.

In the end, all that was left to recommend Moon Knight were the sets and costumes.

Disney does not skimp when it comes to the look of its shows and films, so you do get visual interest.

Still, if I want to look at something pretty, I'd rather spend my time at an art museum where the creations have something Moon Knight sorely lacks: soul.

This latest Marvel series is simply devoid of anything remotely inspiring, which makes for a very sad viewing experience.

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