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Mr. Corman (2021)

Rayting:   6.3/10 2.4K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A deep cut into the days and nights of a public schoolteacher in the San Fernando Valley.

Episode Guide

Season 1

September 23, 2021Episode 9 Mr. Corman
September 10, 2021Episode 7 Many Worlds
September 3, 2021Episode 6 Funeral
August 20, 2021Episode 4 Mr. Morales
August 13, 2021Episode 3 Happy Birthday
August 6, 2021Episode 2 Don't Panic
August 6, 2021Episode 1 Good Luck

Best Mr. Corman Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 23, 2021star8.0 88 votesS1E9 Mr. Corman
August 20, 2021star7.7 199 votesS1E4 Mr. Morales
August 6, 2021star7.6 289 votesS1E2 Don't Panic
August 27, 2021star7.6 161 votesS1E5 Action Adventure
September 3, 2021star7.5 134 votesS1E6 Funeral
September 17, 2021star7.2 110 votesS1E8 Hope You Feel Better
August 6, 2021star7.1 331 votesS1E1 Good Luck
August 13, 2021star6.6 231 votesS1E3 Happy Birthday
September 10, 2021star6.6 158 votesS1E7 Many Worlds
October 1, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E10 The Big Picture

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User Reviews

andrijj 13 August 2021

It's very well made, written, acted... but it's absolutely not what I need right now in my life (personally). More anxiety, stress, despair, depression is not what I need from my entertainment when my state is on fire (California) and we're in a pandemic and teetering towards fascism. That mixed with the "life of despair" element to this, where he's clearly not feeling happy or satisfied with his life... yeah, after 2 episodes, I had to stop.

Again, extremely well made. Just not what my brain (or soul) need right now. It's hitting a little too close to home, given everything.

But I don't want to rate it for the same reason...

supermellowcali 7 August 2021

Existence in all its frustration. Fears, facades, buttons and conditioned responses, and worse-- conditioned, cliché dreams imposed by an overwhelming society.

Actors are great, direction is smart, dialog insightful, everything pro with some interesting dabs of creativity... but this show may not be the experience most people are looking for.

On the other hand, everyone can relate to something in this show and snicker or sneer... it's a must-see for psychologists, psychiatrists and anyone who has experienced paranoia, depression, severe anxiety or panic attacks. For me the real mastery in storytelling here was showing that these are all related, overlapping symptoms hinting at a greater underlying condition beyond anyone's control.

jean-wolff 6 August 2021

I was very surprised to see reviews that said this is boring. If you think it's boring you don't get it. As a person with depression and anxiety, and someone who has experienced panic attacks, I found this exploration of an average person trying to live their life in today's world really relatable. And also funny and engaging. Its comments on love, family relationships, friendships, work vs passion, the healthcare system in this country and the frustration that causes, helplessness, hopelessness, and the small moments of relief when you find another human who understands what you're going through, are insightful, thoughtful, and presented with an air of humor and empathy. I definitely recommend it. Just maybe not if your life is perfect, or you're a Republican.

arman_pakan 6 August 2021

Great first two episodes so far! Some of the scenes were just work of art.

I have high hopes for the series. Hope it doesn't get canceled because most people going to find this type of subject as not being fun or "entertaining".

arohanuihilary 6 August 2021

After the first two episodes I feel like there's a little of Mr Corman in a lot of us post-2020. That wound-up, restless anxiety that stems from nothing going how we planned is very relevant and sometimes a little uncomfortable to watch. But I found Mr Corman an engaging character, and look forward to getting to know more of the supporting cast (and hopefully seeing things go his way, at least a bit) in the coming episodes.

billi-shere 9 August 2021

Relatable and depressing. But erroneously categorized as a comedy. Absolutely nothing in this is funny.

electricalhellfire 16 August 2021

Unbearable characters, no plot. I quit after the second episode, which comes with a super annoying "Gong" and someone thought it to be a brilliant idea, to play the sound every 3 seconds.

franzzie 6 August 2021

Good script, great acting. The whole editing is amazing so very creative.

kaitlynwendland 12 August 2021

I watched this show knowing that apple tv has previously had very good quality shows in their repertoire. This is not one of them. Finished the first two episodes and all I can say is it produces a level of anxiety that just should not exist in a tv show. We all know that it exists in real life, but this showcases that everybody has it yada yada. Nothing new and definitely does not need to be showcased. Feels contrived and the protagonist is so unlikable. I love JGL but this show is not one I would recommend.

Best way I can describe the emotions this show brings: constant tension with my college roommate and we pass each other in the kitchen and want to say something but neither wants to make things worse. Quiet, apprehensive, no way out. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANXIETY. It will only make it worse.

coins-47475 8 August 2021

Sadly after two episodes, in my opinion, this is one of those show you have on in the background while doing other things.

gvilchis23 6 August 2021

Great first episodes! A24 is a solid studio production with interesting concepts, if you don't connect with the first episode you should turn off this show and go to watch whatever Netflix dumb movie released that day then!

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