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Mr. Mayor (2021)

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Country: USA
Language: English

A wealthy businessman becomes the mayor of Los Angeles.

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Season 1

February 25, 2021Episode 9 #Palmtreereform
February 11, 2021Episode 7 Avocado Crisis
January 28, 2021Episode 5 Dodger Day
January 21, 2021Episode 4 The Sac
January 14, 2021Episode 3 Brentwood Trash
January 7, 2021Episode 2 Mayor's Day Out
January 7, 2021Episode 1 Pilot

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User Reviews

kaylan-hallmark 8 January 2021

Fresh. Different. Smart. Sarcastic. Goofy. Slapstick. Relatable. Feel good. Great cast. Random.

Pro tip: watch stoned

sbridge75 15 January 2021

Ignore all the conservative snowflakes mad because the show is "all about diversity" (seriously, this angers you?). It definitely has Tina Fey's sensibility so if you enjoy 30 Rock or Kimmy Schmidt you'll like this. As with most sitcoms you can tell it's taking it a bit to find its footing, but things definitely are starting to click by the third episode. Ted Danson is a treasure!

rockfordjim 7 January 2021

This tv series wasn't that bad, but it's OK for now. This tv series sure needs a little bit of funny of course.

garnerwills 9 January 2021


Despite the pilot being awful, I decided to watch the next two episodes. These were much better and makes me think they got in some new writers after the show was approved.

It's not amazing but is much better and hopefully they continue to improve it.


I saw this and thought this looks like a great show, Ted Danson is a fantastic actor, while despite trying to carry the show, the writing is awful, trying to be overly woke while failing at almost anything comedic. I laughed in the pilot a couple times and they were light chuckles. Hardly a comedy. I also noticed some really poor video editing in scenes showing it was quite rushed. Not sure why there are some 9/10 reviews on here, are they the writers?

This will be cancelled in no time unless they sack the writers and get this show fixed. It's a great concept, just let down by the awful writing.

dswhitcomb 15 January 2021

I watched the first episode and was kind of disappointed as I loved 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt. But I gave Mr. Mayor another chance and it got better in the next two episodes. The pacing and humor was more Kimmy Schmidt than 30 Rock but it is funny. There is some meta humor I appreciate and the puns are shining through. Give this series a chance. Even The Office needed 6 episodes or so to find its footing. I think this could be the same case.

thejamespearsonmusic 8 January 2021

Come on guys, what are you all thinking you're watching? This is funny, so stop taking it so seriously. This show is definitely not a 1 or 2 star show. It's entertaining, enjoyable, and Ted Danson is fantastic. Turn your brain off and don't overthink what you're watching.. It's fun, and it's meant to be entertainment. And here is a tip: If you're not entertained, watch something else....

Ted Danson does a great job in everything. Bobby Moynihan is hilarious. The show is well done, and keeps me engaged. It's quirky, silly, and not meant to be taken too seriously. I hope you enjoy the way I do, with no strings attached.

Opinion02122 8 January 2021

I was really looking forward to this show. It has some terrific actors, some new, and the worst writers in Hollywood! My suggestion, fire your writing staff, revamp the entire show, and try again. The first 2 episodes were just awful!

azabuman 8 January 2021

I like Ted Danson and Holly Hunter but this show is a stinkeroo. The puns are of the eye-rolling variety and some of the characters (e.g. the Mayor's daughter) are cringeworthy. Too bad; we could use a good sitcom in these troubled times.

Ed-Shullivan 8 January 2021

Ted Danson may be 73 years old but he shows once again that he is a veteran of television and deserves the big star on his name over the theater marquee. I think this new comedy series will be especially appreciated by anyone gainfully employed in civic politics who thinks their elected officials are breathing air belonging to someone else. Ted Danson who plays retired Los Angeles businessman and millionaire Neil Bremer decides to run for Mayor of Los Angeles just to impress his daughter and he is shocked to win the job.

The ensemble cast is supported by Saturday Night Live former cast members such as Rachel Dracht, and Bobby Moynihan, the creepy looking munchkin Holly Hunter (what happened to you Holly?) who the Mayor makes Deputy Mayor to keep his enemy closer and an eclectic cast of up and comers who believe they really run the Mayor's office and can influence his decisions which proves to be harder than they thought. Will this show survive a season one (1)? Hell yeah! Mayor Neil Bremer will definitely be running for re-election next season too!

I give it an 8 out of 10 IMDB rating.

socrfan-80182 8 January 2021

Unless the writers actually write a funny script it's going nowhere.

jaxxboss-296-473747 8 January 2021

And this is bad. The writing team is not as "all that" as the front page reviewer would have us believe. Tina Fey is not funny, she is smart, but not funny. She should have been smarter than to write a bad comedy. 3 out of 10 only because Danson rocks.

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