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Murdoch Mysteries (2008)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.1/10 12K votes
Country: Canada | UK
Language: English

In the 1890s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders.

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Best Murdoch Mysteries Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

November 13, 2017star9.3 331 votesS11E7 The Accident
March 22, 2011star9.0 324 votesS4E6 Dead End Street
September 25, 2017star9.0 254 votesS11E1 Up From Ashes
March 30, 2015star8.7 301 votesS8E18 Artful Detective
May 22, 2012star8.7 288 votesS5E13 Twentieth Century Murdoch
May 10, 2011star8.7 274 votesS4E13 Murdoch in Wonderland
March 7, 2016star8.7 215 votesS9E16 Bl**dy H*ll
March 4, 2019star8.7 161 votesS12E18 Darkness Before the Dawn - Part 2
February 16, 2010star8.6 288 votesS3E1 The Murdoch Identity
March 16, 2010star8.6 281 votesS3E5 Me, Myself and Murdoch
April 13, 2010star8.6 280 votesS3E9 Love and Human Remains
May 8, 2012star8.6 279 votesS5E11 Murdoch in Toyland
November 3, 2014star8.6 264 votesS8E4 Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!
November 24, 2014star8.6 246 votesS8E7 What Lies Buried
October 5, 2015star8.6 235 votesS9E1 Nolo Contendere
March 20, 2017star8.6 232 votesS10E18 Hell to Pay
October 9, 2017star8.6 203 votesS11E3 8 Footsteps
March 12, 2018star8.6 186 votesS11E17 Shadows are Falling
April 15, 2013star8.5 274 votesS6E13 The Murdoch Trap
April 7, 2014star8.5 255 votesS7E18 The Death of Dr. Ogden

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User Reviews

janice-lowing 28 December 2012

There are so few shows that I thoroughly enjoy. Murchoch Mysteries is one of 4 particular shows that I watch regularly - and tape so that I do not miss them.

There are three main reasons that I like MM.

First, it is such a pleasure to watch something that does not have swearing, sex scenes, and gratuitous violence. Even though there are the odd (bordering on) romantic interludes the story line remains true to the theme of the title and they do not over-shadow the stories.

Second, I quite like viewing shows that depict times gone by and it is interesting to see how detectives'/police duties were (supposedly) undertaken in that time.

Third, the acting and story telling - as noted in a previous post - equals that of Midsummer Murders, Poirot (another favourite of mine), Judge John Deed (again, another favourite).

I like each character who has a distinct role and adds to the show as well as the enjoyment of watching the show. I do hope that there are quite a few new series planned.

Bmart-405-556104 24 June 2012

Great Canadian show. Simple, yet top notch with a Canadian like atmosphere.Very realistic for the times. History is great. The clothing designs and artifacts is exceptional. It seems the times were simple back then. Well written with a touch of humour. The cast are all excellent. You can tell they all get along really well. The show reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and yet it also reminds me of Sue Thomas FB Eye and Due South which by the way it sure was nice to see Paul Gross (from Due South) appear in an episode as his brother, although not sure what episode it was. We didn't see his name on the cast list as a guest star. The guest appearances are outstanding and it sure is nice to see some familiar faces. We love and watch all the episodes. With each season the character story lines change as in the case of Helen Joy, Yannick Bisson which is excellent leaving us more curious with what will happen next. That is one of the reasons we like the show. Now that the show is in it's fourth year the plot lines are continually changing which goes to prove that Murdoch Mysteries is a true success. Keep up the excellent work.

skoyles 1 May 2010

Having neither read the books nor seen the original television movies, I come to the series with unbiased (if ignorant) eyes. My wife and I, who lived briefly in Toronto, are both charmed by Murdoch and his slightly daft colleagues. "Charmed" is the word, for we find the actors, scripts, clothing, details and the City of Toronto itself charming. The bigotry faced by a Catholic detective in the city of the Family Compact rings very true as does Murdoch's gentle piety, a refreshing change in today's detective shows. It is a bit mystery, a bit soap opera, a bit character study and a lot of fun. We, at least, have been captivated by William Murdoch as portrayed by Yannick Bisson, a character who is a genuinely honest, gentle and quiet man of strength facing ethical, moral, professional and legal challenges in each episode. George Crabtree and the Inspector become more interesting as time goes on. The corruption of Toronto and Ontario politics hides behind several episodes while the turn of the 20th century fascination with science and "the coming thing", as Brisco County Junior would say, gives some lightness to the whole thing. In the final analysis it is the interplay of characters, centred on the troubled but charming Murdoch himself, that elevates the Murdoch Mysteries to the level of Midsomer, Taggert or Poirot. A fine series and not only for Canadians.

landew 27 February 2010

I'm been watching mysteries for many years and never have enjoyed a series more than Murdoch Mysteries. The time period, set design and writing matches the great performances by the cast, who you can't help but appreciate. If ever a series deserved a wider audience and advertising, it is this one. The unfulfilled love affair between Doctor Ogden and Murdoch is so well written and performed perfectly by Helene Joy and Yannick Bisson. Also, top notch acting by Jonny Harris in his portrayal of Constable Crabtree gives just the prefect comic relief while Murdoch solves the case using every scientific method available. Thomas Craig is also marvelous as the cranky Inspector Brackenreid. I can't help wondering why this show does not have a larger audience base since it is the talk of so many people I know, both at work and socially. My wife and I eagerly await each and every episode. Please make many many more!

Celticnationalist 4 April 2010

'Murdoch Mysteries' stars Yannick Bisson as Inspector William Murdoch who solves crimes in 1890's Toronto, is an exceptionally well made and acted series, which makes a nice change from CSI/NCIS etc. staple of whiz-bang, FX laden crime shows

Bisson is likable as the handsome Inspector, with English Actor Thomas Craig suitably sceptical and at times dopey as his by-the-book boss and Johnny Craig is good as his rather naive partner and at times hindrance Constable Crabtree.

Helene Joy is suitably understated as the resident Doctor/Pathologist.

Now in its Third series, currently being shown on UK Cable channel ALIBI, (It surely deserves a wider audience on a Major British Channel)

The writing, set design and Photography is exquisite and convincing

Fans of well made and intelligent Mystery Series will find much enjoyment in Inspector Murdoch's cases.

slrehlau 29 April 2008

The Murdoch Mysteries is like; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Brett meets CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Yannic Bisson had made a master piece in establishing 'Murdoch's" character, which in my opinion, takes the best of William Peterson's role as "Gil Grissom" and Jeremy Brett's as "Sherlock Holmes". The feel of this show gives me the impression that these characters are believable, I actually care about how their relationships' enfold and in the exploration of the early sciences of crime scene investigation, it shows an appreciation for the intelligence of it's viewers.

For example, the episode: "Still Waters", where Murdock uses his "new fangled lie detector", show us a level of sophistication in helping the viewer, me, see how through science and experimentation these early "machines", might have actually looked like.

The production company, SHAFTSBURY FILMS, has created a "Canadian" show that doesn't look like any other "Canadian" show I've ever seen, way to go everyone!

S. Lucy Rehlau

llawrance1972 9 April 2010

I caught 'The Murdoch Mysteries' by accident while drifting around the satellite channels and was instantly hooked. A well performed, touching and interesting show caught my eye. The characters are involving, are worth caring about and have a strong sense of purpose. Each one brings something to the mix and adds their own skills to the events of each episode. Each episode has a strong mystery to be solved, sometimes offering an intriguing moral dilemma to both Murdoch and the viewer. It is also very reassuring to not have modern day morality thrust into the past as happens so frequently with other shows (yes 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman', I mean you), dealing with the nineteenth century. Instead we are allowed to explore the world as they see it, enjoying the discoveries and trying to find a way forward into a new century. Well done to all concerned and long may it continue.

dkparent 25 April 2017

A wonderful Victorian era show that highlights many of the issues they had at the time, though some reviews I see do not understand this. It goes without saying that the show is not for everyone, I appreciates history, even when it is lightly played with inventions and such as Murdock does. This is a show that highlights Canadian values and has some deep underlying moral questions that will tug at your mind. You may not agree with all of the politics and religion that a few shows have but they are true to the time. I only wished people had the same decency that many of these characters have as it appears in this century we have lost many of those values.

Regards to all those who review and enjoy.

hmflashgordon 11 April 2008

I like this series as it has so much to offer. The scenes & locales are interesting & very real to life. The actors demonstrate their abilities to fit the characters & make the characters real. I've seen both versions of Murdoch Mysteries with the 2 different lead roles & find them both a credit to each of the actors. Yes, obviously, they present different aspects of the character but each brings quality to the part. I really enjoy this series & look forward to each episode. It's great to see a Canadian production of this quality on TV - such a rare gem. I do hope this series is kept on & is appreciated by both the public & especially by the TV providers - cable & satellite.

idenford 27 January 2008

The inevitable comparisons are going to take place between these two actors, Peter Outerbridge and Yannick Bisson. Their interpretation of the material is different for one very important reason, the movies of the week were based on novels, the series is based on the characters with the exception of one episode which is an adaptation of Let Loose The Dogs. My feeling is that you should not rush to judgement or make comparisons until you are able to see the entire series of episodes and witness how the characters unfold. The series is excellent and I would urge viewers to form an opinion after viewing a number of the episodes and see how the actors nuance their characters as well as the different textures that are shown from story to story, episode to episode.

jlkijijisales558 14 September 2012

I have been watching Murdoch Mysteries since the first season and it just keeps getting better and better. I discovered it on my own and eventually my husband started watching it too. Now, it is something we watch as a family! My 14 and 10 year old sons are hooked too! There are many reasons why I love this show so much - it has so many great elements in it - humour, drama, mystery, romance....the writing/story lines are so creative and clever. I love how they tie in real historic figures into the program like Alexander Graham Bell, Harry Houdini and Henry Ford. The cast is incredibly talented. The 19th century period costumes are beautiful. This is a true Canadian gem of a program which every household should be watching!

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