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My Name Is Earl (2005)

Rayting:   7.7/10 99K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A ne'er do well wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his newfound realization.

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January 4, 2007star8.9 850 votesS2E12 Our 'Cops' is On!
May 10, 2007star8.6 618 votesS2E23 The Trial
September 20, 2005star8.4 1009 votesS1E1 Pilot
May 11, 2006star8.4 618 votesS1E24 Number One
March 23, 2006star8.3 661 votesS1E19 Y2K
February 9, 2006star8.3 631 votesS1E16 The Professor
January 11, 2007star8.3 527 votesS2E13 Buried Treasure
October 11, 2005star8.2 722 votesS1E4 Faked My Own Death
November 15, 2005star8.2 683 votesS1E8 Joy's Wedding
March 16, 2006star8.2 627 votesS1E18 Dad's Car
November 16, 2006star8.2 547 votesS2E8 Robbed a Stoner Blind
December 7, 2006star8.2 507 votesS2E11 South of the Border: Part Dos
January 12, 2006star8.1 641 votesS1E12 O Karma, Where Art Thou?
April 6, 2006star8.1 623 votesS1E21 The Bounty Hunter
December 7, 2006star8.1 530 votesS2E10 South of the Border: Part Uno
May 3, 2007star8.1 518 votesS2E22 Get a Real Job
September 27, 2005star8.0 761 votesS1E2 Quit Smoking
October 4, 2005star8.0 699 votesS1E3 Randy's Touchdown
October 18, 2005star8.0 698 votesS1E5 Teacher Earl
November 8, 2005star8.0 685 votesS1E7 Stole Beer From a Golfer

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User Reviews

jigp-72200 1 October 2019

Watchseries; One of the funniest shows in recent years!! This show is severely underrated! Every episode had me laughing so much. Earl & Randy are the perfect duo. Have rewatched the entire series 2 times now and about to start my 3rd run through. A true & good tv comedy. Definitely worth a watch

jigp-72200 1 October 2019

One of the funniest shows in recent years!! This show is severely underrated! Every episode had me laughing so much. Earl & Randy are the perfect duo. Have rewatched the entire series 2 times now and about to start my 3rd run through. A true & good tv comedy. Definitely worth a watch

SonicStuart 20 September 2005

My Name Is Earl watchseries. "My Name Is Earl" is one of the funniest new shows of 2005! "My Name Is Earl" is about this guy named Earl (Jason Lee) who is a redneck and one day he wins $100,000 off a lottery ticket and then decides to make a list of things that he did wrong from his past with his new realization about how much his life sucks. So I think this show will probably be a hit and go for a few seasons since I'm sure that every episode is going to be where he is checking off his list and making sure that his life gets better. This show premiered on NBC, September 2005.

User Rating: 9/10


fightthecrowd 16 April 2008

I began watching this show mostly for Jason Lee, who is a very talented and funny actor. I really thought that the plot would would only allow for maybe 20 episodes before the premise became used up. It is now on the third season and seems to be keeping strong. For the most part, the show sticks with its main premise. It is nice to see a comedy that doesn't all take place within 4 rooms like many shows on the air today. I think the constant introduction of new and clever characters really keeps it interesting. These are brought in order for there problems to be solve so that Earl can cross them off his list and move on to helping the next guy. It is unclear if the plot was originally thought up to allow a new character almost every episode, but it is really to its benefit, and the viewers.

cdb33 22 September 2005

This show was really funny. Jason Lee kills me any time anything comes out of his mouth in this show. His character is like Brodie from Mallrats all grown up. Ethan Slupe looks like he's shed a few pounds, but he's also GREAT in his role. These small town rednecks that everyone in town probably crosses the street when they see these 2 brothers walking their way on the same sidewalk. Wise cracks in true Lee style, with his goofy smile-almost as funny as the punchline to most of the jokes on the show. It's almost as good as if Kevin Smith himself directed & produced the show himself I hope this show continues to be as funny as the pilot & stays on the air for years and years to come.

johnpenning51 26 September 2005

I rarely watch sitcoms any more because they are normally both inane and indistinguishable from one another. This show may actually induce me to watch it on a regular basis. If you liked "Raising Arizona", you just might like "My Name Is Earl". After I watched the first episode I did an online search to find out who the creative forces were behind it. In doing so I stumbled into a review that described Earl as the illegitimate son of Nicholas Cage in "Raising Arizona". That just about nails the character. In In fact, while recounting the season opener to a friend who had missed it, I nearly called Earl, Hi. Catch it before it's gone. If you didn't think the first episode was brilliant, then this show is just not for you.

jhanratty 21 September 2005

I am a Jason Lee fan and when I saw the advertisements for his show, I was a little skeptical. I thought it was going to be all hype and not funny. But,I watched the premiere last night and I couldn't stop laughing. You have to understand the humor to get the jokes, but it is so worth it. I think this is going to be a huge hit for NBC and Lee. The cast was awesome and a great combination. It is nice to see Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee on the screen together again.If you get the chance watch this show. You won't be sorry. It is also followed by another great show The Office. I think they work well together. Tuesday nights are better than they used to be.I hope that NBC keeps this show around for several seasons.

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