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Mystery Incorporated (2022)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Following the mysterious circumstances of his parents' deaths, Fred Jones teams up with three of his classmates (and a dog) to seek the truth behind it. Along the way, they must encounter ghosts, vampires, and the occult.

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April 27, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E1 Welcome to Coolsville

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xtidusxyunax 4 May 2022

This was a pleasant surprise when this showed up on my Youtube feed.

I miss when Youtube was filled with content like this. Shows like Video Game High Shcool put Freddie Wong and others put their effort into something. Mystery Incorporated you can see the labor of love the people making it have and wanted to tell the story.

This is an amazing effort for something fanmade and no studio backing. Sure there are things that could be better with more money and crew, something like the 3rd act of the first episode could of been shown in a higher takes. Or more shots that are not just profile view of characters. But what it's dealing with, as shooting with extras and locations would be a headache on a small budget. So either way its good for what it is.

The characters, from one episode you get more or less motivation for all of the Scooby crew and their personalities. I can see the chemistry between Velma and Fred, and would love to see more as the show progresses.

Of course, let's talk the obvious comparisons to Riverdale. I like Riverdale because it's as cheesy as it's source material. This does the same, but could touch on also how Buffy use to be and be it's own thing.

Either way all I can say is keep it up, and hope to see more and more would building, I am curious and want to know more.

alexandermatthewpallas 5 May 2022

Ive always been a die hard Mystery Incorporated fan and seeing this makes me so happy, love the cast, acting on point like cant wait for episode 2. Hearing the Hex Girls was everything like bravo to the directing crew. Like im so happy that it showed up on my YouTube page cause it made my night.

stabletrembling 5 May 2022

Surprisingly well done, legitimately feels like a CW quality show, put the Riverdale spin on Scooby-Doo and you get this. If this was on the CW it would obviously have a lower rating but the fact that this is completely indie and this well done is honestly astounding.

Rammstein_CoF06 4 May 2022

For being fan made and through a kick-starter, this was pretty impressive. I do actually have my fingers crossed the whole first season gets made.

It's premise was sold as a mix of Riverdale and Supernatural. But I would say its much like all the other supernatural shows that has cone before like Charmed and Buffy. And it's not like your traditional Scooby-do. Scooby is a normal dog, but it's a good thing. It makes it more serious where if he spoke, it would be too comedic and not fit the show.

The cinematography and CG were pretty impressive for such a low budget. Could dialogue and acting be a bit better? Sure. But even most big production shows have worse!

After watching the episode I watched the concept trailer, and have to say. The break due to covid actually helped them IMO. I think they must of reshot stuff and it came out for the better.

So I highly recommend giving this pilot a shot.

james_langan4 5 May 2022

I really enjoyed this, I never heard anything about the show until it popped up on my youtube suggestions. The main characters do a solid job a couple of the support are a bit rough but to be expected, still thoroughly enjoyed this. For a low budget web series outstanding work. This is something I never knew I wanted, I really like the supernatural vibe and it looks great as well. Really hope theres more to come.

djlnchbx 7 May 2022

Was surprised with the quality of a fan made pilot, it was well done, good quality, and am excited to see more! It is a different sort of take on the Scooby Doo line and it shows promise. If netflix or another company picks it up, it would be that much better, but as it is, the production quality is excellent, some of the actors (like the one coach) were a bit off but over all , very well done.

nicholaskutzin 9 May 2022

I have the say, I went into this not expecting very much. I expected it to be some poorly made, averagely edited YouTube-quality video and I was sorely mistaken. The quality was insanely good and I genuinely felt like I was watching something that could be on Netflix or Hulu. The plot and story were engaging and interesting to watch and there were so many aspects that avid Scooby Doo fans will obsess over like I did. Although the acting was... not great at times, I was so incredibly happy while watching and I truly enjoyed myself. I cannot wait for another episode to come out. The costumes and makeup were especially impressive and you can tell how much work and effort was put into the making of the first episode. I cannot get over how impressive everything was. You can watch it for free on YouTube and I recommend, as soon as you are done reading this review, to go watch it immediately. I know I will be watching it for a second time soon. Incredible work!

watf-71144 6 May 2022

This is such a sugary, cheap, over glossed easily forgotten nonsense, it is hard to see how anyone would make any effort to watch more than one episode. No depth in the characters all of whom would be at home on a cat walk.

I heard that American audiences wont accept a normal looking cast, but it really just takes you away from whats happening as you already groaning before the story begins.

damiennimai 6 May 2022

I must admit I was confused when I saw this on YouTube. I thought it must have been pirated from network TV or similar. The quality of the acting, sets, script, effects and music (though loud) is just so spot on. Imagine my surprise with a quick Google I realised this was fan made but also crowd funded??

It is so good.

This is a love letter to every Scooby fan out there with enough that new comers will enjoy every second. Really well done to the team behind it and thank you. You very unexpectedly made my day.

scubaboy-72039 5 May 2022

I grew up watching Scooby-Doo and all the movies and absolutely loved them, this is just garbage. I implore you to not waste your time watching this disaster.

fr0w 4 May 2022

A broody low budget version of Scooby Doo. If you wanted a modern take on a classic, why choose tropes from 40 years ago? ... a stock soundtrack that sounds like it was from 20 years ago? Remove the shoehorn slang parroted from Tiktok trends, and this show gives us nothing new or fresh. At the heart it should be a mystery.. and the hook just isn't that engaging. Sadly It's not good. Could have been worse... the dialogue, the plot, the acting, and cinematography would be alright if it wasn't such a beloved property, but this seems more like a cash grab than a labor of love. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have sat through it. Thelma makes a huge deal about "loving science" then spends the rest of the show researching occult volumes as if they were textbooks.

The best performance in this whole show is by far Scoob's swinging ball sack. The fake vignette could have been toned down a stop or three. The spirit of Scooby Doo should be a rational (non-supernatural) explanation behind every mystery, but that requires actual effort. If I didn't care or was 12, I'd probably be into it. But today it doesn't work, audiences are smarter and deserve more respect.

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