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Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet (2020)

Rayting:   7.7/10 10862 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The owner of a successful video game design company and his troubled staff struggle to keep their hit game 'Mythic Quest' on top.

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Season 2

June 25, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
June 18, 2021Episode 8 Juice Box
June 11, 2021Episode 7 Peter
June 4, 2021Episode 6 Backstory!
May 21, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
May 14, 2021Episode 3 #YumYum

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User Reviews

mozart-47843 8 February 2020

After first two episodes, it gets better , there is a tone and style change . Some people likes to compare it to Always Sunny , there are similarities, but it's a different show , try to enjoy it as it is !

krupocin-1 8 February 2020

Overall the show is about a 6.75/10, worth a watch but kind of all over the place in tone. It takes a break for the 5th episode though with an entirely different cast (Jake Johnson, etc) to tell a totally different, unrelated story over 20 years and that episode alone was a solid 9/10.

Why didn't they make that the show and stick with that tone?! It was directed by Rob and written by his sister Katie, so it's not like it was an outside team pulled in to do one episode, and it was amazing, and also very serious unlike the goofy, sitcom vibe of the show. The regular show is entertaining enough, but this story had me invested from the opening scene, reminded me a lot of Halt & Catch Fire. Anyway I would say the show is worth a watch but if you don't have the time just watch episode 5 as a stand-alone.

CWaDD87 9 February 2020

The script causes much of the acting to seem stilted. Many of the characters are difficult to root for. There is a budding relationship that is hard to care about (likely because the characters involved have 2 minutes of screen time prior to the storyline kicking in). Characters are so static and like CW Longbottom though.

sleepinginthesun 20 February 2020

It says something about the show that the most highly reviewed and enjoyed episode is an episode (ep 5) that takes place completely outside the actors/story/timeline of the first four episodes. It also says something that the show is supposed to be a comedy, and that same highly reviewed/enjoyed episode is basically drama with very little comedy. When the turn to drama is appreciated much, much more than your comedic episodes, a show runner should wonder if they need to regroup on how to inject more funny each episode.

Ok - now for a positive about the show? Actress Charlotte Nicdao (plays Poppy) is someone I had never heard of and she is clearly the best performer of the whole bunch. In some respects, she carries the show.

The show is trying to be everything to everyone. It tries hard not to be offensive, but it wants to substitute anything that would resemble incisive or edgy comedy with an amping up reactions and volume. So much so it almost feels like they should be piping in a laugh track at times. I am not exaggerating.

It wants to be "fair" to all the women, and it does the classic men-are-idiots and women have to suffer because of it. But, it goes further with an especially bizarre subplot that is shoehorned into an early episode where the two female game testers have some "Home Alone" lesbian dating sequence/montage when they realize everyone has left the building for the night. I reference "Home Alone" because they act like 10 year olds would act and it actually *is* a montage of whacky shenanigans, not two grown women that I presume have apartments and cars...refrigerators with food.

This subplot is rushed into, lingered on for minutes, and then kind of disappears - which is what makes it bizarre. It would have been just about as bizarre (if not even more so) if the two game testers were hetero male and female and did this weird late night "Home Alone" sequence complete with raided refrigerators, stolen ice cream, motor scooting around the office, graffiti on walls...etc.

Again, before someone cries "foul" - it's not the concept of a possible workplace romance between two women that is weird, the show itself makes it weird and self-conscious.

The inevitable comparison to "Silicon Valley" isn't fair. That show was grounded in a recognizable reality, while this show wants to play as broad comedy...the problem the show has is a problem that seems to plague most TV comedy recently: Nothing is interesting, nothing is surprising, characters and their choices don't illicit any response because they aren't really characters so much as mouthpieces that say things loudly that others react to with shock, disbelief, faux outrage.

There are a lot of "whacky situations" where the characters are supposed to be embarrassed and they stammer and they appear flustered. The problem is that none of what is happening to the characters rises to the level of us feeling embarrassed for them. It feels like I am watching a TV show that is trying to imitate an older and no longer airing TV show about similar material, but doing so only by vague memory.

The gaming/game development aspect of the show is treated as an afterthought. We don't get to see much of the game, we just know they want us to care about this game. I can't care for something that no one in the actual show seems to care about, much less care about something I barely see.

There was one moment where I thought the s

cartsghammond 7 February 2020

Mythic quest: Ravens Banquet is part of Apple TV's first go's at original content, and I can't tell you how glad I am that they chose Rob Mcellhenny and Charlie Day to make a show with them. This show looks at the insane ego a person in these positions can get, and how they are willing to sacrifice their employees work conditions to get the results that they want. I'm a huge IASIP fan so I'm familiar with the humor they usually go for. The idea of a video game company isn't something we have never seen before, but every other time it's used as a gimmick without actually knowing how games work. In no way is this a perfect show, but, this is a pretty intelligent show. It's almost to gaming, what Silicon Valley is to tech companies. Some realism is lost through gags and bits but it's one of the most accurate depictions of game studios I've seen. Danny Pudi and David Hornsby are both great in this. So is Rob. This is a quality show. And guys, I know it's not a perfect show, but can you actually give it a go before bashing on it. Thank you

mandorallen-the-lion 9 February 2020

But it's so fun why people gotta hate good entertainment. and that episode with jake johnson was actually heartbreaking while remaining infinitely watchable. is it always sunny? obviously not, read the name.

mmevanille-53097 14 February 2020

What happens when you put a few incompetent egotistical idiots in charge of a gaming company?

This is not Silicon Valley. Silicon valley had obscurity, wit and intelligent dialog. Mythic quest has none of these. There is a trend in US comedies to think that putting a bunch of people with loud voices and strong opinions in one room, constitutes good comedy. It does not. I think it stems from the popularity of Seinfeld, where the plot involves making mountains out of molehills. But unlike Seinfeld, this is not well written. The characters are unlikable, the solutions unrealistic. Being unrealistic isn't usually such an issue for comedy style's, as long as there is a comedic reason to do so. For people who like intelligent humour, this isn't it. And this is coming from a long time gamer.

donttouchmeprimate 11 February 2020

So, managed to watch it all in one evening. As a big fan of 'Always sunny' I kind of expected a similar experience, this was not the case. Objectively a good show, however it's more in line with 'Ugly Betty' with an attempt to reach a much wider audience by focusing on a few social aspects of the modern world while also never really being about anything and just plodding along.

Some jokes are almost on the verge of "edgey" but this is 100% a teen drama before anything else.

It's not a bad show, it's just not for me in the slightest.

paulhaynes-43454 22 February 2020

I like Always Sunny but always found it to be hit and miss. After watching the first two episodes of this it seems to be a definite miss on all accounts. It just wasn't funny, it fails to push any real boundaries or provide anything I haven't seen before. Maybe as I work in the games industry as well a lot of things didn't land for me, especially the tie in with Ubisoft which resulted in a mish mash of footage from different titles (Assassin's Creed, From Honor) that are jointly supposed to represent Mythic Quest. Rob and Charlie are funny guys, but this just didn't work for me.

G33KEd 7 February 2020

From the executive producers of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' comes a perfect comedy show for gamers!

For fans who love comedy shows that set in and/or about office, 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet' is unlike any other office comedy you've ever seen!

The casting, including Rob McElhenney, Danny Pudi, David Hornsby, F. Murray Abraham, and more, was very talented; the setting was very good; the humor was entertaining; and the writing was great!

If you're either a gamer or a fan of comedy shows, then go see this hilarious show as your quest for work!

shaunmcevoy-98833 5 December 2020

I really had a good time watching this, characters are great.. especially the old guy he's hilarious. From the opening scene I was on board with this, Mythic quest grabbed by full attention within 5 seconds of the pilot. I strongly recommend this, I will be returning for season 2

arseneau-conan 27 February 2020

Woke trash at its finest . " Programmer girls are paid less and it's a boys club and I hate it " kind of mentality. The scale of the studio is absolutely idiotic. Such a small team for a BILLION dollar game. Written by people who never worked a day in games.

A hacker controlling a NPC? Yeahhhhhhhh no .

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