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Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet (2020)

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The owner of a successful video game design company and his troubled staff struggle to keep their hit game 'Mythic Quest' on top.

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Season 2

June 25, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
June 18, 2021Episode 8 Juice Box
June 11, 2021Episode 7 Peter
June 4, 2021Episode 6 Backstory!
May 21, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
May 14, 2021Episode 3 #YumYum

Season 1

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User Reviews

eppies 12 January 2021

It took me until the DQD episode (ep 5) to start falling in love with the show and its characters. I don't know what was going on in the first 4 episodes, but I only stuck with the show because I love the entire Sunny crew (David Hornsby is perfect casting *chef's kiss*, and it's good to see Rob and Charlie working together again) as well as Aparna Nancherla and Naomi Ekperigan.

I don't know what it was about the writing, but the second half of the season brought a little more harmony among a cast that seemed to lack chemistry + initial plotlines that seemed to lack any depth/stakes. The 5th episode was so good (an amazing palate cleanser) and provided a tonal shift that made me feel slightly more aware of the themes of the show as a whole.....

but anyways THE QUARANTINE EPISODE DESERVES AN EMMY. Quarantine episodes for other shows have been hella cringe and forced, but this one was honest in a seemingly effortless way.

pods-59362 5 June 2021

I always liked (ahem love/hate) this show from the start, but the most recent episode. S2 E6 Backstory (and I HATE backstories) pulled a throwaway character out of the dust bin and made him one of the most import cornerstones of Mythic Quest. Perhaps the emotional content of this episode means nothing to anyone born after say, 1990, but this episode cleverly tied in Mythic Quests, its entire reason d'être, the main character in this episode, and the entire history of online gaming in what - 40 minutes? While the actors of this show deserve a nod for sure, the writers.... I am in awe, and thank you for throwing Michael Bay as an inspiration into the dust bin of history.

danethecook 13 May 2021

Funny show with a lot of heart. While it is from 2 of the creators of always sunny, it is a completely different show. More reminiscent of silicon valley.

jimmypjohnson 10 May 2021

This show is fantastic. The actors all do incredibly at portraying these characters. Storyline and writing is fantastic. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy this show, but if you are, you'll definitely love it.

mmyilmazyurt 9 May 2021

The show maybe not the best comedy right now but they got me with its two episodes; A Dark Quiet Death and Quarantine.

I've started the show thanks to Danny Pudi and until the 5th episode (A Dark Quiet Death) the show was trying to find its pace. But, 5th episode is one of the best standalone episodes I've seen that is touching lots of elements throughout 30 minutes.

Again, with the Quarantine episode, they turned their disadvantage into an advantage and made a great episode.

Other episodes had their ups and downs but this show still worths a try no doubt.

I hope they will keep their trajectory still because they have a good cast and an opportunity.

Edit: These last episodes "Backstory!" and "Peter" have been such beautiful experiences. Just brought me tears as we witnessed the past of C. W. (Wonderful Murray Abraham) and bringing closure to it in the very next episode.

mozart-47843 8 February 2020

After first two episodes, it gets better , there is a tone and style change . Some people likes to compare it to Always Sunny , there are similarities, but it's a different show , try to enjoy it as it is !

krupocin-1 8 February 2020

Overall the show is about a 6.75/10, worth a watch but kind of all over the place in tone. It takes a break for the 5th episode though with an entirely different cast (Jake Johnson, etc) to tell a totally different, unrelated story over 20 years and that episode alone was a solid 9/10.

Why didn't they make that the show and stick with that tone?! It was directed by Rob and written by his sister Katie, so it's not like it was an outside team pulled in to do one episode, and it was amazing, and also very serious unlike the goofy, sitcom vibe of the show. The regular show is entertaining enough, but this story had me invested from the opening scene, reminded me a lot of Halt & Catch Fire. Anyway I would say the show is worth a watch but if you don't have the time just watch episode 5 as a stand-alone.

big_asapper 9 March 2021

I kinda went in thinking it would be meh. It's not... it's so good. I'm not into video games but it's so funny.

tomthetomtomtom 2 May 2021

I started watching this tv show with the expectation of exaggerated and stereotyped characters. And in the end it is exactly that. But still it has really a couple of fun moments that kept me 'binge-watching'. 30min per episode is a good duration for this kind of show.

But then came episode 5. An 'anomaly episode' playing in the past, totally independent to the 'normal' tv show's plot beside the 'gamedev'-topic introducing a completely new cast. And man, this episode has what the usual show have not. Believable characters and a superb screen play with a strong unique main character brillantly portrayed by Cristin Milioti and a very good Jake Johnson. It even switched the genre from comedy to drama. The story has the perfect duration because I also think it would have been hard to keep the tension and chemistry up on that high level over multiple episodes. I simply just love that episode. ;)

After episode 5 I actually wasn't able to reestablish that tiny connection to the 'normal' show again and it just felt dull and stupid. The fun moments seemed also getting less and lesser and I found myself rewatching ep5 before even finishing the complete show. (Can't remember me ever doing something like that ;) ).

All in all I think the show is okay and have a couple of fun moments. But I would advice to remove ep5 from the show and to release it as independent 'short film' (what it obviously is). That would keep the tv show's 'vibe' and the constant decline of fun might not stand out so hard. I can't emphasize enough, that ep5 is exceptional and brilliant, it even made me register here just for writing this.

CWaDD87 9 February 2020

The script causes much of the acting to seem stilted. Many of the characters are difficult to root for. There is a budding relationship that is hard to care about (likely because the characters involved have 2 minutes of screen time prior to the storyline kicking in). Characters are so static and like CW Longbottom though.

cartsghammond 7 February 2020

Mythic quest: Ravens Banquet is part of Apple TV's first go's at original content, and I can't tell you how glad I am that they chose Rob Mcellhenny and Charlie Day to make a show with them. This show looks at the insane ego a person in these positions can get, and how they are willing to sacrifice their employees work conditions to get the results that they want. I'm a huge IASIP fan so I'm familiar with the humor they usually go for. The idea of a video game company isn't something we have never seen before, but every other time it's used as a gimmick without actually knowing how games work. In no way is this a perfect show, but, this is a pretty intelligent show. It's almost to gaming, what Silicon Valley is to tech companies. Some realism is lost through gags and bits but it's one of the most accurate depictions of game studios I've seen. Danny Pudi and David Hornsby are both great in this. So is Rob. This is a quality show. And guys, I know it's not a perfect show, but can you actually give it a go before bashing on it. Thank you

mandorallen-the-lion 9 February 2020

But it's so fun why people gotta hate good entertainment. and that episode with jake johnson was actually heartbreaking while remaining infinitely watchable. is it always sunny? obviously not, read the name.

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