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Narcos: Mexico (2018)

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Rayting:   8.4/10 66K votes
Country: Mexico | USA
Language: English

The rise of the Guadalajara Cartel as an American DEA agent learns the danger of targeting narcos in Mexico.

Episode Guide

Season 3

November 5, 2021Episode 10 Life in Wartime
November 5, 2021Episode 9 The Reckoning
November 5, 2021Episode 8 Last Dance
November 5, 2021Episode 7 La Voz
November 5, 2021Episode 6 La Jefa
November 5, 2021Episode 4 GDL
November 5, 2021Episode 3 Los Juniors
November 5, 2021Episode 2 Como La Flor
November 5, 2021Episode 1 12 Steps

Season 2

Season 1

Best Narcos: Mexico Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

November 16, 2018star9.1 2082 votesS1E10 Leyenda
February 13, 2020star9.1 1624 votesS2E10 Free Trade
November 16, 2018star9.0 2385 votesS1E5 The Colombian Connection
November 16, 2018star9.0 1900 votesS1E9 881 Lope de Vega
February 13, 2020star8.8 1360 votesS2E9 Growth, Prosperity, and Liberation
February 13, 2020star8.7 1289 votesS2E8 Se Cayó El Sistema
November 16, 2018star8.5 1807 votesS1E6 La Última Frontera
November 16, 2018star8.4 1699 votesS1E8 Just Say No
February 13, 2020star8.4 1228 votesS2E5 AFO
November 16, 2018star8.3 1993 votesS1E2 The Plaza System
November 16, 2018star8.3 1751 votesS1E7 Jefe de Jefes
November 16, 2018star8.2 1849 votesS1E3 El Padrino
February 13, 2020star8.2 1512 votesS2E1 Salva El Tigre
November 16, 2018star8.1 2319 votesS1E1 Camelot
November 16, 2018star8.1 1820 votesS1E4 Rafa, Rafa, Rafa!
February 13, 2020star8.1 1200 votesS2E7 Truth and Reconciliation
February 13, 2020star8.0 1287 votesS2E3 Ruben Zuno Arce
February 13, 2020star8.0 1209 votesS2E4 The Big Dig
February 13, 2020star7.9 1296 votesS2E2 Alea lacta Est
February 13, 2020star7.9 1177 votesS2E6 El Dedazo

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User Reviews

ahmetkozan 17 November 2018

If we say that this series is addictive like drugs, we don't say wrong. I'd say it's really compatible with the name of the show. It is very enjoyable to watch such a drug war in Mexico after Colombia. No one from the old cast. We see a new battle with a completely new cast. I think the idea of adapting the same issue to another country is good. After beginning with Pablo Escobar in Colombia, "Narcos" shifted to the Cali cartel, an equally colorful and bloodthirsty bunch. Now we see the Mexican drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Also named as El Padrino, Felix Gallardo is a citizen of El Chapo. Both of them are from Culiacan. Though the episodes are lengthy, it's a absorbing story. Historically we may know the outcome but Narcos: Mexico has an interesting story. Definitely worth watching. 9/10

JL_R 15 February 2020

Brings back some of the great pace, acting and dialogue that made the original Narcos so great

alextalent 15 February 2019

I really loved the first 3 seasons and while it was a little boring in places, I never felt like a was wasting my time.

Narcos Mexico is all upside down, the narrator is mostly gone which leaves the viewer in the dark as to context. The main narco boss is a side character in his own story, I just didn't feel anything towards him like with Pablo and Cali brothers. Rafa dominates this series in a bad way, he's such an annoying pointless character. Half the scenes felt like they were filler . It was just boring.

I kept waiting for something to happen, but it never did, which is surprising because a quick Google search will bring up loads of events this show decided to ignore in favour of conversations about the weather.

Supermanfan-13 15 March 2021

Even though Narcos: Mexico isn't as good as the original Narcos, it's still a pretty good show worth watching! I was skeptical at first because Narcos was so good but was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out too. It continues the story about the drug cartels and does such an amazing job at it. It's addicting once you start watching and you get used to the subtitles pretty quick.

mcevoymatthewt 20 November 2018

As far as the show goes it's fantastic but what really stood out in my opinion was the performance of Joaquín Cosío as "Don Neto" I believe this is one of the best supporting performances in any Netflix series to date! The arc that he goes through and the performance that he turns in cannot be ignored. He is a very talented actor and displays this in every scene he's in! He is the most believeable character in the show shining brightly over an already brilliant cast of actors.

saltenis-92358 1 March 2020

Diego Luna's acting was top notch and I really hope he has further success in his career. I guess I can say, he's one of a kind and *narcos mexico* now is easily my favorite of narcos series. A huge *well done* to him and his crew.

johngeorgehill 27 August 2021

I saw all of the first Narcos, and just finished Narcos Mexico. This is a more refined take on a trafficker who came from nothing and was always hungry for more. His own brilliance led to his downfall. Truly a major work in the history of Television. Will be remembered along with The Sopranos.

thegarlicconnection 16 February 2020

Just finished the second season. I'd imagine the ridiculously low scores come from the group of hate and misery - those people will never change, so ignore those.

First season was great, the second season's plot was more defined and drawn out, so it may seem slow to begin with, but it'll keep you glued to the end. Great plot twists. You'll be happy. Watch it, and ignore the haters.

eshatmessi 14 August 2021

Just because Pablo died people stopped watching this show. They have no idea what they are missing out on.

Casting was greatly chosen, so many talented Mexican actors were given the perfect role. The story how a man out of nothing becomes everything in Mexico as his ambitions grow day by day. Doesn't get more interesting than that. Props to the directors.

samirk-84718 13 August 2021

They don't make shows like this anymore. It's great.

dimpuchristian 27 July 2021

You'll never regret. Drug dealers can do better Business than your college Professors.

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