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Naruto: Shippuden (2007)

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Rayting:   8.6/10 100K votes
Country: Japan
Language: English

Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village.

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hunoldinho 16 October 2013

This anime has everything.


The story is absolutely beautiful. You have epic fights combined with deep emotions and unpredictable story changes that will blow your mind. The only critique I could find about the story is that in the anime some parts are described in very simple pictures, f.e. after a character pulled a very cunning move within combat, in order to let the younger audience understand what has happened. But then again I wouldn't want them to miss out on this anime just because they feel it is too complex, so I guess one can overlook this. (It doesn't happen too often to be really bothering anyways.)

Everything that happens also fits really well into the universe of Naruto, meaning that within this world's reality everything that happens makes sense.

It is also amazing to see the different characters evolve and grow both in maturity as well as in strength. I have even caught myself cheering like a total nerd when a character has learned a new move or went over his own boundaries. However, I feel that the side characters are being neglected in terms of development, since they really can't compete with the main character's strength at all after a certain point.

Character design:

Marvellous. There are dozens of different characters and everyone is unique. Even the side characters have distinguishable features, and the main characters show a character depth that many Hollywood movies could learn from nowadays.

Let's take the villain Orochimaru for example. He is easily the most well-designed antagonist I have seen in any motion picture, even in all the books I read I can't find a character like him. Pure evil. Cunning, bizarre and frightening. On top of his unpredictable actions and twisted motives, the music appearing together with him just rounds up the presentation of this character, and to me, makes it unforgettable.


It's pretty simple: The music in Naruto is incredible. When I showed some of the tracks to a friend who doesn't watch it, even she was amazed. If you don't believe me go to youtube and check some of them out, but be careful, it might lead to you watching the whole series if you haven't already!


They did an amazing job animating Naruto. It's really beautiful to see how everything comes to life after reading the manga in black and white, and the animation of Naruto can compete with most recent animated movies. Many scenes are animated so well that you just want to watch them over and over again, especially some of the fights where the graphics and "camera angles" really come to shine.

All together, I would give it a 10/10 currently, as the overall experience with this show has simply blown me away and I can't really find anything really bad to say about it.

renoz88 1 November 2019

I'm sitting here hollow and sad that there is no more episodes! To be honest, I cried at the END! Without the best anime overall! It had everything! (And I've seen a few!)

Wish I could forget everything I SEE the show again for the first time!

akalankapagoda 10 September 2014

Well the story starts with typical story start lines introducing us to the Naruto universe telling us the story of a boy. Whoa but when it goes on it completely turns into a thrilling nail-biting, heart-touching, mind-teasing epic series taking us deep into humanity through the imaginative Naruto universe questioning our view on the world and people.

This was one of the most influential stories I have ever witnessed. I wanted more, so I looked for best anime around to see if I can find something even better. What I found was, most of the other anime are bound around power, adrenaline rush, love and sacrifice, .etc . But in Naruto, apart from the all the things that I mentioned above it mainly focuses on what humanity is, where can it go wrong and what it might take to fix it.

That being said, don't misunderstand, the battles are epic. When I mean epic, I mean EPIC!!! For me the best part is, no matter how powerful opponents are, the one with the sharp mind comes on top with mind-blowing strategies. For nerds who watch Anime like me, this is the best part.

And oh! to see the maturity of the characters in the series from the childhood of being total knuckleheads to genuinely matured full fledged Shinobi(Ninja) is surely an amazing journey to take. One which must not be missed by the genuine minds around the globe.

bumblesquirt 27 April 2013

Had to add a review since some of them I read were quite frankly ridiculous.

The story continues were it left off and takes no time at all in getting right into it. It then goes on to get better and better and better. Character growth, development and change is incomparable to any other manga/story/book you will ever read, with some serious plot twists while constantly offering reasoning and back story completely justifying them all.

Reviews down rating due to fillers is ridiculous, obviously the studio and channels need to make money and fill air time, and obviously 1 manga is not as long as 1 anime, common sense should then counter any grudge held due to fillers.

Other reviews stating it's gone on for too long or stories/characters are being recycled - I wont go into too much explanation on flawing this review, it's so far off the mark all I need say is this individual has clearly not understood the intricate's of the characters and the history.

In summary it's my opinion that Naruto is one of the most epic and dynamic stories to exist to this date. It is not anything like DBZ or similar 'OP Powaz anime'. Though it does have a large emphasis on fighting, Naruto is primarily about characters and story. It is a must watch AND a must read to everyone with above average intelligence. Others will enjoy it immensely too, but without a doubt the more intelligent you are the more you will enjoy it.

achyutha037 19 April 2012

Before Naruto, i was a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball series. I thought no anime would be as great as it is. There are Many people who still consider it to be superior of all anime shows. But In front of Naruto Shippuden, nothing is better.

Naruto was good, but it aimed for children and +. But the sequel Shippuden, has aimed for Universal Audience. Naruto has grown more mature, and he is not always running behind Sakura. In this series you'll get to know more about the characters past, especially Naruto. The Antagonists are more deadly and powerful.

The series has some HEART WRENCHING MOMENTS in it. I had to see them at least 100 times per day. In certain scenes, i almost cried.

Major Plus point is the Background Music. It is OUTSTANDING. No anime had/had this type of Music.

I admit that certain Filler episodes are just boring, but they always carry certain TYPE of message with them.

This anime is the GOD of all anime's and NO other anime will ever defeat it.... No.1 anime.

I give it a solid 10/10...

grip31-747-460214 24 July 2013

I had to make an account just to write a review about this show. I feel an 8.1 is an outrage because Naruto is just something so special.

I use the term genuinely amazing to describe it because it honestly manages to amaze me at every turn, not just because of the crazy things that happen or the fighting or the the deeply complex story, but because of a subtle touch in all those things. Every time i get comfortable with what's going on it just puts me on another ride i didn't even imagine, even the portions of the story where i can predict something it somehow manages to surprise me still. The "number one at surprising people" motto is a perfect way to describe Naruto as a character but more importantly as a show.

So many amazing characters with such interesting back stories, every fight is so well thought out you don't know how the next one will top it, music is beautiful and spot onn, but i think the best part of it is the story. It incorporates such dark themes, discrimination in a world where everyone actually isn't equal, and how the characters deal with each other with so many different powers and abilities, is almost overwhelming.

I could go on and on but i'm gonna stop now and just say SKIP THE FILLERS. It's really not that hard, just google it and skip those episodes. They are probably the sole reason the ratings aren't as high as they should be, and they just totally dilute the amazingness of the real story.

Felfo 10 May 2007

"Naruto: Shippûden" keeps up with the original series. With a bigger budget now, the drawings and effects are improved, music once again is excellent, so the quality of the overall product is impeccable. As for the story itself: Naruto comes back from his training with Jiraiya (one of the legendary ninjas) and has grown, so he is more mature after those 3 years. Now we get to see the old characters again, so finally all that time expecting with the "filler saga" has come to and end, this is the original Naruto, the hero's come-back. Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, Tsunade etc., are all back. All the things we liked from the original series are here and we will get to know what happens with all the story arcs we love, Specially what happens with Sasuke.

vks_vishwa 19 November 2013

Its a great and amazing story to be seen. An outstanding feeling to view the characters, their lives, emotions, decisions, etc. The whole story as suggested, revolves around the main character Naruto. Shippuden means hurricane, that symbolizes the strength Naruto gains over the years of training. He is supported various friends, teachers and other characters who are even strangers to him. Being an underdog in the early years, desperate to be recognized, works harder than anyone. Due to certain internal powers, he creates magic every time, he is tested. By deeds, he shows the others the way to be chosen i.e., not by tradition, etc. but by your heart. Even the psychology behind the friends' behavior, enemy behaviors are explained in such a simple and emotional manner that you also believe that these things are bound to happen even with you in the given situation. With action packed animations, stories & bonding, the series distinguishes itself with others.

deepakputhraya 2 July 2011

This is one of the best anime I have seen so far. The plot is brilliant like the previous one. The animation is much better than the previous one and the dialogues are simply amazing. The battle scenes and the way Naruto and the rest come up with tactics are marvellous. The new characters are 'awesome'(can't think of a better word). There are loads of emotional moments in this series, some that make you laugh, some that make you angry and some that make you cry.

I'll warn you, you'll get angry on some of the characters so much that you'll bite your nails till it starts bleeding and you wont realise it(or you might)! The thing that bothers me the most(which will bother you too) is there is only one new episode that releases every week and I just can't wait for the next episode! I am up-to date with both the manga and the episodes, and it seems like a million years from now that they'll finish the episodes(at this rate). I wish I could get a time machine!(you'll wish too!(very soon))

Just watch it if you have watched Naruto because you will miss the best and exiting parts of this anime.

There are loads of surprises and loads of excitement waiting for you.

On the whole I'd say Naruto: 8.5/10 Naruto Shippuden: 9.5/10

the_rocker-1 23 July 2010

I wrote this review because there was no updated review on IMDb.

The first of Naruo Shippuden three seasons were alright they weren't bad but also they weren't that good They dragged the story too much the pacing was slow and by slow I mean really slow ,the battle scenes took several episodes where they can be done with one or two and that almost killed the show ,it's too bad because the story and the characters and very interesting.

But after season 3 the anime improve in every aspect the no more slow paced story, spaced battles everything gets better animation, action scenes, sound track and especially the story , I mean it's like it's a totally different anime from what it's started(in a good way of curse) and up till now it keeps getting better and better.

Story: The story have humor, action ,tragedy , romance and twists in it and the anime present it so well it makes it worth your while to bear with the first three seasons and some fillers here and there(which are not that bad).

In case of characters: most of characters are well designed and easy to relate to ,even some of the Villains ,every characters is unique in his/her own way and have depth.

The animations are good...not the best out there but pretty decent for a TV series.

Sound track is amazing and fits well in the scenes especially the fighting scenes.

So eventually if you are a Naruto fan, you can't miss this anime, it started not that good but it became one of the best anime I've watched. I gave it 9/10 despite the disappointing slow paced first three seasons (~70 episodes)because afterward it gets so good that it covers it up the mess in the first 3 seasons.

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