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New Amsterdam (2018)

Rayting:   8.1/10 18747 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A new medical director breaks the rules to heal the system at America's oldest public hospital.

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dedra-5 21 October 2018

A medical drama without everyone sleeping with each other! Thank you!

hollie_manwaring-x 28 February 2019

At the time of writing I'm at episode 12 of season 1 and I am super impressed with this show!

By far the thing that impresses me most is the seamless inclusion of the psych department, led by the very likeable Dr Frome. Many other medical shows I've seen (House, grey's anatomy, scrubs, etc) either ignore or mock this department all together apart from the odd token mental health scene/episode. It's often portrayed as a "lesser" area of medicine. New Amsterdam deals with important mental health issues within each episode with care and compassion. I want this review to remain spoiler free so as there's only one season so far I won't give example and instead encourage you to check the show out for yourself.

As well as the above, the show also hosts a strong diverse cast and maintains entertainment while tackling a bunch of contemporary issues. I really find myself rooting for the characters and I hope in the future this can be a show that goes the distance.

amybutler_artist 29 November 2018

I have not gotten hooked on a medical show since Chicago Hope, but New Amsterdam has all the qualities I love. It's not high paced, it's not crass, it's not overly dramatic. It's perfect. It has allowed me to get to know the characters and to Care about them. I wait each week for the next show. A+

ebada_shawky 23 October 2018

Finally a medical drama without the usual drama. It's not about the endless romance between the doctors and nurses; it's not focused on the sexual perks and pains of the staff's sexual life, it is really focused about the medical aspect of the hospital. The characters are very refreshing and particularly Ryan Eggold is so endearing in his first remarkable role, I've actually never paid much attention to him before. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled prematurely, like it seems to be happening to all good shows lately that are not about superheroes.

amelesdad 27 September 2018

I was impressed by the social commentary in the writing! Well acted. All the usual obvious stuff but a few hidden gems for the naive few who still want to enjoy a show about life.

peg-217-900647 27 September 2018

Another doctor show just seems like it could be overkill on yet another doctor show but Ryan Eggold's portrayal of the new medical director who actually tries to teach doctors to live by the hypocratic oath and advocate for patients regardless of the money that the hospital may or may not make. This show looks at the human side of medicine and that is refreshing.

ez_nj 17 October 2018

Well it's finally portrayed that there are human emotions in a hospital, I can understand the portrayal of the doctors always having a conflict between duty and their private lives having my wife pass on with cancer at a local hospital here in NJ. I was amazed that while I sat by her bedside, the many doctors that had assisted in her illness came by to comfort me. I would hope that this would be the prevailing attitude in today's world but money & profit seem to be winning now.

michaelaghummel 26 September 2018

Sometimes I feel like medical dramas are all the same, but I'm not sure there was something about this show that I really like. I've only seen the first episode, but I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

lorraine-24 27 September 2018

This show conjured fond memories of ER and a House. Ryan Eggold is riveting! He brings complexity to both the show and his character - so passionate, determined and vulnerable. The rest of the cast are great as well. They packed a lot into the first episode. It will be exciting to see how the show and character developments will unfold. I know I will be waiting for every episode. Hopefully they will avoid the cliche pitfalls that plague most hospital dramas - romantic entanglements and a constant barrage of traumatic events directly involved the staff.

jcatty-1 26 September 2018

Best new show I've seen. Interesting storylines and tear jerking. Ryan Eggold is outstanding

Oilerslovr 26 September 2018

Loved this show ... the critics reviews are saying terrible things but what do they know they always slam the really good shows anyway ... it's just nice to watch a show where someone actually cares about people and wants to do good ... Ryan Eggold is amazing In this show cant wait to watch next week

dcbrannanshopping 17 February 2019

Only saying the other day that I'm getting tired of he weak story lines in all my favourite shows and needed something new......... and watched N.A annnnnnd is hooked just done the 12 episodes in last 4 day, addictive to say the least. Not full of in your face STAT! QUICK INCUBATE! Gushing blood and odd ball graphic injuries. They seem to have approached it with humanising characters and ongoing background stories to each character that haven't all been full revealed as yet. Looking forward to the next instalment of episodes in May. Well done Amazon.

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