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New Amsterdam (2018)

Rayting:   8.1/10 30K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A new medical director breaks the rules to heal the system at America's oldest public hospital.

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May 14, 2019star9.4 1036 votesS1E22 Luna
September 24, 2019star8.8 741 votesS2E1 Your Turn
March 2, 2021star8.8 580 votesS3E1 The New Normal
January 8, 2019star8.7 728 votesS1E10 Six or Seven Minutes
September 28, 2021star8.7 55 votesS4E2 We're in This Together
March 12, 2019star8.6 643 votesS1E16 King of Swords
May 7, 2019star8.6 559 votesS1E21 This is Not the End
October 30, 2018star8.5 757 votesS1E6 Anthropocene
November 13, 2018star8.5 731 votesS1E7 Domino Effect
April 9, 2019star8.5 588 votesS1E17 Sanctuary
February 12, 2019star8.5 583 votesS1E13 The Blues
April 23, 2019star8.5 546 votesS1E19 Happy Place
September 25, 2018star8.4 1326 votesS1E1 Pilot
November 20, 2018star8.4 707 votesS1E8 Three Dots
February 19, 2019star8.4 566 votesS1E14 The Forsaken
April 30, 2019star8.4 542 votesS1E20 Preventable
February 11, 2020star8.4 479 votesS2E13 In the Graveyard
November 5, 2019star8.4 475 votesS2E7 Good Soldiers
January 14, 2020star8.4 460 votesS2E10 Code Silver
March 9, 2021star8.4 396 votesS3E2 Essential Workers

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User Reviews

dedra-5 21 October 2018

A medical drama without everyone sleeping with each other! Thank you!

nancyjbuck 13 May 2021

Season 3, within its endless moralizing and virtue signaling has had me cringing with each new episode. This week's past episode regarding Max's "solutions" to global warming finally did me in. New Amsterdam has been removed from my DVR programming.

jlove9179 14 May 2021

I tend to agree with other reviewers. Something has gone wrong with the show this year. New writers? The show used to be fun and enjoyable. Now political and dare I say "wokeness". Please please go back to the format that was working in season 1. Otherwise I have a feeling the show is sliding downhill and may soon be cancelled.

Sb9567 16 May 2021

Not liking all the 'wokeness' doesn't mean I'm Conservative, or that I even disagree on some woke topics. It means I don't want to sit for an hour watching it on TV. On reflection, New Amsterdam was always woke. But it maintained a balance. A balance that it lost in Season 3. Judging from Season 3's reviews, the ratings have dropped and I'll be surprised if the show gets a fourth season. If so, it will probably be the last. That's what happens when you virtue signal. People lose interest. Not always because they disagree on the topics (although that might be the reason), but mostly because it's just tiring to listen to.

Unknowntoyou 2 April 2021

Season 1 and 2 was so amazing but season 3 is just emotional crap, nothing medical anymore!!!!!

kelly-dawson 13 April 2021

I really loved this series until Season 3 - then it started getting overly preachy about one issue or another in every single episode. I found it quite disappointing.

smmannix 29 April 2021

I have been watching this show since it started, and at times it was a bit left-wing preachy, but it did a decent job of trying to represent different points of view. It has become unwatchable. The show has devolved into propaganda, incorporating lies and caricature stereotypes. A real shame, for the message regarding finding solutions for our nation's healthcare issues are now drowned out...

cwolffca 16 May 2021

Really getting tiresome having Max go off on one ridiculous tangent after another.

Bring back the realism that made this such a promising show when it began.

thmoore-97757 13 May 2021

I've watched this show from the beginning. It was a great show the first two seasons. The third season is so bad.... I've tried to hold out hoping it would get better but this show has gone too far! It has gone so woke that my children can't watch it. It's really actually disgusting to watch. We watched it for the drama episodes hoping it was similar to ER and similar shows and it did start out that way. Like the actors, they are good. Eggold, go back to Blacklist..

sweetdaisy-28089 14 May 2021 ruin another show with their stupid agendas and take a great character like Max and turn him into a socialist activist instead of what he started as. I'm so torn because it has such great actors and had such potential, but I think I may give up. Thankfully with Peacock I can easily skip all the woke nonsense, but I find I'm skipping more and more of the show now. So sad. Hey, NBC - stick to making shows that entertain instead of insult people's intelligence.

les_bergen 12 May 2021

I tried but too much woke BS for me. Not entertaining anymore. I hope they cancel the show. Ruined a great show.

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