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Nine Perfect Strangers (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Popularity 37
Rayting:   7.1/10 22K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Nine stressed city dwellers visit a boutique health and wellness resort that promises healing and transformation. The resort's director is a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies.

Episode Guide

Season 1

September 22, 2021Episode 8 Ever After
September 15, 2021Episode 7 Wheels on the Bus
September 8, 2021Episode 6 Motherlode
September 1, 2021Episode 5 Sweet Surrender
August 25, 2021Episode 4 Brave New World
August 18, 2021Episode 3 Earth Day

Best Nine Perfect Strangers Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 18, 2021star7.9 992 votesS1E3 Earth Day
August 25, 2021star7.6 794 votesS1E4 Brave New World
September 15, 2021star7.4 627 votesS1E7 Wheels on the Bus
August 18, 2021star7.3 1131 votesS1E1 Random Acts of Mayhem
August 18, 2021star7.3 960 votesS1E2 The Critical Path
September 8, 2021star7.3 676 votesS1E6 Motherlode
September 1, 2021star7.2 729 votesS1E5 Sweet Surrender
September 22, 2021star7.1 702 votesS1E8 Ever After

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User Reviews

amycarender 1 September 2021

Ok, obviously I haven't finished the series so there are no spoilers here.

But this show is the one that really sealed in Michael Shannon's incredible range for me. It's astounding how much different he can be from his bad guy persona or his mafia/crime boss characters. Honestly, he makes the whole show for me. I can't believe it's the same guy.

I'm sure the other actors are absolutely killing it. I think Melissa McCartney is also showing some range but Michael Shannon just dominates the screen for me.

Worth watching.

bp29 19 August 2021

It's not a perfect show, but from the first 3 episodes that have been released it's intriguing- there's an overall uneasy feeling, the acting is very good for the most part (the scenes between Melissa Mcarthy and Bobby Cannavale's characters steal the show) and the scenery is beautiful!! I definitely will be watching the other episodes as they are released.

discobiskitts-371-753539 21 August 2021

If you haven't read the book, you shouldn't be leaving a review yet.

I get that you may be having a hard time getting past Kidman. Same. But she is one small part in a very large picture and as much as she annoys you, it'll make sense (you'll still hate her, but it'll make sense) in the end.

So refrain from leaving a review until you've finished the series. I promise it's nothing like you think. It's worth the wait and all the slow, seemingly pointless information will all make sense. You all live in a world of instant gratification and forget what suspense is like, even when it's not causing your blood pressure to increase.

The TV adaptation follows the novel very closely. If you read the book you'll enjoy it on the screen. If you haven't read the book, sit back, shut up, and get ready for a bumpy ride. THEN leave your review.

wonderstone_entertainment 23 September 2021

There were at least a dozen life lessons taught through the existence and experiences of every character. In my eyes, that makes this series meaningful and gloriously made.

gina_gemini 18 August 2021

If you liked Big Little Lies and were waiting for something similar let me tell you this show has the perfect ingredients.

Based on a book by the same author, check.

David E. Kelly behind the project, check.

Nicole Kidman as the lead, check.

What else do you need. Just put your trust in these talented people, sit back and wait to be entertained.

Hjerteslag 18 August 2021

No spoilers just commentary.

A very intriguing tale of lives. The most important thing to me is there isn't one bit of filler in this series, every minute and moment adds something interesting. Each character has their story, their secrets and their vices. As the show progresses and unfolds, the more info is divulged and unraveled, a surreal turn of events makes itself known.

The cinematography and visuals are glorious, views are breathtaking. The contrast of the setting to the unraveling characters.

The fruit smoothies look delicious.

The Russian host (Nicole Kidman) has no need to be Russian, it adds nothing to the plot, and doesn't sound Russian, I am not sure why there needs to be an exotic host from somewhere that isn't the US.. it ends up sounding like a faux, generic European accent and it is annoying. She is very interesting without it, is the perfect ring leader of the ragtag group.

It's hard to not be absorbed in this fascinating, riveting, and captivating series.

zustroy 23 September 2021

Haven't read the book.

I feel unpleasant when while watching Kidman. Not sure if I should hate or feel sorry for her.

Intriguing beginning, very weak ending.

andy_ryan84 3 September 2021

Another reviewer stated those giving high scores must be fans of the book. I'm not, never read it or thankfully non of the reviews on here prior to taking the plunge.

See, as I'm usually the sort to despise pretentious garbage and the usual crowd of "intellects" that sing its praises to the rest of us lowly peasants; I tend to give more credence to honest reviews (most of which these days seem low).

Most 9 or 10 star reviews on IMDB are from cast/crew of the films or their families/friends.

On this occassion however, I'm genuinely surprised at the negativity for this show.

This isn't a show I would usually go for but there was nothing else on and so I went for it. I'm five episodes in and find that despite it being a slow burning mystery and tale of intrigue, it actually does have a decent pace and isn't filled with long moments of artsy staring into the camera, deafening silences or angled shots of inanimate objects.

Another reviewer stated Melissa Mcarthy is the only decent act in this show....?

Erm, what? Whilst she definitely is great in this, they're all decent performances. Michael Shannon's is fantastic.

Others saying Nicole Kidman's character is "strange", "weird", "like an alien" etc...... I'm sorry for this but you're showing your IQ levels up a bit here; as she's MEANT to be like that....that's the POINT!

Her accent? Meh......but I'm not gonna get hung up about it. She's not the first to mess up an accent, nor will she be the last. If you're the sort to let one little thing ruin everything for you, then good luck with that I guess.

Overall I laughed out loud a few times and got a lump in my throat on others.

I may be getting more soppy over my years but I find the gradual bond between the characters to be heart warming too.

All the while the plot thickens and the boiling pot simmers in the background.

I'm enjoying it a lot and I'm usually a tough-to-please member of the audience......

Each to their own though......

twzbsrqf 22 August 2021

Love the story line and the acting.

But why, oh why is the brilliant David Kelley making us suffer through every episode by forcing us to listen to Nicole's irritating fake Russian accent?

My rating is: 10 minus 2 (for Nicole's horrific fake Russian accent) = 8.

jackbaumel 13 September 2021

Fantastic cast totally torpedoed by terrible pacing and direction. The longer it goes on, the less interested I am in the characters' outcomes.

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