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One Tree Hill (2003)

Drama | Sport 
Rayting:   7.7/10 71984 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Half brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

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Freemheart 26 March 2004

I didn't have the time to catch the tv spots when by any reason a finished watching the first episode just a few weeks after the beginning of The O.C., but there's a great difference between both, even when they have a great cast, good scripts, One tree hill feels like something fresh and at the same time more emotional. Some episodes have incredible and beautiful stories, that reminds movies like "stand by me" or the first episodes of dawson's creek, it's that kind of innocence and at the same time deep drama where the whole cast make a terrific(unforgettable) work. It's the kind of show who you wanna watch for more than two hours a day feeling every episode just like a minute of the day. A real pure jewel for TV.

jameslamont 23 February 2005

One Tree Hill is Warner Brothers latest effort to emulate the success of its popular 90's teenage show Dawsons Creek and it a very good job overall. This show really will appeal to the teenage audience, and young adults and it is very plot driven to this age range. The show deals with a lot of sensitive issues that teenagers face such as: sex, drugs,marriage, adoption, affairs, conflicts etc.

The show is set in the fictional town of One Tree Hill and it stars: Chad Michael Murray as honest, likable Lucas Scott, James Laferty as spoilt rich child Nathan Scott, Hillarie Burton as the lonely but good hearted Peyton and Sophia Bush as the feisty but popular Brooke. The actors and actresses cast in these young roles really are the eye candy of the show. They all put in good performances and are totally believable in their roles.

Backing up the cast are a set of adult actors and actresses and these really add another depth to the show. Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) and Moira Kelly (Karen Scott) deserve mentions as they put in great performances as the respective struggling single mother and evil father of the boys. Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott) does a strong performance as Lucas step father and Dan Scotts bother, Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott) makes a good long suffering wife and mother to Dan and Nathan look believable and Barry Cobin does a sturdy performance as Coach Whitey. The adult actors really shine in this show and they help to make the characters interact as well as the children on the show.

Underneath the shows skin is the running pulse of the conflict between long-lost brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott and that is what the whole show is built on. This show works so well is because it allows the adults as much air time as the teenagers and this lets the viewers care much more about all the characters, not just the teenage ones.

The characters are nearly all beautiful, teenage girls will droll over the eye candy of Lucas and Nathan and the teenage boys will droll over Brooke and Peyton. But the fact is that these characters are all very well written and it means that the audience identifies and likes each of the characters in their own unique way. They are certainly not two dimensional characters and as the actors and actresses can act means they are believable.

One Tree Hill is one of the most underrated shows on Television, and this is due to the fact that most people dismiss this show at first hand because they compare it with other teenage shows such as The OC and thats not really fair. This show has some human like quality that makes the show seem down-to-earth and relevant to many people. It does not have the fan base popularity that other teenage shows have, but it nevertheless has a very loyal set of viewers who tune in every week to watch the latest comings and goings on in Tree Hill.

There are some very good episodes of this show, but some others that aren't so good. But the show always churns out consistently good episodes and this means it is much harder to judge how good the show really is in its genre. If you want to see a good solid teenage drama that deals with real issues, in a human way, this is the show for you. Don't miss it 10/10

chrisandtiffany-38963 15 July 2019

Easily a show you can fall in love with again and again. Beautiful story of love and friendships and betrayal. It all ends the way it was meant to after 9 wonderful years of stealing it's audiences hearts.

yevonwm 2 September 2005

Once you've seen dawsons creek, saved by the bell and the OC - it becomes pretty obvious what producers of these shows are thinking. Take a set of issues provided by someone high up in the network, add some attractive 20-something actors who pretend to be teenagers and come up with a thin way to link the two. Except, this show is the best written teen drama I've ever seen. It's a laugh a minute, it doesn't try to ride the charisma or the attractiveness of the actors/actresses, it has genuinely funny short-term plots and climaxes to long-term plots. Not having American TV, I have to watch this type of teen show specifically from buying the DVD and this one is really engaging show-to-show, not jus a weekly dose to shut up fans. The slightly over-played basketball references about 'the game' are a bit tedious and so's the obscene over-emphasis on Dan Scott being an ass but this type of scene is usually followed by a funny pick-me-up scene. Definitely worth a watch.

ggdollzfanatic 8 November 2003

I am in love with this show. I absolutely adore Chad Michael Murray, and am so glad I made the time to sit down and watch this show on its' premiere night. I haven't missed an episode since. This show is full of lessons for teens with a crappy attitude towards life, and it doesn't hurt that Chad is one of the characters teaching us these lessons. Yes, the story line is a little crazy and hectic, but deep down, there is a lot of love between characters. Hilarie and Chad look wonderful together on screen and have an undeniably great chemistry. James and Chad have a good chemistry as well, and I can't wait to see how their relationship evolves. I am hoping that they will become better friends. I wouldn't miss an episode for any reason. I am obsessed, and I'm perfectly alright with that.

adlinas 12 October 2005

What I like about this series is the way common adolescent problems are addressed. Issues on drugs, sex, personality crisis, family relationships are common issues everywhere in the world. The actors do an excellent job in getting the emotions across and they continue to grow in their characters as season one goes into season two. The dramatic serious scenes are interspersed with comic lighthearted scenes once in a while but overall the show is a serious one. This is alright seeing that living a normal life is serious too. I find OC a bit irritating because they look at these issues too lightly.It would also be interesting to see how the producers would deal with other issues such as eating disturbances, depression and delinquency. I've purchased both seasons dvds and have no regrets. Looking forward to season 3.

wannasurf2 25 February 2004

Normally, I just scoff at shows of this nature, but I happened to watch the pilot episode while working on a project because the TV was already on the WB channel from the previous show. Next thing you know I was wrapped up in this show, which seems to be the best of the genre. For once, this is one that doesn't borrow from 90210 or My So Called Life, yet seems to make its own direction. Sure, it is still has the cliches...28 year old, socially evolved high school students with attractive 32 year old parents, but once you get over this, the show really shines! I hope it has a future, although I doubt it will last very long since the OC is getting all of the buzz simultaneously.

bruhbrah 26 November 2016

One Tree is an overall extreme success, especially among the teenage community. It teaches life lessons on-screen that can be applied to real life. In addition, this show has deeply impacted me as well. The characters are easy to relate to and you'll instantly know which character is most like you. First of all, let's get one thing straight, this show is about way more than just basketball, so anyone who told you they hated it because it's only about basketball, they're wrong, and an idiot. By the first episode, I was already hooked. Once you start One Tree Hill you won't be able to stop because it is so addicting. This show is probably the one I binge watch the most. The plot, setting, and characters are what make the show so enjoyable. However, I would not give this show a perfect score because in the later seasons, the story shifts very far from the original plot that everybody loved. Seasons 7-9 are still very amusing, but not as exciting and interesting as 1-6. You don't get the same vibe in the later seasons as you do in the earlier seasons and that is because two, very important main characters that played a huge role in the plot of the story leave the show. Everybody loved these two characters and the show is not the same without them. I literally got emotionally attached to these two characters and their story is so inspiring and shows the ability that if two people love each other, they can overcome as many obstacles as possible and still be together. It is amazing to see these individuals grow from reckless teens, into responsible, mature adults and all the drama that comes along with it. This is the one show where I can say EVERY EPISODE IS RELEVANT TO THE ACTUAL STORY. There are no filler episode at all and every single one is enjoyable. There was not one episode that I thought was bad or "oh, they could've done better." This is one of my favorite shows and has deeply moved me. Whether it's Nathan Scott becoming a better person, Brooke Davis opening her heart, Peyton Sawyer finding who she is, Haley James living her dream, or Lucas Scott defying all odds as the underdog and proving himself to be destined for greatness. I highly recommend this show to everyone. It is amazing and I can 95% guarantee that you'll be hooked by the end of the first episode.

I_wont_say_im_in_LUV 7 December 2006

The story of One Tree Hill revolves around half-brothers Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), who apart from sharing the same father, also share a love for hoops. Then there is the never-ending drama of the older Tree Hillers, namely Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), Karen Roe (Moira Kelley) and Deb (Barbara Alyn Woods). I was introduced to this show by my brother who bought Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. And, I should warn you, from the very first episode of this series, you will indefinitely be hooked to this amazing collage of talented actors, out-of-this-world direction, realistic storyline and an emotional plot that pulls you right in. I don't know how they've done it, but the team behind One Tree Hill has succeeded in making this show undoubtedly the best aired. The way the plot thickens and thins, the way the episodes are made, directed, it makes you feel for the characters, actually makes you think like you know them! Unlike most teen shows nowadays, One Tree Hill takes on a more realistic route on the average teen life. It shows how difficult the life of a high schooler really can be, how money doesn't buy happiness and how power doesn't give birth to eternal bliss. Through seasons 1 to 4, an enormous change has been brought in the characters and if you compare the pilot to the latest episodes, you come to realize how much each and every character on the show has come through. Apart from the perfect acting, the soundtrack of this thing is just unbelievably awesome. Somehow, they seem to find the right song to fit the moment. Of course, it also helps that one of their cast members, Haley James (Bethany Joy Galeotti) is an actual singer with a four octave voice! All in all, an awesome storyline, a great cast and the best direction on TV make One Tree Hill a must see. Believe me, not seeing this is missing out on A LOT!

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