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Orphan Black (2013)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   8.3/10 106K votes
Country: Canada
Language: English

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

May 23, 2015star9.3 1867 votesS3E6 Certain Agony of the Battlefield
May 19, 2016star9.3 1662 votesS4E6 The Scandal of Altruism
August 12, 2017star9.2 1323 votesS5E10 To Right the Wrongs of Many
June 20, 2015star9.1 1365 votesS3E10 History Yet to Be Written
July 29, 2017star9.1 1045 votesS5E8 Guillotines Decide
June 1, 2013star9.0 1953 votesS1E10 Endless Forms Most Beautiful
July 22, 2017star9.0 1011 votesS5E7 Gag or Throttle
August 5, 2017star8.9 898 votesS5E9 One Fettered Slave
April 14, 2016star8.8 1322 votesS4E1 The Collapse of Nature
June 16, 2016star8.8 1164 votesS4E10 From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths
May 25, 2013star8.7 1717 votesS1E9 Unconscious Selection
June 13, 2015star8.7 1134 votesS3E9 Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow
June 9, 2016star8.7 1006 votesS4E9 The Mitigation of Competition
May 18, 2013star8.6 1734 votesS1E8 Entangled Bank
April 19, 2014star8.6 1697 votesS2E1 Nature Under Constraint and Vexed
May 10, 2014star8.6 1461 votesS2E4 Governed as It Were by Chance
June 14, 2014star8.6 1330 votesS2E9 Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

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User Reviews

gogoschka-1 8 August 2014

The premise of 'Orphan Black' probably wouldn't even have to be half as intriguing as it is - and yet the show would still be fun to watch. Some TV-shows have such a great cast, you'd keep watching simply for the joy of seeing an outstanding ensemble act. To get those kinds of actors is a rare privilege for any show, and 'Orphan Black' is very privileged, indeed. Thankfully, it also has a fascinating story to tell, and that combination makes for one of the most entertaining and most original shows on recent TV.

This review won't contain any spoilers, so I'm not going into plot details - just know that 'Orphan Black' delivers a perfect blend of mystery, sci-fi, thriller, drama and comedy elements - and many wonderfully colourful characters - that will make you want to binge-watch entire seasons. And while everybody in the cast does an outstanding job, one thing can't be stressed enough: Tatiana Maslany, the lead actress, is a revelation. It's hard not to spoil anything for those who still have the joy of watching 'Orphan Black' ahead of the them (and I think the first few episodes are enjoyed best without knowing what the show is about), but let me just say: you're not likely to see so many different aspects of one actress' amazing acting capabilities in any other show or film.

So my verdict: Worth watching for the quality of the acting alone, 'Orphan Black' offers dark thrills, edge-of-your-seat suspense - and more than a few laughs along the way. Perfect entertainment from Canada - 9 stars out of 10.

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scott_sherwood 6 October 2013

As this series aired on BBC America, it seems to me it should have been part of the Emmy candidates. However I wonder about that since it received no mention and as a minimum, Tatiana Maslany's performance in the lead character role is one of the best ever in any media. Tatiana plays the multiple clones effortlessly. Whether American, British, Eastern European, anti-social, nonconformist, conformist, straight, LGBTQ I am never questioning the character. I was a fan and regular viewer of United States of Tara, but Tatiana's performance eclipses Toni Collette's. As I watched each week of the first season, I went from mildly entertained by her transformation to completely believing there were multiple actresses in the show. I would watch the opening credits thinking there were missing actresses! Jordan Gavaris is also great as Tatiana's brother. He brings just the right level of doubt yet support to the character. The story lines, settings, direction are also very good. As video science fiction, I think this is one of the best shows I have seen. It explores many different ethic and moral views - personal, scientific and social - with just enough creepiness to both entertain and make me think.

leonnemarcha 22 February 2021

Her acting skills are phenomenal and anyone who loves acting should watch this series for that reason alone. But the story is also fascinating and even if your not into sci-fi, it's still very entertaining and a original show to watch.

makcle 19 October 2020

It amazes me that one person could play so many lead roll characters. She is truly talented and so is the writer of this show. There's nothing like it out there very unique and addictive.

dbr-59963 31 December 2020

A title that I had stumbled upon and never looked back. At first, I wasn't sure if I'd like the premise of the show since it wasn't really my cup of tea. However, there have been very few shows that have intrigued me from the very first episode to the series' finale. Ophan Black is one of those shows. Tatiana Maslany deserves every praise she receives from this show and then more on top of it. Her acting was diverse and extraordinary. Orhan Black would not be what it is had any other actor played the roles that Maslany did.

dilloncamp 5 March 2021

This show is sooo good. The perfect mix of action, science fiction(very intelligent and realistic btw), drama, and HUMOR!

Tatiana Maslany is literally a GODDESS!! This woman is SOOOO TALENTED.

When I first heard her speak in an interview I thought she was still acting. Her ability to do accents is next level good. Not only that, her ability to be up to 6 very different and distinct personalities in a single episode is AMAZING.

The only reason she didn't win the emmy and golden glove for every season is because this show was more of a cult series than a mainstream one.

That's a big mistake on the people in charge of the awards because Maslany deserved every single leading actress award, also the supporting actress awards.

bluesquirrel2004 14 August 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Seasons 1 & 2. The premise, acting, settings and character interactions were well done.

Seasons 3 & 4 were OK but were on a downward slide.

Season 5 I struggled to watch and had to force myself just so I could satisfy my curiosity on how the show ends.

From Season 3 onwards, the show became more of a soap opera, with lots of love interests, characters re-appearing, hurt feelings, etc. There were too many sudden plot twists that made little sense. The stories in subsequent seasons, were the same stories from the previous seasons, but used new characters and new corporations.

My favourite character- Helena.

blanche-2 23 December 2014

"Orphan Black" is a highly underrated series starring the woefully underrated Tatiana Maslany. What is the story there? This woman's name should be shouted from housetops. She should be heralded as the next Meryl Streep.

Like others on this board, I don't want to say too much and give the story away. In order to see what makes Maslany so amazing, you need to watch the show.

The story is full of twists and turns. In the beginning, we see a young woman, Sarah (Maslany) witness the suicide of a woman on the subway tracks. A fast thinker who lives on the edge, Sarah grabs her purse and her identity. It goes from there.

The series is peppered with interesting characters, including Jordan Gavaris as Sarah's gay hustler brother; Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S, Matt Frewer as Dr. Leeke, and many others. I'll just name the characters - they're all marvelous: Cosima, Alison, Rachel, Helena, Tony, etc.

Don't miss this, and don't ask me why everybody's not talking about it.

skillswordfish 14 April 2013

Not at all sure WHY someone wrote that this is obscene. There isn't bad language, no T&A, no lurid sex, it's just high voltage, very hip and modern television. It also has great music and mind-twisting story lines mixed with witty dialog. The premise is unique. I don't want to spoil anything but after three episodes it's apparent that what I thought was going on is much more intense and crazy that I'd originally imagined. If you want something different and can go into this appreciating a fresh idea, you're in for a treat. Tatiana Maslany proves to be a very capable young actress. The rest of the cast is equally as entertaining. Enjoy!

lemoncityofgod 2 January 2021

The acting skills of Tatiana Maslany worth 10 stars on its own. She is incredible, hence the show too.

foreverbounds 23 May 2013

I am just mesmerized watching the actress play so many roles with such differing mannerisms, personalities and even vocal/linguistic differences. I am in awe of her ability. She absolutely needs to get an award for this performance. The premise is unique and a welcome addition to the sci-fi genre. Truly it is one of the best sci-fi shows I have seen in a very long time. There is mystery, romance, danger and with the promise of more characters to be played by Tatyana Maslany, Orphan Black just has to continue for as many seasons as possible. PLEASE. I love the rest of the cast also, (especially her homosexual foster brother who provides some timely comic moments). The excitement just builds and builds as the season unfolds. Love it.

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