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Outer Banks (2020)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   7.6/10 36K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret.

Episode Guide

Season 3

February 23, 2023Episode 8 Tapping the Rudder
February 23, 2023Episode 7 Happy Anniversary
February 23, 2023Episode 6 The Dark Forest
February 23, 2023Episode 5 Heists
February 23, 2023Episode 4 The Diary
February 23, 2023Episode 3 Fathers and Sons
February 23, 2023Episode 2 The Bells
February 23, 2023Episode 1 Poguelandia

Season 2

Season 1

Best Outer Banks Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

July 30, 2021star9.0 910 votesS2E10 The Coastal Venture
July 30, 2021star9.0 759 votesS2E5 The Darkest Hour
July 30, 2021star9.0 757 votesS2E6 My Druthers
July 30, 2021star8.7 723 votesS2E4 Homecoming
April 15, 2020star8.6 998 votesS1E8 The Runway
July 30, 2021star8.6 672 votesS2E8 The Cross
July 30, 2021star8.6 670 votesS2E9 Trapped
April 15, 2020star8.4 1034 votesS1E10 The Phantom
April 15, 2020star8.4 951 votesS1E6 Parcel 9
July 30, 2021star8.3 739 votesS2E3 Prayers
April 15, 2020star8.2 988 votesS1E4 Spy Games
April 15, 2020star8.2 921 votesS1E5 Midsummers
April 15, 2020star8.2 920 votesS1E9 The Bell Tower
July 30, 2021star8.2 891 votesS2E1 The Gold
April 15, 2020star8.2 885 votesS1E7 Dead Calm
July 30, 2021star8.0 845 votesS2E2 The Heist
July 30, 2021star7.9 675 votesS2E7 The Boufire
April 15, 2020star7.7 943 votesS1E3 The Forbidden Zone
April 15, 2020star7.6 1012 votesS1E2 The Lucky Compass
April 15, 2020star7.5 1173 votesS1E1 Pilot

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User Reviews

tooligit72 2 August 2021

Watchseries; Never have I seen so much trashy and predictable directing. Anything that can go bad. DOES!! Straight trash directing !!

tooligit72 2 August 2021

Never have I seen so much trashy and predictable directing. Anything that can go bad. DOES!! Straight trash directing !!

gapatrick-30455 3 August 2021

Outer Banks watchseries. I remember the first season as being a generally fun, rich kids vs. Poor kids, teen drama/adventure/treasure hunt. The biggest downsides were the overly old cast and quite a few cringe-worthy situations and choices. Like a lot of "teen" shows, it would have been better cast with actual teens (or just have them be in college instead of high school), but it seems typical to cast 27 year old guys as 17 year olds in grade 11 these days.

Unfortunately the second season ramps up the stupidity to comical levels. It is literally the definition of a "comedy of errors": an event or series of events made ridiculous by the number of errors that were made throughout. Middle schoolers will still like it, as will people who can completely turn off their brains (or have none to begin with). Really basic things like travelling times and distances, the weight of $500 million in gold, and recovery time after surgery to repair a gunshot wound to the gut, plus the incredible number of stupid things the main characters do, make it beyond frustrating to watch. I'll finish it because the overarching treasure hunting plot is kind of fun, but it's definitely at the "so bad it's good" stage now, at best.

Could have been great with better writing.

AlGluck 3 August 2021

I found the first season interesting, with a unique plot, reasonably good action, eye candy, strong performances, and appealing, colorful cinematography... so, despite the fact that there were some annoying plot elements, I decided once I finished with that first season that I'd go ahead and watch the second when it was released (which explains why I gave this show 4 stars instead of 1).

Well, boy, do I regret that decision. I honestly don't know if I've ever felt more frustrated watching a television show in my life. The entire plot of this second season was painfully predictable, driven by ridiculous levels of bad luck, unrealistic, unbelievable events, and profound, consistent stupidity on the part of the main characters. I found my voice hoarse from yelling angrily at the TV and my forehead stinging from repeated forceful facepalms over the course of this dumpster fire of a season.

After slogging all the way through, hoping that things would turn around and I'd end up being pleasantly surprised, the wrap-up turned out to be so thoroughly unsatisfying, I sat there, stunned, as credits rolled on the last episode, thinking "why the h*ll did I just spend so much of my time watching this garbage?" No offense to the actors -- they did well with what they were given -- but the writing was simply atrocious from start to finish. And, of course, the writers had the audacity to throw in that last second bait for the third season. Yeah, no thanks, I won't be watching anymore. If I wanted to feel that frustrated and upset while watching television, I'd just turn on the news.

jefbishop 17 April 2020

If Into The Blue had a baby with The O.C. and that baby had an affair with the baby of the Goonies and National Treasure, this is your type of show. I really couldn't care less about kid acting, the story is fun and always had my attention. Another season would be great!

toktekart 24 June 2020

I'm 73 and my husband and l loved it! Well played by all the actors. Great story line. I hope that there will be another season.

whipstitchwebwork 16 April 2020

Like you, I've been holed up binge watching Nexflix and Prime. I've watched everything under the sun. This had just come out on Netflix and I started watching it. I never stopped. It is a fun and enjoyable show. The casting is extraordinary...every actor hits it out of the park. The story moves along at an engaging pace to the end, yet looking back, every episode could stand as a one off...on it's own. It's a remarkable accomplishment and kudos to the writers. It's hard to categorize the genre. It's rated m, but no nudity or gore. I see no reason why a 13 year old couldn't watch it. It's funny, has many mini adventures, many misadventures, romance, shipwrecks, storms, fires, gunshots, keggers, jail, boys save girls, girls save boys, parents are devil's, parents are angel's, treasure maps ...and the show has fun doing all of it. Perfect for a quarantine.

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