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Outlander (2014)

Drama | Romance 
Popularity 57
Rayting:   8.4/10 138K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.

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July 9, 2016star9.6 4472 votesS2E13 Dragonfly in Amber
April 18, 2015star9.4 4635 votesS1E11 The Devil's Mark
May 21, 2016star9.4 3773 votesS2E7 Faith
October 1, 2017star9.3 3144 votesS3E4 Of Lost Things
December 30, 2018star9.3 2071 votesS4E9 The Birds & The Bees
March 29, 2020star9.3 1871 votesS5E7 The Ballad of Roger Mac
September 13, 2014star9.2 5501 votesS1E6 The Garrison Commander
October 8, 2017star9.2 3062 votesS3E5 Freedom & Whisky
May 3, 2020star9.2 1533 votesS5E11 Journeycake
September 24, 2017star9.1 2933 votesS3E3 All Debts Paid
June 18, 2016star9.1 2521 votesS2E11 Vengeance is Mine
December 10, 2017star9.1 2277 votesS3E13 Eye of the Storm
September 20, 2014star9.0 6169 votesS1E7 The Wedding
September 27, 2014star9.0 4624 votesS1E8 Both Sides Now
September 10, 2017star9.0 3552 votesS3E1 The Battle Joined
June 11, 2016star9.0 2523 votesS2E10 Prestonpans
June 25, 2016star9.0 2441 votesS2E12 The Hail Mary
December 2, 2018star9.0 1878 votesS4E5 Savages
May 10, 2020star9.0 1873 votesS5E12 Never My Love
January 27, 2019star9.0 1742 votesS4E13 Man of Worth

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User Reviews

ericedstinson 10 October 2017

Watchseries; I've really enjoyed this series. One of the best shows available on Netflix and other sources.

This show has not become as mainstream as I would like, and I pray it maintains enough popularity to remain in production.

If you enjoy historical TV shows that are spiced with the right concoction of romance, plot and action, then this is the right show for you.

ericedstinson 10 October 2017

I've really enjoyed this series. One of the best shows available on Netflix and other sources.

This show has not become as mainstream as I would like, and I pray it maintains enough popularity to remain in production.

If you enjoy historical TV shows that are spiced with the right concoction of romance, plot and action, then this is the right show for you.

lksmith111 25 August 2014

Outlander watchseries. I have been a fan, make that obsessed fan, from the first book. There are now eight BIG books in the series along with The Lord John series and a few novellas. I've read them all numerous times. I was hesitant about TV show ruining the books but Starz and Ron D. Moore have shown that you can use a book's dialog and make the actors fit into the characters and make a marvelous show.

Outlander so far has been a perfect representation of the book. Sam Heughan as Jamie is sublime.....as is Caitrona Balfe as Claire. Even though Claire is telling the story, it's Jamie we all want.

I am thrilled with the camera work, the costumes, and the writing. I'm thinking subtitles for the Gaelic Language would have been a good decision but I understand why there is none. After all Claire doesn't understand it either and it is her story.

Kudos to Diana Gsbaldon for writing the stories and for trusting Ron D. Moore with it. Watch!,

nwtmxtg 21 March 2021

Outlander is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen. A beautiful and intense love story is surrounded by rich history, amazing acting, twists and turns, and any other aspect of tv a person could want. I wish someone had told me that Outlander would ruin me for all other shows before I started it, but I would (and have) watched it again and again.

mcampbelljh1 11 August 2014

I've recently been reading (actually listening to the audio-books) the Outlander series of books having completed 5 so far so when I saw the Starz TV series was coming out I just had to watch it. I must say I loved the Outlander books, but I'm not a fanatic when it comes to translating books to the screen they are very different mediums and thus can take on a different look and feel and that's OK with me. In this case, I don't think people who are would be disappointed anyway as the screen writers did an excellent job of translating the 1st part of the book to the screen (I've only seen the 1st episode but I'm already hooked so I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest).

I loved their choice of actors to take on the roles of Jamie, Claire, Frank and Dugan. Sam Heughan is perfect as Jamie Fraser (just the right bit of good looks and ruggedness one might expect in Jamie). Caitriona Balfe also seemed like a good choice for Claire (beautiful yet strong enough to carry the role). I think Frank/Jack Randall's portrayal by Tobias Menzies will also fit my vision of Frank/Jack and I think he can carry off both roles one as the wicked Jack and the other as the loving yet dull Frank (when compared to Jamie). And the Scottish actors like Graham McTavish (Dougal) will bring old Scotland to life on the screen for me.

From the 1st episode I think they producers will not be shy to include the more sexual aspects of the Outlander books, as they do have this erotic element that actually makes the love between Claire and Jamie the driving force of their relationship which allows it to span centuries, even when they are no longer together. It's that love/passion for each other that keeps them alive in each other's heart and so far to the directors credit, they have not been shy about adding it. I'm looking forward to the Claire Jamie love scenes hopefully to come... I'm also going to enjoy the Scottish history and scenery, and loved the way they so far have included it in the TV series. It's going to be very interesting to me especially as my ancestors are Scottish.

I know Starz will be increasing its revenues with this series' fans all signing up just to see it. There must be millions of us around the world that love these books and I'm sure like me many of them will order the cable channel just to watch this. I'm very happy to see Starz did such a good job in bringing this to life on the screen. So rarely do we get a good adult drama on TV these days, and this will surely be that. I'm liking many of the original show Starz is offering this season like this and Black Sails, Strikback. Who ever is heading their creative development deserves a lot of credit for their selection of shows to produce. I think Starz is catching up to HBO and Showtime in it's original shows and might even surpass them if it keeps producing shows of this quality plus they have a much better selection of movies that the other channels. As a new Starz member, I'd recommend it to others.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 25 November 2020

I never read the Outlander books so I didn't really know what to expect. I originally thought it was a show targeted just for women but I was way wrong. This show has something for everyone and I'm so glad I finally gave it a chance because it's become one of my favorite shows! I binged the entire series and loved it!

dobrinandreea 7 March 2021

I never seen such an amazing TV Show, that include the adrenaline, the action, love, power, old times, healings and other interesting things, all in the same time. Outlander just make me love the old times, and make me want more. Every episode is interesting, because they add always something new. You can't even get bored. The actors gives the best and makes you fall in love and live the story for real. Every chapter have something different that you don't expect and they will surprise you in a good way. I recommend all the 5 seasons, and can't wait for the season 6 or maybe more too. Love it, love it, love it. Congratulations to the all actors and to the all equipe that make part of this amazing project!

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