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Outlander (2014-)

Drama | Romance 
Rayting:   8.4/10 124493 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.

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User Reviews

ericedstinson 10 October 2017

I've really enjoyed this series. One of the best shows available on Netflix and other sources.

This show has not become as mainstream as I would like, and I pray it maintains enough popularity to remain in production.

If you enjoy historical TV shows that are spiced with the right concoction of romance, plot and action, then this is the right show for you.

fitzpatal 21 February 2021

This show has everything! A period drama of mammoth proportions. Sexy, romantic, fantasy, sci-fi, war, everlasting love and sheer beautiful landscapes.

nirajmuz 4 March 2021

Jesus H... Roosevelt Christ! Love this adventurous trip From my home to such a beautiful ancient life... That story is very very outstanding for me.... The romance is ..... Just woow.... For claire- they called physician, a healer, witch! No matters what they thinks....

brendamaille 5 March 2021

I love everything about Outlander. I did not discover it until early spring 2020 during the pandemic. I finished all five seasons in a couple of weeks. Each episode is like watching a large scale epic movie. The scenery is stunning; the music is beautiful and is almost like a character itself; the costumes, sets and props are painstakingly accurate for the time periods and locations. The adaptation of Diana Galbadon's series of books for television brings to life a compelling historical drama heavy in romance with an underlying premise of time travel. But what really makes Outlander stand out is the incredible performances by its cast. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as the leads turn out superb performances episode after episode. Whether they are performing incredibly tense dramatic scenes, passionate romantic scenes, high energy action scenes or scenes of ordinary everyday life, Caitriona, Sam and the other actors turn out believable performances that make the viewers become totally absorbed in the storyline. I have never felt as strongly and passionately about a television show before. I now compare everything I watch to Outlander and nothing compares. It has set a very high bar. Because of the attention paid to historical accuracy, Outlander also provides an entertaining way to learn about the history of the Scottish Highlanders, as well as pre-revolutionary colonial America. I am so looking forward to season 6.

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