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PEN15 (2019)

Rayting:   8.0/10 7.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The comedic story of middle school seen through the eyes of two 7th grade girls dealing with the awkwardness of being a teenager.

Episode Guide

Season 2

December 3, 2021Episode 15 Home
December 3, 2021Episode 14 Runaway
December 3, 2021Episode 13 Luminaria
December 3, 2021Episode 12 Grammy
December 3, 2021Episode 11 Yuki
December 3, 2021Episode 10 Shadow
December 3, 2021Episode 9 Bat Mitzvah
August 27, 2021Episode 8 Jacuzzi
September 18, 2020Episode 7 Opening Night
September 18, 2020Episode 6 Play
September 18, 2020Episode 5 Sleepover
September 18, 2020Episode 4 Three
September 18, 2020Episode 3 Vendy Wiccany
September 18, 2020Episode 2 Wrestle
September 18, 2020Episode 1 Pool

Season 1

Best PEN15 Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 18, 2020star9.2 239 votesS2E7 Opening Night
February 8, 2019star8.7 257 votesS1E9 Anna Lishi-Peters
September 18, 2020star8.7 198 votesS2E6 Play
February 8, 2019star8.6 288 votesS1E7 AIM
September 18, 2020star8.6 179 votesS2E5 Sleepover
February 8, 2019star8.5 244 votesS1E10 Dance
September 18, 2020star8.2 197 votesS2E3 Vendy Wiccany
September 18, 2020star8.2 170 votesS2E4 Three
February 8, 2019star8.1 283 votesS1E6 Posh
February 8, 2019star8.1 270 votesS1E5 Community Service
February 8, 2019star8.1 233 votesS1E8 Wild Things
September 18, 2020star8.0 197 votesS2E1 Pool
September 18, 2020star8.0 185 votesS2E2 Wrestle
February 8, 2019star7.9 298 votesS1E3 Ojichan
February 8, 2019star7.9 268 votesS1E4 Solo
February 8, 2019star7.8 296 votesS1E2 Miranda
February 8, 2019star7.6 381 votesS1E1 First Day
August 27, 2021star6.9 106 votesS2E8 Jacuzzi
December 3, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E14 Runaway
December 3, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E13 Luminaria

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User Reviews

Go-Between 10 February 2019

I've only watched a couple episodes, but it is so dead on so far from my experience. Set in 2000, I would have been the older brother. My sister is literally named Maya, was into Sylvanian animals, etc. She once cut her hair stupid and I laughed and my mom cut it into an embarrassing way. my ojiichan died some years before but we were told he would watch over us at all times. So yeah, masturbating? Is he judging us? It's so wild to see such a specific character I can relate to that I have never seen in any tv show or movie.

acompton-58309 9 February 2019

Some of the things that happened on this show were exactly my experience as a tween. So thankful for the girls' perspective and being spared the typical trite portrayal of what is accurately demonstrated here as a brutally painful, awkward, and hilarious (in hindsight) time in life. Writing and acting really encapsulates what it's like to lose your childlike innocence as a young girl. Binged it in a day aka when's season 2??

swain-66885 15 February 2019

The show can be a little weird at times, but overall it's a hilarious, laugh out loud nostalgia trip back to middle school with lovable characters, and fantastic lead performances. Make sure you have the time before you start the series, cause you're going to want to binge watch the whole season in one sitting. I absolutely loved this show! Season 2 can't come soon enough!

visubversa 16 September 2020

I am a 40 year old man. Why is this my new favorite show? I watch Colombo. I watch history documentaries one day, and Archer the next. But there's something about this show that my wife and I absolutely love. We were the freaks and geeks, but we had that one friend who was kept us level and made us who we are. I hope this show lasts for as long as possible.

drwp-91941 8 February 2019

Everyone who complains about the age difference clearly isn't getting the joke. Remember body doubles exist and are used! The whole mentality of growing up at that time is there. They captured it. I'm 14 again watching this. Good stuff!

ninarose-00618 14 February 2019

What you think would be absurd and ridiculous, 31 year olds playing 13 year olds is so brilliantly executed, it's one of the most creative poignant and hilarious TV shows to date.

mcleodjack 13 February 2019

I was bored and read on IMDB that this show was funny. A show about teenagers that's funny? No way. WAY! It's not your typical "Saved by the Bell" schmaltz. This is 7th grade, Biotch. I wouldn't let my 13 year old watch a show like this because it's for adults. But it sure brings back memories. The two girls could not be any funnier. Smoking, masturbating, first kiss, farts, mean girls, mean boys, starting your period and list goes on. You're brain dead if you don't laugh out loud.

zscox 8 February 2019

I was the same age at the same time. I will say that they say a lot of words that I never remember anyone saying. Like "it's chill"... I mean... who said what in 2000? The music is great and the actresses are hilarious.

kennedyjohannsen 9 February 2019

Such a great show, totally real and relatable... Literally laughed out loud in every episode!!

ibarro-61415 9 February 2019

Apparently some of these reviewers need to go back to watching reruns of Frasier. For those looking for something new and brutally honest about those awkward years this could be the show for you!

weirdedout 9 February 2019

A wonderful exploration of going through the most awkward years of your life in the 2000s. It's SO nostalgic as anyone who grew up in that era experienced these exact things! AIM episode on point. Now, to address the big issue people have, the fact that 30-year-olds are playing 13 year-olds. Get over it. Have you watched Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix? It's the same deal. And yes, I get that it can be weird to think of them pretending to have these relationships with these teenagers, BUT hear me out. 1, they have body doubles for anything necessary because obviously. 2, would you feel MORE comfortable watching an ACTUAL 13-year-old girl discovering masturbation or shaking her bare ass sexually in a thong in the mirror? HELL NO. You would be disgusted. It's far more inappropriate than their approach. So take a seat, and enjoy the nostalgia of awkward teen years, especially if you went to middle school in the early 2000s. It's a hilarious and wonderful period piece.

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