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Physical (2021)

Rayting:   7.1/10 5.3K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A woman struggling in her life as a quietly tortured housewife, finds an unconventional path to power through an unlikely source: the world of aerobics.

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August 6, 2021star8.0 174 votesS1E10 Let's Get Together
July 30, 2021star7.9 140 votesS1E9 Let's Face the Facts
June 25, 2021star7.6 192 votesS1E4 Let's Get This Party Started
June 18, 2021star7.5 229 votesS1E3 Let's Get Down to Business
July 9, 2021star7.5 160 votesS1E6 Let's Get It on Tape
July 16, 2021star7.5 151 votesS1E7 Let's Take This Show on the Road
July 2, 2021star7.4 171 votesS1E5 Let's Agree to Disagree
July 23, 2021star7.3 147 votesS1E8 Let's Not and Say We Did
June 18, 2021star7.1 251 votesS1E2 Let's Get Political
June 18, 2021star6.9 343 votesS1E1 Let's Do This Thing

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User Reviews

Acid_Reflex 19 June 2021

I can't believe this has such a low imdb rating. I watched the first 3 episodes and am hooked. It's dark and twisted just enough so far. Hope it stays this good and earns a 2nd season.

Russoguru 19 June 2021

Rose Byrne isn't just a great actress, she's also sexy as all hell and somehow pulls off the whole "almost Jennifer Beals" look in this charming and fun snapshot of my favorite decade. I'm serious, I love Rose Byrne, and she can "get it", as the young people say.

Rose Byrne portrays a woman named Sheila, and also serves as executive producer on this fascinating show that appears to have a lot of promise.

Unfortunately Sheila is clearly going through a lot of extreme issues, Partly a consequence of a culture that values beauty over well-being and self care. That's the 1980s for you.

The first episode was really good and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this interesting dive into days long gone by.

kendra-kovach 19 June 2021

Great Acting, interesting story. After the first 2 episodes it picks up steam. I'm really enjoying a dive into the 80's and into the mind of a woman with a eating disorder. I thought it was brilliant how you can see what low self worth takes over and what you are willing to settle for. Don't listen to the ratings on this one,they probably didn't really give it a chance, those are the same people who give Grey's Anatomy 10 stars.

firstelement 18 June 2021

Rose Byrne is amazing and everything she did but this one is a very, very different role for her and I cannot get enough of it! That voice inside your head is loud and strong in this series and I am glad for it. The only regret I have is that now I have to wait for the rest of the season because I watched the first 3 episodes in one go.

elizabethcaroline 26 June 2021

100% nailed the 80's obsession with weight loss - from Crystal Light to aerobics. This was a decade where women were encouraged to put themselves Second. Rose Burn plays a wife and mother searching for meaning, and taking control over the one thing she can - her weight. It's a time when it was okay for men to make decisions for women. Thankfully, this is a show about a woman who took her life back.

dsell-11907 28 June 2021

I love this show. The way Sheila's obsessive thought patterns and ED issues are portrayed are really spot on. It touches on so much from the era and Rose Byrne is phenomenal as Sheila. Excited to see where it goes and how her character continues to develop.

Movie_Fanatic_Down_Under 20 June 2021

I love the honesty this shows brings to what life can be like for a woman. People are complaining in other reviews about too much negative self-talk in the show but for some of us that is what life can be like. Glad to see such a relatable character in a show. Will keep watching!

Opinate 19 June 2021

It captures the heart of being a woman in the eighties so well. Split a dozen ways, trying to keep your head above water as you fulfill everyone else's needs. If only you are thin and pretty enough you will be happy. Nailed it. Byrne's character even has a bit of the snarky feminist attitude leftover from the seventies.

I love it so far. Yes, there's lots of in-head dialogue, but that's what obsessive people do.

Love the actor playing the aerobics guru - she fits the part exactly. LA in the eighties.

Looks like its going to be a fun ride.

Give it a try if you like real, snarky women or if you lived through that era with open eyes.

lipmanmaya 21 June 2021

I absolutely can't believe the low ratings. I LOVE this show. Brilliant dark humor. Absolutely hooked from episode 1.

marygreen25 19 June 2021

I want to see where this goes. Lots of characters and development hopefully setting up something great. It's good but might be great. We shall see.

gabriella-71231 20 June 2021

Totally get it. If you're in this generation you'll definitely get it. Fan of Rose Byrne!

galaxylove-50502 30 June 2021

I think it's brilliant.

Bravo to the entire 'Physical' team.

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