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Pose (2018)

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Country: USA
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In the New York of the late 80s and early 90s, this is a story of ball culture and the gay and trans community, the raging AIDS crisis and capitalism.

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karinhendry 27 August 2019

This is a series that opened my eyes and taught me a lot about a world that I'm ashamed to say I didn't know much about. What is really nice about the series ,except the fact that all the actors in the series are simply amazing, is that we are shown (although I'm sure it's only fragile) all the experiences and difficulties the characters go through. Although it is a matter of years past, you can see that our world has progressed, but not much in its attitude towards the different. Maybe if all people are exposed to this series, then maybe something will change, because as the series says, the world does not change on its own, the people are the ones who change it.

dmrogers-63013 19 June 2018

This is an original show with a fantastic cast! I suspect a lot of us are learning a lot about "things we didn't know we didn't know." The ballroom culture of the 80's is fascinating, as are many of the characters. This show operates smoothly at several different levels and tackles the hard stuff. At its heart is the issue of family-it's enduring position as safe harbor & moral compass, and the human tendency to create families of our own to uphold and sustain us when the traditional model has failed.

joshua-neves 18 June 2018

Pose is an importante TV show. Period. Even though there are very clear critics to made on the acting, which sometimes looks a bit amateur, and texts that could use a more profund, reflexive and subtle tone instead of what looks to me as ready-for-consumption drama, the show is BEAUTIFULLY made and you can see the passion of the people who worked on it. Serving face, looks ans subjects that actually matter in our society. I hope it grows, pushing the actors forward to get better and better. Meryl Streep wasn't made from dawn to dusk and I think this show is working with a lot of talents on the making. WATCH IT!!

sgws-73239 19 June 2018

It's very early in the season to begin an assessment as the story arc is just developing, but I'm "in" thus far. I'm hoping that Ryan Murphy doesn't create a trajectory similar to what we observed with "Glee" and am comforted that he stayed away from a "Paris Is Burning" musical (thus far) as the film itself caused controversy and uproar related to matters of appropriation. I hope that the Pose writers listen to community members on set and keep it real, though many are too young to have experienced, first hand, the events they portray. Please continue to seek out and promote talent in the form of community members who were in the ballroom scene and solicit their input! HIV ravaged the community during this time period and those seeking the comfort of others living the same experience, sharing the same space, were challenged in many ways. It's difficult to invest in relationships that may be fleeting due to a deadly illness.

For those critiquing the acting, it's unfortunate you're not celebrating the use of transgender talent within a community that exists largely in the shadows and is marginalized in our narrow-minded society. For those making societal degradation comments, there are lots of other channels. TV Land may be more your speed.

All that said, I'm loving what I see so far! Thank you for taking this on.

robertconyers 2 August 2019

I love POSE. Which is why I care about it. It's one of the first trans led, trans positive shows to tell the story of lgbtq+ culture in 80s/90s New York ball scene. Yet as much as I love it, I feel half the episodes are like watching re-runs of Jem and the holograms. There's goodies and baddies for every episode, push down your throat morality lessons, and unrealistic poverty living standards. The main lesson I've learnt is that as long as your beautiful and wear amazing clothes you'll life will be fabulous. Forget hardship, just put on a lipstick, spend all your money on outfits and the gym and you'll be fine. The shows premise is amazing, the actors are great and the background stories for the main characters need telling. Yet we need to be able tell these stories in a realistic way so they can be properly understood, so that the audience can fully explore and comprehend the real drama of people's Lives. I feel Pose takes important issues and works to raise awareness but does so with so much millennial style filtering that the real meaning is lost amongst all the gloss and glitter.

jgrv-1 5 July 2018

I'm in agreement with everyone who is in love with this show. Just want to give a shout out to MJ Rodriguez, who plays Blanca. She is the real standout in a very good cast.

fiemiekal 13 July 2018

Yasssssssssssss I'm super juiced LIVE. WORK. POSE!!!!!!

br_ashtonopc 7 June 2018

It's so great that this show is bringing to light a culture that has saved lost souls for generations! Brilliantly written!

dspear66 11 June 2018

Short and sweet review. Love Live Laugh at Life. As we all have an unknown expiration date I must say that this show makes my dimples stay active. The time was "back in the day" the mission was not to be invisible to your own tribe or others for most, for the others it was blending like a vitamix. The music, dress, terms and struggle was just as real then as it is today. To be accepted, sometimes you have to be fearless. This takes place "back in the day" when it was thought that only gay men got hiv, all males who danced ballet were considered gay or curious. Today, folks are quick to think things have always been they way they are now- this show brilliantly shows you that it was a clear struggle to get where we are today its a constant struggle. The clothes, ohh dear, story line and the mere audacity to make it with real people- love it. I wont miss a show

toby_a_smith 10 June 2018

Soundtrack takes me back to the 80's, luv the selection! It's an interesting view of the 80's I didn't know existed. The characters have gone through so much pain and sadness to be who they are at this point in their lives. The acting isn't the best but the show is fun. I can't wait to see more!

jadzia-87886 5 June 2018

Great to finally see such an honest depiction of the 80's Thank you for the truth Great performances Brilliant music Please keep the conversation going LOVE

eileenpa 30 July 2019

I remember this time so clearly. The clubs, the slow - then rapid - rise of AIDS, the combination of having the freedom of clubs to go for the LGBT community combined with friends either being terrified they had AIDS - or their despair when they found out they did. Finally, fighting back: ACT UP, drug imports from foreign countries, the AIDS quilt, protest marches.

This show should be watched by every LGBT person who did not live through the AIDS epidemic before the triple cocktail was invented and people could actually survive long-term once they knew they had HIV/AIDS. The world for about 15 years was a terrifying place for the community, and POC were so disproportionately hit, it was horrifying - because the few drugs/treatments available were extremely expensive, and they had two forms of discrimination working against them. This was true even after the triple cocktail was first available.

The one good thing that came out of it was that it brought lesbians/bi women, gay men and trans people together for a common cause: that we not be considered disposable.

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