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Power Book II: Ghost (2020)

Rayting:   6.9/10 5.4K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The journey of some of Power's most controversial characters.

Episode Guide

Season 2

February 6, 2022Episode 10 Love and War
January 30, 2022Episode 9 A Fair Fight?
January 23, 2022Episode 8 Drug Related
January 16, 2022Episode 7 Forced My Hand
January 9, 2022Episode 6 What's Free?
December 12, 2021Episode 4 Gettin' These Ends
December 5, 2021Episode 3 The Greater Good
November 28, 2021Episode 2 Selfless Acts?

Season 1

Best Power Book II: Ghost Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

December 19, 2021star8.1 153 votesS2E5 Coming Home to Roost
January 3, 2021star8.0 341 votesS1E10 Heart of Darkness
December 27, 2020star7.3 220 votesS1E9 Monster
December 20, 2020star7.2 223 votesS1E8 Family First
September 6, 2020star6.9 355 votesS1E1 The Stranger
September 20, 2020star6.8 233 votesS1E3 Play The Game
December 6, 2020star6.8 194 votesS1E6 Good vs. Evil
December 12, 2021star6.8 117 votesS2E4 Gettin' These Ends
September 13, 2020star6.7 259 votesS1E2 Exceeding Expectations
October 4, 2020star6.7 215 votesS1E5 The Gift of the Magi
December 13, 2020star6.5 191 votesS1E7 Sex Week
November 28, 2021star6.5 122 votesS2E2 Selfless Acts?
December 5, 2021star6.5 111 votesS2E3 The Greater Good
September 27, 2020star6.4 219 votesS1E4 The Prince
November 21, 2021star6.3 148 votesS2E1 Free Will is Never Free
January 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E6 What's Free?
January 16, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E7 Forced My Hand
January 23, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E8 Drug Related
January 30, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E9 A Fair Fight?
February 6, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E10 Love and War

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User Reviews

elliotjeory 31 October 2020

I don't like this show. It perpetuates negative racial stereotypes which are outdated and offensive. Tariq is not a gangster. He's like Anthony Soprano, a snivelling, spoilt rich kid. He wouldn't last 5 minutes. Only a a spin-off of Tommy would work. He is entertaining. Sadly Tariq with his one-expression face is not. The only redeeming feature of this show is method man. I rate him as an actor. Even a method man lawyer spin-off show would be cool. I would watch that.

Xavier_Stone 7 September 2020

Updated Dec 2020. This show was premiered at a 3 star rating on here and was instantly killed by bad reviews. If people are willing to take the time to rant about this show I tend to believe them if they have more than just a few reviews. Unsurprisingly this show is now rated with a 6.2 now due to 500+ 10star ratings, 300+ 9 star ratings and an all out promotional blitz on the internet, tv and even on here. Maybe Starz should have saved their money, killed this show due to real ratings, and restarted with something else.

Struggled to finish the first episode and I'm out. There is no way Tariz and Tasha can hold this mess of a show together. Power was already fading in it's 6th season and they killed off all the talented and screen worthy characters.

When I heard about a sequel show I thought it was going to be a prequel and actually showing the gangsters growing up. Not this. The bratty kid is probably one of the most despised and cringe characters of the entire show. I'd be surprised if this makes it the entire 1st season before being pulled for ratings.

Out of all the possible endings for Power and a spin off series the producers choose this one??? Maybe characters resurrect themselves from the dead, or Tariq and Tasha become a mother son love couple. Nothing is out of bounds as they will have to do full on Jerry Springer story lines to pull any sort of ratings.

Update: After dismal ratings this show is not being renewed for Season 2 on Starz.

Update: They have made Power III: Raising Kanan. With the 50cent backstory. Seems like they just can't let this story line go, and have forgotten what made it popular in the first place, Ghost and Tommy. 50cent is ok, but he can not carry a show anymore than Tariq can in this one.

roxmewild 29 December 2020

I loved Power and although this sequel is not as gritty and explosive it is still an enjoyable watch am interested to see how it develops I agree with a lot of reviews that the character Tariq was my least favourite character in Power and was surprised that he was the basis of the sequel as he is a bit wishy washy as a drug dealer etc specially when you had the likes of the actor who played Tommy Egan who portrayed his role sublimely as a ruthless loveable character

I live in hope that he may come back into this sequel at some point.. this show has a lot of new strong characters that make it enjoyable as Tariq really is not good enough himself

Still worth watching though

braquecubism 29 December 2020

Didn't have much hope- when I saw Tariq was the main character. Gave it2 stars but thinking 1 star, bec it's not THE worst thing on TV. Power had a lot of flaws, but at least Ghost was always compelling.

Hired as a child star, he grew up, not tall not big like ghost, still looks like a child, but this isn't a kid show. He has no charisma, no screen presence.

The story lines just don't make it. I fell a sleep somewhere after Ep #103 & woke up in Espisode # 105- realizng, this show is so uninteresting.& I really don't care about Tariqi's journey. they ahmmer the same plot points. the Stranger by Camus Esp. 101, is one of my favorite books. He thinks it's boring. They want to show how badass he is, by him taking a different spin, on all the teachers. philosophers & scholars. Camus would say, each person should interpret for themselves, all are valid. Tariq injects his own reality; becomes to a realization about responsibility. He misses key points, which even if he argued a different conclusion, he should understand. The teachers questioning him, nod their heads. His professor seems chastised. Come on now. Never.

Episode #102 it's Moby Dick, another book read in Uni, but akwardly applied to the life situation. I give them credit for trying something, but they don't make t.

stevebondi 27 June 2021

"Power" had great actors/characters in Ghost, Tommy, Angela, and Proctor, but this show does NOT. Note: I did not stick around to see if Tommy shows up in the second half of the season, but it would not be enough to save this show for me. I did not like the characters, most of the acting, and most of the dialog/writing :-(

Ashitaka137 20 September 2020

They should have made a spin-off about how younger Ghost and Tommy got to the top; or about Tommy in L. A. Tariq is not really a likable character; the kid got his sister killed, he killed his father, and got his mother locked up; his little sister and grandmother better watch out!

sumtim3s00n 9 September 2020

People dislike Tariq who is certainly a class in itself but I find Tasha even more annoying, there is no end to her nagging and complaining. Writers dont even bother writing good interesting characters, they keep creating drama by characters constantly fighting with everyone and complaining about everything. Plus, this show is trying to be progressive and supportive of african americans yets glorifies and romanticizes drug dealing and murder and not to mention is trying to create a even bigger chasm between races. The dialogue (not really a spoiler) Tariq has with that girl , who tells him how only a few af-americans are "hardcore" agenda driven and "loud" and have no problem basically crying wolf is demeaning and depressive really. The original Power at least was about something, Ghost's redemption, trying to do better and teach Tariq about his mistakes. Sure it had like a million lame artificially created dramatic conflicts but it wasnt bad. This is. Its basically about drugs, how to cheat at school, how to avoid murder but at the same time ironically claiming oppression and BLM. You cant have a african american kid doing all the stereotypical things but at the same time him crying racism at every step. Its ridiculous.

nezthe 29 November 2021

Power was a good show, but all the spinoffs are too samey and it might have been better to just do the Tommy spinoff and leave the rest alone. The writers are spreading the storylines a bit thin to make them interesting.

brandonneicke 10 September 2020

I never liked Tariq and my two favourite characters are gone so it was very tough to consider liking this one, if anything i was biased towards it and it turned out to be pretty solid. Building a little bit of understanding of Tariq with a good spin on new characters. Actually just seems like a new season of power so I'm hoping we get more new characters and newer stories to make it feel like a spin off. Method man is pretty good though and I hope they can put an original spin on Mary J blige's character. All if you liked power enough you will still enjoy this show.

Prophetik 6 January 2021

I don't like Tariq in the first series "Power" he's annoying and ungrateful and just acts bad for no reason but this story in the university is super good i liked it alot and tariq character is no longer a hated character in my book and the new actors are really good and alot of cast do return within the show so it's not a new everything but this show is great, you guys give it a chance you'll like it i was surprised on how good season 1 went but nothing will ever beat the Tommy and Ghost duo

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