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Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021)

Rayting:   7.0/10 1.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that will chronicle the early years of Kanan Stark, the character first played by executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

Episode Guide

Season 1

September 26, 2021Episode 10 Paid in Full
September 19, 2021Episode 9 Loyal to the End
September 5, 2021Episode 7 Stay in Your Lane
August 29, 2021Episode 6 Level Up
August 8, 2021Episode 4 Don't Sleep

Best Power Book III: Raising Kanan Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 26, 2021star8.4 72 votesS1E10 Paid in Full
September 19, 2021star8.3 85 votesS1E9 Loyal to the End
September 12, 2021star7.7 103 votesS1E8 The Cost of Business
July 18, 2021star7.4 215 votesS1E1 Back in the Day
September 5, 2021star7.1 111 votesS1E7 Stay in Your Lane
August 15, 2021star6.9 121 votesS1E5 Choose Your Battles
August 29, 2021star6.9 107 votesS1E6 Level Up
July 25, 2021star6.6 136 votesS1E2 Reaping and Sowing
August 8, 2021star6.6 114 votesS1E4 Don't Sleep
August 1, 2021star6.5 117 votesS1E3 Stick and Move

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User Reviews

lfcamacho 27 July 2021

This series is proving that the bloom is definitely off the rose. Power was good. Ghost was better than expected. This show?? Horrific. Slow as all hell. Boring. Two episodes in and I'm steady regretting starting it. There's no relation or connection to the other two series other than saying this Kanan character will develop into the Kanan we saw earlier. The problem with that is we don't care. There isn't anything to grab you or care how he develops because the acting plods along. The storyline is meh and tired and god awful boring. They'll get maybe one more episode out of me. Very disappointed.

briantimothysharpe 18 July 2021

Wow! Raising Kanan is set up perfectly to tell the story of Kanan. All Power fans are familiar with Kanan and it's exciting to see where it all began. The first episode definitely does a nice job introducing characters that are an important part of Kanan's evolution. I really enjoyed the first episode and I am already fiendish like one Kanan's Custy's to see what comes next. It's a safe bet that this may be another epic story and win for the Power series! Bravo! I highly recommend this show. The only downside to getting hip to a show like this so early is the fact that you have to wait till the next week to see the next episode and you can't binge watch! It's 💯% Bingeworthy!!! 💯👍👍🙂

hnlminds 18 July 2021

The Power Universe as the STARZ show runners are calling their series of shows. These are all enjoyable shows, displaying street life with a glitz and glamor like no other. 50 Cent needs his props for this production. Raising Kanen is a great show if you enjoy urban crime shows or just someone looking for a new something to watch. The acting is pretty good but the wardrobe and cinematography really make this show great just like the previous Books of Power.

Many people wanted to compare this show to "Get Rich or Die Trying" with 50 cent adding real experience from his life but I think this will be very different. Also Raq, Kanen's mother is a great actress and beautiful as well, her coats are pretty dope.

Really enjoying this show!

nrdtunday 30 July 2021

This is suppose to be a 90s retro but I keep getting to vibe of 2021 and what's up with the storyline, too organized for the Kanan we know who shows traits of a wild barbaric individual not these nice street family he got here.

bartoszrabiej 18 July 2021

Just watched first episode and I gotta say that it looks dope! Can't wait for the rest of them! I really enjoyed 50's narration.

selketentr 19 July 2021

So, this series is supposed to be about a smart kid named Kanan? Kanan was always portrayed as a terrifying, vicious, vindictive, childishly emotional man whose only aim in life was to get even with James St. Patrick. James was the brilliant, strategic, businessman who built an empire... Kanan was too short sighted to successfully build anything...and he was hardly smart enough to run the action on the streets. Kanan started to show a little humanity at the end of the original Power series. Power Book 3 is about a made up character invented for this show...not the Kanan character they introduced us to in the original Power series. Having said this, it was a good start and I look forward to the next episode.

hcnmxcqp 18 July 2021

Great show, you're going into a time machine going back to the best decade of all time, the 90s!

byronjiles-78505 19 July 2021

This show is phenomenal 🔥🔥 The acting was fantastic every character did the early New York ancient perfect. The cinematography and lighting was so beautiful I love every camera angle. The action scenes is very realistic & this show has deep writing from using anthology and mathematics for street codes, when watching this you could learn something from it. Early 90's was perfectly honored and didn't have one flaw in it, every detailed was on point. You can walk away from this project loving every character.

bobbobaa 18 July 2021

Episode 1 was definitely a great way to start the show and has set up the rest of the season perfectly.

hodgedeh 20 July 2021

A super duper ton of the same ol same mixed with the most tired nicknames in history. How this got produced is beyond me. The only redeeming quality is some fresh black and Latina faces.

sanjaypathak-73925 25 July 2021

This isn't interesting or engaging in anyway. Same old tired story. Very disappointed.

Ashitaka137 20 July 2021

The actors did a really good job in this pilot episode; and i'm liking the way 50 is narrating important moments; and i think it's great that Kanan didn't start out as a psycho like Dadinho /Zé Pequeno(Lil Ze) and that instead we get to see how and what turned him into a cold blooded killer. And the atmosphere of the greatest era in American Hip Hop is definitely a major +.

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