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Pretty Hard Cases (2021)

Rayting:   6.0/10 950 votes
Country: Canada
Language: English

"Pretty Hard Cases" follows Guns and Gangs detective Sam and Drug Squad detective Kelly. By day, they are heroes in their particular way: skilled, tough, determined, and entertaining, fighting to do good in a broken system.

Episode Guide

Season 1

April 7, 2021Episode 10 Jellybeans
March 31, 2021Episode 9 Gliders
March 24, 2021Episode 8 Flowers
March 17, 2021Episode 7 Ritz
March 10, 2021Episode 6 Guns
March 3, 2021Episode 5 Kids
February 24, 2021Episode 4 Feathers
February 17, 2021Episode 3 Nuts
February 10, 2021Episode 2 Dealz
February 3, 2021Episode 1 Bananas

Best Pretty Hard Cases Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

April 7, 2021star9.7 6 votesS1E10 Jellybeans
March 31, 2021star8.7 20 votesS1E9 Gliders
March 24, 2021star8.5 17 votesS1E8 Flowers
February 17, 2021star8.3 29 votesS1E3 Nuts
March 3, 2021star8.3 26 votesS1E5 Kids
March 17, 2021star8.3 16 votesS1E7 Ritz
February 24, 2021star8.2 25 votesS1E4 Feathers
March 10, 2021star8.0 19 votesS1E6 Guns
February 10, 2021star7.7 34 votesS1E2 Dealz
February 3, 2021star6.8 57 votesS1E1 Bananas

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User Reviews

gdump 8 April 2021

It's something in between. It's a dramedy more than a comedy. MacNeill plays her character a little too over the top, the bad guys are too dumb, the plot is like Swiss cheese, but it is still entertaining. It's not worthy of awards, but I think it's worth a second season.

angiemitch 9 April 2021

I've watched all of Season 1 now and have really enjoyed it. There aren't a lot of shows I watch anymore on network tv, but I have really looked forward to watching this each week. The leads are fantastic and the support characters are all great. Love seeing the Toronto backdrops as well. I'm hopeful it will return for a second season!

wildsheep-49617 6 April 2021

I can't understand the level of vitriol targeting this show - I mean, it's a pleasant little Canadian cop show, people need to relax a little. I also wasn't too impressed after the first episode but wow, the show has grown by leaps and bounds since then and I now look forward to it each week. Yes, of course the American actress is the best actor on the show, but what would you expect? Everyone else puts in a good effort and I think after this rookie season the show will be as good as any other cop show on TV, in fact, much, much better than the usual US fare. If people don't like it, they don't need to tune in, but I'm enjoying it immensely.

smartyred 27 February 2021

Another reviewer called it quirky. I agree. it's the imperfect characters who are so charming and relatable. I really like this show. The naysayers should spend more time watching what they do like, instead of trolling.

anavrinin 19 February 2021

I like this show! It's funny and interesting. Very confused as to why so many people chose to write these awful reviews. Things that make you go hmmmmm....?

Max_Lucas 27 February 2021

Really not much to say about it. Except ask, So are we supposed to use a different rating system just because there are a few mentions that this is a Canadian show? I don't see reviewers on other shows, saying "What you expect, it's Korean, Spanish or French, don't be too salty..." Ratings should not be determined by where the studio is located... Wasn't Stargate and 'aboat' 50% other U.S. shows filmed in Toronto? This show is just bad, no chemistry, no humor, no action. And reminding me it came from Canada isn't going to change my rating.

Ed-Shullivan 4 February 2021

Is this a crime / drama or a straight up sitcom? The first 15 minutes of banter between Detectives Samantha Wazowski from Guns and Gangs, (Meredith MacNeill) and Kelly Duff from the Drug Squad (Adrienne C. Moore) quite frankly left me dizzy, and as such I thought this pilot episode was kind of dopey. Of course these two quirky cops are after the same thing, a big time drug dealer, so they reluctantly try to work together and wouldn't you know it, their two vastly different styles of policing seems to work in catching the bad guys.

It's not that I thought the show was bad, but my issue with this series is I am not sure who the target audience is? Is it single working moms like Detective Samantha Wazowski is, or is it for hip hop street smart ladies like Detective Kelly Duff?

I will give it a few more weeks and assess it again if maybe some good story lines can help maintain a steady and loyal audience base.

For now, I give it a 5 out of 10 IMDB rating.

Top_Dawg_Critic 4 February 2021

It's a great storyline and perfectly cast. The genre is crime and drama on IMDb, but I found this episode subtly hilarious. Meredith MacNeill is great in this and makes me laugh, and pairing her character up with Adrienne C. Moore was spot on. Katie Douglas' performance was great and the rest of the casting couldn't been better. There was even some awesome soundtracks. Directing is on point, and I hope this series' writers can keep up the great work. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me - for now.

sramage-49321 8 March 2021

A few episodes in and the story lines and character development are getting really good! We're getting to see that these two cops are actually very good at their jobs. The depth of the supporting characters brings a lot to it too, the development of the same story line over multiple episodes means that we get to follow the bad guys too, and some of them are turning out to be pretty creepy. (I do find it strange that this is Toronto and we haven't seen any Asian characters yet, I feel like you might have to make extra effort to achieve that.)

myyvnpj 9 April 2021

I love great Canadian content, and this is no exception. Brilliant, complex writing but you've got to pay attention to catch it all. Lots of Easter eggs hidden throughout! Looking forward to Season Two!

katieintoronto 5 April 2021

I hope people give this show a chance. I originally was afraid it was going to be fluff, but it's a really good detective show. As the story line develops, so do the characters, and the two leads in particular are excellent - I love the dynamic between them. I just recently picked it up and have been binge watching it. Can't wait for more!

edjambor 28 March 2021

Most bad reviews are from people who didn't even finish watching the first episode - their loss!

This show is one of the most realistic detective shows out there, hence, it may seem to move too slowly for those looking for an FBI clone.

Combined with the realistic story line is the great physical comedy of Meredith Macneill. She just shines, and her non-comedic scenes are are just as superb.

This is a must watch - I hope all the bad reviews from people who just don't 'get it' won't prevent a second season.

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