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Pretty Smart (2021)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   5.9/10 1.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A self proclaimed intellectual, forced to move in with her carefree sister and her sister's lovably eccentric friends.

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swordsnare 10 October 2021 it's the 80's or 90's. It's dollar store version of the Big Bang, but in reverse, where Penny (Chelsea) is the "Smart" one. There ends the basis of this sitcom.

AdrienneGrayceMusic 9 October 2021

There aren't too many good netflix sitcoms so i wasn't expecting much. I'm a fan of emily osment, but she is the only reason I watch. Chelsea's sister is likeable but her friends are annoying and over the top, especially jayden. Right now its a good time pacfier but nothing special.

benjamin-ensor 11 October 2021

Literally turned it off after like... 2 mins?

The overacting, the canned laughter, the script, the scene set up (with the guy lifting weights) 😂, the pause for laughter.... The worst.

agentsofsword 8 October 2021

I wasn't really convinced on the first EP with all the characters being dumb and annoying but when the drama started I actually liked it?? Then the first EP made me laugh a few times then the next episodes made me laugh more. I like how they doesn't over use the laugh track and don't use it at all in serious moments. I know this show may not be for everyone but for me personally it's fun and good I had a great time.

agentsofsword 9 October 2021

I know that this show is not for everyone but I enjoyed it. The first episode is cringy I'm the sister based on their reactions then when the drama started it got better and I actually liked the characters. I watched all 10 episodes and I need a second season. Its just my opinion I really liked it.

AristarchosTheArchivist 10 October 2021

What's with people nowadays?

This sitcom is not dumb. The characters are just a bit simple minded (except for the Pretty Smart one).

Finally we have a cute series that does not rely on swearing, gross-out or sexual jokes.

It's just sweet, and it has a big heart.

Even the wokeness is bearable in this one.

I binged it and was kind of sad that there are only 10 episodes yet.

If you want something light-hearted and cozy, this is for you.

lineart-12973 9 October 2021

Don't even waste your time. Stereotypical characters make it even worse. Horrible writing, and a tragic laugh-track thruout.

ahmedanynyc 8 October 2021

Osment is NBC and the rest is doing Nickelodeon.

She deserves a better situation.

laqsheyo 8 October 2021

This show is so stupid, so unfunny , so dumb, so chick flick it's unbelievable. Plus they added the laughter track to inform us that their stupid characters are telling some joke.

Spellbound88 11 October 2021

It's a very politically biased show. The insults and jokes have a very specific target to them. They didn't even bother hiding it this time. I don't know what's worse, between the obligatory box checking, the cringe, the absurdity and poor script... I watched all of it....the entire season, so my review isn't based off the first 3 minutes within episode 1. It was such a trainwreck, I had to see it self-distruct. It did not disappoint in that regard. Certain scenes were so bad, I could barely contain the second-hand embarrassment. There was also maybe 6 instances where you actually have reason to laugh, throughout the entire season. So 6 legitimate jokes. That's all.

dani_sgarcia 13 October 2021

Season 1: futile but it was funny, a very light show. Although it had very unrealistic characters, they worked well together. I hope it gets renewed because that cliffhanger let me very eager about what is to come.


energy_ucoz 12 October 2021

Its not funny. Im on episode 7 and i havent laughed not even once. I liked the crew but they canceled it, they will deffinetly cancel this one too. Whats the point. Also everyone looks so fake. Im watching the Friends since may and that show is really good for a sitcom. Funny, clever jokes.. I liked The ranch from netflix too. But this one... Theres something missing. I want good sitcom where the jokes are funny and there is no laugh track after every word.

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