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Prodigal Son (2019)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.7/10 18K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Malcolm Bright, one of the best criminal psychologists around, uses his twisted genius to help the NYPD solve crimes.

Episode Guide

Season 2

April 13, 2021Episode 8 Ouroboros
March 2, 2021Episode 7 Face Value
February 16, 2021Episode 6 Head Case
February 9, 2021Episode 5 Bad Manners
January 26, 2021Episode 3 Alma Mater

Season 1

Best Prodigal Son Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

April 27, 2020star9.2 895 votesS1E20 Like Father...
May 18, 2021star9.1 444 votesS2E13 The Last Weekend
May 11, 2021star9.1 423 votesS2E12 Sun and Fun
February 2, 2021star8.8 522 votesS2E4 Take Your Father to Work Day
November 4, 2019star8.7 802 votesS1E7 Q&A
January 20, 2020star8.7 726 votesS1E11 Alone Time
December 2, 2019star8.7 725 votesS1E10 Silent Night
April 27, 2021star8.7 394 votesS2E10 Exit Strategy
May 4, 2021star8.7 382 votesS2E11 You Can Run...
February 3, 2020star8.6 655 votesS1E13 Wait & Hope
April 20, 2020star8.6 567 votesS1E19 The Professionals
February 16, 2021star8.6 508 votesS2E6 Head Case
November 11, 2019star8.5 717 votesS1E8 Family Friend
January 27, 2020star8.4 658 votesS1E12 Internal Affairs
November 25, 2019star8.3 681 votesS1E9 Pied-A-Terre
February 10, 2020star8.3 630 votesS1E14 Eye of the Needle
March 30, 2020star8.3 569 votesS1E18 Scheherazade
January 26, 2021star8.3 494 votesS2E3 Alma Mater
March 2, 2021star8.3 460 votesS2E7 Face Value
March 16, 2020star8.2 558 votesS1E16 The Job

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User Reviews

bonitawatergirl 24 September 2019

I normally stay away from anything "horror" related. But, I am a criminal minds fan. Yes, I knew that it looked very silence of the lambs in the beginning, but I stuck with it and was thoroughly entertained. Michael Sheen was amazing! I hope the rest of the season continues this well.

mozjen1975-903-498243 20 May 2021

Just watched the final episode and I'm blown away. It can't end like this! This last episode had me on the edge of my seat. I pray Netflix, Hulu or another station picks it up. Everything about it is absolutely phenomenal and I'm saddened that Fox couldn't see the brilliance of the cast and writing.

myrastrickland 8 May 2020

I have not been so captivated of a network show in a very long time!

enfinity 22 May 2021

I LOVE this show and all the craziness that goes on!

From the first episode, I was grabbed by the story of Malcolm Bright and his family (Eternally bummed with the short seasons, though!).

Lou Diamond Phillips' character, Gil, and Malcolm have a fascinating relationship, as well.

But mom (Bellamy Young) and sis (Halston Sage) have some surprises!

The supporting cast is solid.

This is a show of twists and twistedness, humor and heart.

I am extremely upset that this brilliant and creative show has been cancelled.

Though FOX seems to have a history of cancelling most of my favorite shows... on their network.

I hope it gets picked up by another network!

philosophyguru 1 February 2020

I noticed that many of the less than great reviews are based on just watching the pilot, or a few episodes. After watching the first few episodes I wondered where it was heading, and was not yet hooked. But as I keep watching, every episode make me like it more. There is the weekly murder mystery, as well as the ongoing backstory.

While some people might compare this show to Criminal Minds, it's different. With Criminal Minds it is more of a good guys catch bad guys type of show. The last show I like as much as this was The Mentalist, the main character had a way to get into people's minds, and is not afraid to take it to the extreme. With Prodigal Son, much like the Mentalist, the main character has a perspective on the criminals based on personal tragedies.

I do not watch much television. Every year there are only a few shows that I make a point of watching. Prodigal Son has become one of those shows for me

Watcher85 29 October 2019

One of my favorite new shows! Such great casting and each week it gets better!

lerrika89 19 October 2019

I hate procedural detective shows. But I love Silence of the Lambs. It reminds of Hannibal Lecter show which makes me drawn to it....I don't know why..It's not something I would consider as greatly executed show. But it builds up to something. I love Malcolm character. I don't like show focusing on his sister or his mom. I want it to be simply him and his father but apparently it is not where the show takes us to. Anyway, I admire actors and I hope the show will go beyond norms and bring something nasty and horrific like "Hanniba"l did. I hope they won't deviate from Malcolm. He is charismatic. And there is a lot to explore in the relationship between son and a father/killer.

melanieonthedrive 6 May 2020

I hope there's going to be a Season 2! Totally hooked

adahlke-70134 20 May 2021

I really liked this show! Has a lot of action, some humor, and suspenseful. With the two seasons it has it is off to a good start and I always look forward to watching this show even if it's not live (but on Hulu) and it's interesting to see the new ways the surgeon influences the story as well as how Malcom is reacting with him.

tHeRSN 20 May 2021

This is one of the best tv shows with great actors/actress. You must continue episodes If Fox can't appreciate this. At least you should to end this properly!! Not like this.

pqdnvtrp 19 May 2021

My favourite show. Can't understand how show with constant 8-9* each episode get cancelled and show with less keep getting renewed.

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