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Q-Force (2021)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   6.2/10 3.1K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A handsome secret agent and his team of LGBTQ superspies embark on extraordinary adventures.

Episode Guide

Season 1

September 2, 2021Episode 10 The Hole
September 2, 2021Episode 8 Greyscale
September 2, 2021Episode 7 Tarzana
September 2, 2021Episode 5 WeHo Confidential
September 2, 2021Episode 4 EuropeVision
September 2, 2021Episode 3 Backache Mountain
September 2, 2021Episode 2 Deb's BBQ
September 2, 2021Episode 1 Rogue

Best Q-Force Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 2, 2021star7.9 88 votesS1E8 Greyscale
September 2, 2021star7.7 90 votesS1E10 The Hole
September 2, 2021star7.6 113 votesS1E4 EuropeVision
September 2, 2021star7.5 119 votesS1E3 Backache Mountain
September 2, 2021star7.5 98 votesS1E5 WeHo Confidential
September 2, 2021star7.4 90 votesS1E6 The Secretaries' Ball
September 2, 2021star7.4 86 votesS1E7 Tarzana
September 2, 2021star7.3 80 votesS1E9 The Coeur de la Mer
September 2, 2021star7.2 125 votesS1E2 Deb's BBQ
September 2, 2021star7.0 163 votesS1E1 Rogue

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User Reviews

dnesnagy 2 September 2021

I can already see people whine about this show being stereotypical and terrible at representation but I, as a gay man can honestly say : this show is amazingly fun.

Characters are funny, animation looks great, voice acting is great and I don't mind at all how over the top the gay characters are. I'm watching it to be entertained and so far I am 100% getting that.

ksf-2 5 September 2021

SO under-rated. As of today, only a 5 on imdb. Some funny stuff that they aren't getting credit for... gay jokes, lesbo jokes. They joke about citibank and wells fargo. On the plus side, they swear and tell it like it is. They make un-abashed LGBTQ jokes, and they are who they are. The writers (one plays benji) really catch the fun, (horny) free-spirited people that make up the community. I do feel bad for those who haven't been to WeHo, as there are TONS of weho jokes. They travel to palm springs and other places, even a pride celebration. Gotta love sean hayes and wanda sykes, laurie metcalf and the rest, like gilligan's island. Currently ony one season on the Flix, but i hope they make more! Kind of a gay Archer. It's fun. Party on!

ognisty83 2 September 2021

I know it's based on stereotypes but it's meant to be a joke and I laughed out loud a couple of times especially on Europe Vision episode when they were decoding lyrics and many more times.

I've been depressed for a while now and this series finally made me laugh I hope there will be a second, third etc. Season. Good job!

gotjee_arts 2 September 2021

The negative reviews in here smack of non-LGBTQIA+ people once again deeming it their birthright to be indignant in our name. I'm a very militant gay guy myself and I really like this show. And guess what, I like some of the stereotypes specifically because they *are* true, and this disdain for them reeks of internalised homophobia. I'm so tired of people in the community demanding representation to be *normal* to the point that any outside signifiers of sexuality are taboo. I have NEVER seen a character like Twink in animation before, and I love everything about him. Why would I choose stale, insulting binary heteronormativity over someone as fabulous as him? Sean Hayes and Wanda Sykes give awesome vo performances and the animation is surprisingly good, the interpersonal relationships are endearing and the plot flows along smoothly. If it gets a second season, I'll watch.

marischmm 2 September 2021

I actually had a lot of fun watching it and laughed out loud multiple times. The characters grow on you after only a few episodes. Of course some jokes fall flat, which where the only ones shown in the trailer, but most of em have good built up and don't include stereotypes. It feels like a great mix of parody and slice of life. If you're looking for something serious tho, that's not it. It has it's moments of seriousness, which are executed, but being funny is the main focus of the show, which it did very well in my opinion. Would love to get another season.

Dinosaurkai12345 2 September 2021

1 would 100% recommend 'Q Force'. Its really funny and the animation is quite good and the characters are surprisingly likeable.

Ive seen some reviews talking about the stereotype and homophobia but its obviously meant to be a joke. As a lesbian myself i though the jokes were pretty funny and the stereotypes were spot on.

naheanalzaman-20247 2 September 2021

I hate to break it to you guys but Q force isn't the big thing standing between us and queer liberation.

You guys are acting like a show about twinks is the reason that homophobia exist.

News flash homophobes were already homophobes before the trailer dropped

"makes us all look bad" cool, why would we care about what straight people think of us?

"well i don't act like that" cool you don't have to relate to every single queer character in media

The problem comes from the fact that you think that bc you don't act like that you are better than the people that do.

jamiekressinger 2 September 2021

Blah blah boo hoo it's stereotyping. It hurts my feelings. It's a comedy it's supposed to be funny. And if your giving it a one star it's probably because it is spot on and your feelings got a tiny bump.

God when will people grow up and start getting the fact that life can be a little tough and crying every time you don't like something isn't the answer. However luckily for the you you have a remote control and can simply turn it off.

brotkernmehl 2 September 2021

You know that feeling of curiosity when a show only gets ratings on either end of the spectrum? Yeah, me too. So, I watched the first two episodes.

If you are like me: not offended by LGBTQ themes, but neither care too much then Q-Force is only a mediocre show. Just the discourse around a show is not enough to justify its existence. And this is really what Q-Force is. It's meant to either rile up or make people feel morally superior.

Underneath is a cast of OK characters that I don't see developing much depth. I chuckled at some of the jokes, like the Tracy Chapman one in the first episode. Some or many of the jokes I might have missed being not the target audience, YMMV. Story wise it's aimed at young teens I guess? Kind of flashy, fast paced but also kind of flat. Animation is good.

If you want to get riled up or instill a sense of moral superiority, then this might be for you. If you want to kick back on the couch after a long day, then go find something else with a bit more quality. It really isn't bad though, just not good either.

Q-Force will probably run for a couple more seasons if it doubles down on the social issues and then gets discarded on the pile of shows nobody remembers.

jujuquimica 2 September 2021

Some ppl are just taking it too personal and in the wrong way. I have friends that are just like the characters and also one straight from Ru Paul drag race. Good to have something funny to watch.

ninirose 3 September 2021

It is an animated comedy.

Yes it has stereotypes but it's all supposed to be a joke.

It's not that deep.

shadowrunnerrded 5 September 2021

I tried watching the show but I had to push myself to stick with episode one, that's already a bad sign. I only chuckled then laughed once, at the end of the first episode.

I'm not looking for another Big Man Japan but in show form, to sit through a bunch of boring just to get the laugh at the end... and before you start saying that I'm over sensitive, I don't think I would have been able to watch all of Drawn together or Big Mouth and love them I was too sensitive.

This was just boring, admit it already the 10/10 people are probably the same that gave Hoops 10/10, god that one was just as boring and trying to be in your face so friggin much

Kudos to those that could power through more than one episode but if something is truly good I shouldn't have to power through any episodes to like it.

felicimi 3 September 2021

Everyone's saying it plays too hard into stereotypes but thing is, stereotypes are there for a reason. I know at least 3 lesbians that perfectly match characters from the bbq episode. I've never seen a wlw relationship with this much care put into it on tv before

It's a show written by queer people, casting queer people, for queer people and I love it.

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