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Queer as Folk (2022)

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It centers on a group of club going friends who find support in the gay community following a tragedy.

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June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E1 Babylon
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 Blocked
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Welcum to the Hellmouth
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 #F*ckDisabledPeople
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Choke
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 Pretend You're Someone Else
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E7 Problematica
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E8 Sacrilege

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adamsandel 10 June 2022

For many years, queer film and television focused on tragedy: homophobia, the pain of coming out, unrequited love, and AIDS.

Now that all things queer have become widely normalized and ubiquitous, this reboot reaches back six years to exploit the true horror of the Pulse shooting - to Make Queer Tragic Again.

As in its previous versions, the self-obsessed characters still have the emotional and sexual maturity of 13-year-olds.

But the most galling scene shows them mocking a celebrity who exploits the fictional tragedy for media attention - in a show that exploits a real tragedy for media attention.

helenahandbasket-93734 11 June 2022

Even the original US version isn't horrible, but this? Yikes.

It tries so hard to check so many boxes and the stories suffer as a result. Being woke for wokeness sake is never a good idea dnc this just proves it.

kigaiyuuto 9 June 2022

Just rewatch the original UK or the (2000) US version on Showtime/Paramount+. If you subscribe to Peacock just skip to the last 3 minutes of episode 8/season finale and you'll see what this reboot is all about...

If you wish to be entertained there are Heartstopper, Love Victor, Young Royals and even Q Force (and most Spanish Netflix shows are inclusive). New movies this week are My Fake Boyfriend and Fire Island. The Lake is coming in a week on Prime Video. So plenty of options, just avoid this one. Bad juju.

No wonder some of the casts already released their products before this to steer clear of the stink.

deanpp65 11 June 2022

This is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen on TV! Unrealistic characters (or if they are I'm never going back to America) completely vacuous and unlikable. Kim Cattrall and Ed Begley Jr, what the hell are you doing in this rubbish.

The UK series, is the original and the best of the three and this crap does not deserve the same title.

johndudek 10 June 2022

This is what happens when you place portraying every possible identity and struggle ahead of good writing.

Sometimes you can't fit it all into one series, and you really shouldn't try.

Focus on telling a few compelling stories in the best way possible, not as many as possible in a big jumbled mess.

Really, I don't know what they were thinking.

teenydutton 11 June 2022

Seriously it is a reboot but that doesn't mean it has to be completely the same people. It is an amazing show and the perfect time for it. The originals along with the L word were ahead of the times as it was. The characters are relatable and loveable. The storyline is heartfelt and touching. Don't judge by the haters here on imdb bc that is all they are... haters!

Avidviewer-02847 12 June 2022

I was curious about this series, but it turned out to be a mess. If they didn't want to be compared to the original UK and US versions, then they shouldn't have called it "Queer as Folk". They could have called it "Gays in New Orleans" or something similar. Calling it QAF inevitably leads to a comparison and this series fails.

The original UK and US series had much better writing and better cast. The originals didn't get hung up on the belief that they had to hire only gay actors, there was a mix. I don't care what an actor's sexual orientation is, only if they can give a quality performance.

Do I really care about most of the characters in this series, no. The incident at Babylon was terrible, but this is one drama queens performance after another. I found myself skipping ahead because the dialog was so bad. Few of the characters work and most gay men are not feminine, it's not real. At least in the US, more gay men have bachelor's degrees than the total US adult population and that shows focus and commitment which isn't apparent here. This isn't real gay life in the US.

I saw 6 episodes and gave up, the gay community needs a quality series not more of this.

caroline_chupaa 12 June 2022

What's up with the terrible character writings. Not one interesting character, personality wise.. lacks it all, no interesting plot.. nothing new, nothing interesting.. yeah, seen 5 episodes.

I'm out..

mumooshka 12 June 2022

Vacuous characters who you just can't connect to

Do yourself a favour. Watch the original US series.

When Brian in the 2002 made an entrance, he made an ENTRANCE. Cocky, extremely handsome Brian who knew he was peacock of the flock.

I had to try and guess who this version of Brian was... oh him? Oh yes, make him black to be PC... but he had no charisma befitting of US's original Brian

Give this a miss and watch the OG. The characters are well rounded and totally loveable.

ianrogers-69960 13 June 2022

I was a huge fan of the original American series (I haven't seen the Brit version). When I learned about this reboot was concerned but figured I give it a chance. Well, it is worse than I'd expected. Flat characters and the writing dull. It feels very contained - no real sense of time/place. Juliet Lewis and Kim Catretrel are the only reason this isn't getting one star. Shame the other casting wasn't as good. On top of it all, even the soundtrack sucks.

rick-09019-01805 10 June 2022

Absolutely brilliant... don't compare previous versions its anything like, though based on Russell's Davis story is different .Great.casting acting .Peeaccock well done.. I hope to see this get good reviews. And I really would like this or something similar to go on as a soap for a few seasons and not just one.

andybutler-83640 10 June 2022

But it's awful. The writing is so poor and the direct lifts from QAF UK don't work, and QAF US is really done dirty. Juliette Lewis is a dream and Kim Catrall just plays herself with an accent, it's great to see them both.

It seems dated already, the haircuts and the terrible clothes really make it look older than the original shows.

The supporting cast are way better than the leads. God knows where they scraped the lead cast up from.

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