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Raised by Wolves (2020)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   7.6/10 46771 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Androids are tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet.

Episode Guide

Season 1

October 1, 2020Episode 10 The Beginning
September 24, 2020Episode 9 Umbilical
September 24, 2020Episode 8 Mass
September 17, 2020Episode 7 Faces
September 17, 2020Episode 6 Lost Paradise
September 10, 2020Episode 5 Infected Memory
September 10, 2020Episode 4 Nature's Course
September 3, 2020Episode 3 Virtual Faith
September 3, 2020Episode 2 Pentagram
September 3, 2020Episode 1 Raised by Wolves

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User Reviews

stephen-pf 9 February 2021

As many have already noted Esp. 1 to 4 are some of highest quality TV show I had ever seen. They set the bar so high. I had bought into the dystopia premise, I was engaged and engrossed by the bleak narrative set out by the first 3 episodes and invested in the both sets of protagonist's and what they would do next. However from Esp. 5 all of those threads unraveled . I like challenging thought provoking sci -fi however It genuinely felt like the last few episodes hadn't been storyboarded. ( which I'm sure they where ) It was as if the director / screen writer didn't even considered " Are we taking the audience along with us" ? After all that, I still recommend watching it.

neilbrown-40938 1 October 2020

I love sci fi. I love aliens. I love ridley. And I love anti religion series that make you think. It started so well but by the end I was left confused where it was going. And then the finale. Man, I had to look at reviews to understand what the hell happened. The androids are great - really stole the show. The kids less so. Travis is just Ragnar in space. Such a shame that the ahow started so well and ended in a mess.

wadegerrits 1 October 2020

I have watched 10 episodes.

This show started strong with an interesting premise and high production value. Unfortunately the story seemed to become incompressible in an obvious attempt to be outside the box and thought provoking. There are a lot of plot holes here ranging from the behavior of the androids, to Travis Fimmel's inability to act in any way other than Ragnar Lothbrok.

Overall I found this show to be cringe, boring and nonsensical, and I am an avid fantasy / science fiction fan.

Watch it to kill time, but not if you are looking for something good.

vicky-243-850734 1 October 2020

Started great. Was hooked. But the ending was really disappointing.

ryantheologo 1 October 2020

This show really had the opportunity to make something great, unfortunately it got let down by the writing the further along it went. the cinematography and acting is first rate. The ending feels rushed and scattered, it doesn't make sense, the gaping holes in the plot, all conspired to ruin the show for me from about episode 5 onwards.Its worth a watch but prepare to be let down.

najork-87640 3 October 2020

I thought it was the story of atheists starting a new world without religion. Nope...

Then I thought it was a story about atheists and religious starting a new world together. Nope...

Then I thought it was about "the prophesied one"... (actually thought this 4 times and was wrong for each character).

Then I thought it was about androids...

This is not a story. A story has a setting, problem, and result (or at least a cliffhanger). For instance, I went to the mailbox (setting), and I found my mailbox had been broken into (problem). Now you want to know the result. Did I ever get my mail? Did I have to cancel credit cards? Did I call the police? You want to know what happened. What was the result?

This "story" is more like I went to the mailbox, then I saw a dog run by so I followed him. I couldn't catch him, but I did go to the store to buy milk. I forgot my money, so I headed home. While I was doing that, my neighbor mowed his lawn. On my way I saw a friend....

As Steve Martin once said, "Here's an idea. When you tell a story, have a point! It makes it so much more interesting for the listener!"

Acting is good, sets are good, special effects are ok, but there's no story, just a bunch of stuff happening. I finished season one hoping for something. I was actually hoping it was only 6 or 8 episodes long. I am not watching season two. Baseball has more drama than this did.

kfwmvsdyy 26 September 2020

Watch up to episode 5 then walk away. They have no idea where they are heading, it goes into absurdity plane unfortunately. What a waste of what seemed a good show.

lghedges 3 September 2020

Cinematography is great. Music is great. Acting is pretty good. Story is weird. And I mean it's weird to the point where it's original and not disturbing. It's really good if you want an original sci-fi that has un original characters. We have had robots, we have had alien monsters, we have had religion vs non religion and we have had other worldly planets. But Raised By Wolves has that all in one and it works!

Weirdly enough.

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