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Rebel (2021)

Rayting:   6.7/10 1083 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Follows a legal advocate with a blue collar background, who helps those in need without a law degree.

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nancyleeg 13 May 2021

I love this show, negative reviews are uncalled for. Characters are developing well, some acting better than others, but Corbett and Sagal and Garcia are great!

Can't wait for more episodes.

odiwams-57969 28 May 2021

I LOVE this show. The premise is valuable & inspirational. The cast is phenomenal. There is so much heart in this show. It just needs a chance to continue to blossom. Rebel has stories to tell & I want to see them told. Please give this show a real chance.

feeny-09895 15 May 2021

This is a series where everyone in my house puts down their phones and computers and is mesmerized by the fast pace of the show. The acting is unmatched on TV - the entire cast is good. It's interesting, thought provoking, and entertaining. Katy Segal has proven herself to be a lead actress and she is a pleasure to watch. Andy Garcia is always incredible. What's wrong with you ABC? There are a lot of fans out there after only a few episodes.. Hoping this gets picked up by another network.

aztecmotorsports 23 May 2021

Why did you Cancel It this is a Graet Show. Kate Sagal Plays Rebel Perfectly She Has Erin Better then Erin herself, Andy Garcia is Wonderful The Characters Blend So Well with Each Other.

petetorrev 22 May 2021

Cancelled before it even got a chance...I think so far so good.

I think the premise is good, great actors, decent script (I got a Boston Legal vibe during the pilot)

Great to see a powerful, confident & compassionate lead female character.....hope that's not the reason of cancellation.

Hopefully the ABC will change their minds, or allow it to be picked up by another network.

jelliott-38099 19 May 2021

Rebel is A Great Woman! She Is Real, Gutsy, Loving And Never Quits Fighting For Good! It's Easily My Favourite Show On ABC Network!!! My Favourite New Show Of 2021 Season! The stories are REAL!!! The Actors Are Top Notch!!! The Writing Is Superb!!! I Wait Like A Child Waiting For Christmas Morning For Thursday's To Roll By To See A New Episode! To The Other Major Networks, PLEASE PICK THIS SHOW UP!!!!

veinctor 13 April 2021

Most reviews here are just biased and only the 1st episode is out! Personally I dont care who the actors are or their age. To me, even for 1st episode they established a lot of important things, like who everyone is, and the exposition wasnt too bad in my opinion.

This is a semi-serious show about a woman who wants to do good in the world. This backfires many times in the first episode, as everyone has problems with her. I find that great, as the drama is earned and moves the story forward.

Rebel also had 3 marriages and several kids, which is kind of new from my perspective, for a protagonist. Pretty much everyone in her family has an important role, like cop, lawyer, doctor etc. Which I find it to be very hilarious. It's like she has built a small army from every occupation in her disposal! This is one of the few liberties you need to give the show in order to continue. And I'm fine with that.

I can't wait for the next episode. It would be a joy to watch!

annette-87536 18 May 2021

Love Katey Sagal and John Corbett!! Enjoyed the Erin Brocovich angle. Wish it had a few more seasons!!

brookered-88416 11 April 2021

I really enjoyed this show! I loved the characters, the story line and the main character. Can't wait until the next episode.

dkjoseph-58850 29 May 2021

This show... these actors... this premise and these potential storylines are too good... it belongs on TV!!! #bringbackrebel.

blb875 9 April 2021

I loved this first episode, and look forward to the season of REBEL. Katey Segal rocks in her role as an Erin Brockovich type, who fights for social justice. She fights the good fight, and we root for her.

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