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Reservation Dogs (2021)

Rayting:   8.2/10 1200 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Comedy series about four Native American teenagers growing up on a reservation in eastern Oklahoma.

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Season 1

September 20, 2021Episode 8 Satvrday
September 13, 2021Episode 7 California Dreamin'
September 6, 2021Episode 6 Hunting
August 16, 2021Episode 3 Uncle Brownie
August 9, 2021Episode 2 NDN Clinic

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User Reviews

gordonrm-31460 10 August 2021

Native here, raised on the rez. I won't say this is 100% accurate because it's obviously a caricature in some ways, but they get so much right, especially the slang. I found it hilarious that the old warrior character truly represents Native humor in a way I've never really seen before in pop culture, just really fast, double barreled, and then suddenly drab. The sets are very close to real life. I watched these first two episodes thinking "I've been there," or "I've done that." Probably the best glimpse into rez life since Smoke Signals which is a huge tip of the cap.

starry_oceans 9 August 2021

I highly recommend this show. It is hilarious and touching at the same time. Character development is strong and the acting is great. Definitely worth your time to watch it. And then rewatch because it is so good!

wintuguy 10 August 2021

I don't find it offensive like some people do and I'M NATIVE. This show is hilarious and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I get all the jokes and it has me rolling. I can't wait to watch another episode.

oscar_chip 10 August 2021

I love it...They got so much right. Not just the accents but themes of wanting out while needing to protect those you care about. The spirit guide is hilarious! I get everyone's story. I love the Willow references. They have an Elora Danan and my baby sister is named Kiaya after Willow's wife. I remember Ice Cube saying that he wrote Friday because while the place he grew up was surely Boyz n the Hood, it was also a good time with good people and this resembles that same sentiment.

radley-35253 9 August 2021

I've only seen two episodes but I am hooked on the story. I like the pace of character development that has already occurred. Looking forward to seeing more.

glenhart-04677 11 August 2021

Initial cinematography reminds me of 'Boy', which in my opinion is Taika's best work. It's great how this series show cases the native American sense of humour and their dry wit which sort of aligns with Taika's.

And for the supposedly woke who gave this show a 1 star, show some respect for the hard work put in by the cast and crew most of which are native Americans. This is a quality production with a good plot and excellent writing not a low budget production that would actually deserve a 1.

hilary89 10 August 2021

  • Just a few episodes in and I already know this will be one of the best series this year. It's hilarious and deliciously original. -

My family is from Eastern Oklahoma (Choctaw Nation) and save for the lack of Okie accents, this series is so spot on. I can't recall any media that frames the Indian experience with such raw humor (impeccably delivered by this young crew, btw). Most depictions of Native American life is either pure tragedy and destitution, or an elevation of the "noble savage" trope. To be clear, the driving circumstances here are the very real challenges of poverty and crime that plagues rural Indian communities. But the comedic approach in this series puts these kids in the mainstream and makes their lives widely relatable. Native kids really are just like all other American kids from marginalized, minority backgrounds - with the same attitudes, hustles and pop culture references. In a lot of ways this show is unique to the Indian experience, but it could easily be translated to a black inner city, or an immigrant setting. Basically, anyone and everyone can and should enjoy this show.

Also, side note for anyone unfamiliar with Native American territories - there aren't actually any reservations in Oklahoma. Reservations are sovereign territory with tribal jurisdiction - ie. The Wind River Reservation near where I grew up in Wyoming. However, when OK was made a state, the feds dissolved the tribal governments to make way for the land runs by white settlers. Today, there's this whole complicated governance structure within nations where only tribe members are subject to tribal law, but the state retains most authority.

I know, this isn't all that pertinent to this TV show, but I just wanted to point it out since it's explicitly tying Oklahoma to reservations which is misleading. I absolutely love the reference to Reservoir Dogs, and its totally relevant to the storyline. But considering how little most Americans know about Indian affairs, I hope they find a way to clarify this distinction in future episodes.

topspinholty 10 August 2021

To those reviewers that are jumping up and down on their high horses with righteous indignation and outrage, did you stop to consider that Taika Waititi has indigenous roots as a Maori or do you let your moral outrage get in the way of facts. Do grow up, it's called comedy!!

Aloe_Heart_ 10 August 2021

Only seen the first two episodes but I'm very interest in the direction it's going. Love seeing more Native representation in media.

mcc-08445 10 August 2021

First impression is everything. Watched the first 2 episodes and decided to continue. It is different and thoughtful. Good directing, good acting and good script. Highly recommended.

alandeza 9 August 2021

This show is co created by Taika Waititi and I feel that it is a change a pace to his prior work. The jokes aren't as centered as they usually are with Taika material and it is more focused on the characters and how they will "escape". I give it a soft recommendation.

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