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Resident Alien (2021)

Comedy | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.3/10 4882 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

It follows a crash landed alien named Harry who takes on the identity of a small town Colorado doctor and slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth.

Episode Guide

Season 1

March 3, 2021Episode 6 Sexy Beast
February 24, 2021Episode 5 Love Language
February 17, 2021Episode 4 Birds of a Feather
February 10, 2021Episode 3 Secrets
February 3, 2021Episode 2 Homesick
January 27, 2021Episode 1 Pilot

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User Reviews

drutledge-38755 28 January 2021

Mr. Tudyk is outstanding, genuinely funny & original, which means it'll probably be cancelled after 1 season...

AngelsAngel 28 January 2021

I didn't expect much going into this because you know how SyFy shows can be sometimes, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this was! It had so many funny lines, shocking twists, interesting plot lines revealed and everything even in just the first episode! Plus the effects are nothing to sneeze at. What I've seen so far has shown the perfect balance of dark comedy, drama, and a wonderfully oddball sci-fi, all packaged into a small town setting, which is something I've always liked. So, great acting, great scripting, great filming, I was hooked from the first few seconds and would recommend. And I just really like Alan Tudyk and truly think this show has a lot of promise.

woody-60473 4 March 2021

This is my first review ever, but this show is hilarious. Usually I am really picky with comedy shows but this really cracks me up. Thanks a lot!

johnanthonymazzei 28 January 2021

Loved it. Just watched the pilot and can't wait for the next episode. It has the right blend of comedy and drama with a bit of sci fi thrown in as a backdrop. This is a testament to good writing. I hope they continue to impress.

zenjunkie 7 February 2021

Against all the odds, this is so good! And so funny! The acting, the setting, the script. It's all good. Did I mention its fun! There nothing else to say. Watch it. Oh yeah!

JayShermanTheCritic 28 January 2021

This is a wel needed refreshing change of pace. This show starts out perfect in all the right ways. Whoa Nelly this is gonna be a fun show to watch

ggenricquera 25 March 2021

Love this series and it's not even finished. Tudyk is underrated, he's got everything going for him on screen.. I don't want this show to be cancelled by Syfy.

eslapionfl 28 January 2021

Tudyk at his finest in the role of an alien with a wacky, dark sense of humor and who knows exactly what to do with abusive husbands.

Good acting, very funny yet moving story shot in amazing scenery.

coltsw-10803 18 March 2021

I love this show. It's fresh, original and hilarious. The acting is top notch, especially Alan Tudyk, and his interactions with the little boy, the only human who knows he's an alien, are the absolute best.

As for the guy who wrote a poor review because of what he or she claimed was a racist slight against Asians, that is absolutely ridiculous. Go back and watch it again. Race was NOT AT ALL the issue. Darcy the bartender was clearly affecting a pompous British accent when she said, "the fancy man wants a napkin"; the character she was talking to just happened to be played by an actor of Asian descent. I'm sure that actor was very pleased to have landed the role, however small it was, because ethnicity had nothing to do with anything in that scene. Some people just find problems to whine about where none exists.

This show is the best thing going right now. The only people I know personally who don't like it all happen to be people who do not have a sense of humor - though, of course, they all think they do.

As someone else stated, the sheriff and his deputy deserve their own show, though I'd hate for them to leave this one. And why does the Darcy character look so unhygienic? She's extremely funny but does look unwashed.

karimalsharif 22 March 2021

Tudyk is Genius!

The show is funny, witty, smart, dark humor, and yet humane.

Its a breath of fresh air. Can't wait for more.


skylor20 28 January 2021

I am HOOKED!! I loved it and I loved the type of humor the show carried and Alan did amazing! My eyes were glued to the screen for sure. Can't wait for next Wednesday!!!

paulm-932-986516 20 March 2021

Great little series, something a bit different .... Really like Alan Tudyk as an actor .... He was in the amazing sci-fi series Firefly & the film Serenity based on the series Firefly .... If you fancy a giggle check out the film 'Death At A Funeral (2007)' which he's in, it's really funny ....

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