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Resident Evil (2022)

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Rayting:   3.6/10 33K votes
Country: Germany
Language: English

Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise.

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July 14, 2022star4.9 925 votesS1E2 The Devil You Know
July 14, 2022star4.8 1316 votesS1E1 Welcome to New Raccoon City
July 14, 2022star4.8 752 votesS1E3 The Light
July 14, 2022star4.6 691 votesS1E4 The Turn
July 14, 2022star4.2 581 votesS1E7 Parasite
July 14, 2022star4.1 656 votesS1E5 Home Movies
July 14, 2022star3.9 621 votesS1E6 Someone's Little Girl
July 14, 2022star3.6 720 votesS1E8 Revelations

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User Reviews

fad-38798 14 July 2022

It's because of poor fare like this.

Resident Evil sets a fairly high bar for a franchise and this show misses it completely. It might have done better under some generic title.

So, we have poor story, poor acting, good effects and a weird, really weird mis-paced soundtrack.

My main question is how did they snare Lance Reddick? I'm a big fan of his, but this show is a definite mis-fire for him.

zzzxxxcccvvv-43202 15 July 2022

This show might have the most annoying and insufferable main characters that has ever existed. They literally built an entire show around obnoxious teenage brats. Absolutely the worst show I've seen in years.

Netflix is insane to release something like this. They turned a sci-fi show about zombies into a High school soap-opera for 12yr old girls. They cut 99% of their original audience and gained nothing in return.

busaman 14 July 2022

When the rights to make these type of shows are sold or loaned out there should have to be some ground rules. Netflix has hurt so many franchises by making subpar material it isn't funny at all, truly. I will not bore you, there are lists of every movie and show Netflix and other streaming services have completely destroyed. They keep going further and further back also. Wait until they start remaking things like Goodfellas, Scarface, West Side Story.... Oh Wait!

People need to start taking a stand with their wallets.

alvizurezj 14 July 2022

Definitely not for us Resident evil fans that played the original games and all the sequels, I don't remember seeing a teenage drama when entering the Spencer mansion for the first time. Did you like all the characters from the games? Did you think Leon taking on hordes of Ganados to save the presidents daughter was epic? Do you remember the fear and suspense you felt while nemesis stalked the police station corridors while you desperately try to escape? Then don't watch this, instead of all that you get a nice edgy vegan teen, and a version of Wesker that makes me want to watch Wesker die in the volcano over and over again. If you thought the games were too scary and hated the zombies, and wanted it to be more like Degrassi then this show may be for you, for the rest of us, let's just wait for capcom to release the RE 4 Remake.

Nomad007 15 July 2022

Destroys the Resident Evil universe. Writing is horrible. Writing is about the same. Way too heavy on story. Limited action and monsters.

Wesker's character is completely different. It's really not Wesker at all. It's like they took took Charles Ashford or whoever and make a dorky geek family man of Wesker.

Engerek01 14 July 2022

The music is horrible. Keeps popping up out of the blue and out of place.

Acting is terrible. How can they act like they are bored when their lives are in danger?

Story doesn't make sense. That's not Resident Evil, this is not the Raccoon City I grew up with.

Script is garbage. The debt is like a DOT, with no dimensions.

Netflix is a weird service. On one side it has a masterpiece like Stranger Things, and on the other side many shows like this.

Watch it and see yourself :)

celt007 15 July 2022

Yup this is trash . Not worth the watch . Too bad they took something that started out not bad ( first film) then progressively got worse then finally pushed the button and destroyed it . I say leave this franchise alone for a good 20 years then revisit it.

W011y4m5 14 July 2022

I've watched the first two episodes (so you thankfully don't have to) & can safely say - with a certain degree of confidence - you should simply add this show to the accumulating list of other substandard Netflix series which have already been consigned to history & forgotten by audiences; stuff like "Cursed" & "The Irregulars" etc. Commissioned by the streaming service (clearly hoping to lazily capitalise off of the recognisable brand by sheer association) to just fill their release slots & keep subscribers subscribed, in order to view something - ANYTHING - & their money rolling in every month. The quality obviously wasn't even considered before the season went in to production. It's all about profit.

This approach to content creation is painfully apparent moreso here than in most cases, in an egregiously unimaginative, badly written, clichéd & hammy first season, which acts as yet another sub-par installment to the franchise & a waste of the source material. A real shame, as this could've been a great sci-fi / horror series but alas, the potential's squandered. Can't say I'm enthused about continuing any further.

TruthSeeker4Life 16 July 2022

Clearly, Netflix spent a good amount of money making this disaster. They are becoming like Hollywood and think they can just throw money at a movie or show and that's going to get it a winner. It's obvious that the people who signed off on this film are thinking just that! People are sick of this WOKE b.s. And it ruins the entertainment. We want stuff that looks real even if it's imaginary or fantasy. It doesn't mean that minorities can't have lead roles. It just means stop trying to FORCE it. The parts should go to the best actors and actresses. This show the and the people in it seem so forced which is why there is so much cringe going on. It's just obvious to anyone who wants to be real that the W O K E approach isn't what anyone wants except a few people who don't represent the majority. Netflix if you want to be successful in the future think Yellowstone and the shows which portray a realistic and authentic approach. This film could have been amazing with the special effects but that won't hold a show or even a movie. I just can't believe that you wasted so much on the film. If Netflix doesn't start producing some big hits in the near future then they are going to be swallowed up by the likes of Amazon or some other bigger company. It's shameful how lazy and absurd Netflix has become. Making shoes about a man carrying a baby! Just pathetic!

robotintroverted 15 July 2022

I've seen the whole thing, somehow each episode gets worse than the last. It is honestly astounding how awful they made it, the amount of poor writing is so frustrating. Just don't waste your time, watch Better Call Saul. This makes me worried for that new HBO The Last of Us show...

Rastifan 16 July 2022

This is not a RE series. It has zero to do with the games. We are again at a point where a hack writer with an ego did "his own thing" and are now eyeballing his twitter wondering why the fans downright reject it. If this was launched under another name, the fans would not care about it. Nor would many others I suspect. It is a teen angst drama with a hint of zombies who borrowed the RE name for the PR. Very disappointing.

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