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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021)

Animation | Horror 
Rayting:   5.9/10 6000 votes
Country: USA | Japan
Language: English

Federal agent Leon S. Kennedy teams up with TerraSave staff member Claire Redfield to investigate a zombie outbreak. Based on the popular video game series of the same name by Capcom.

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July 8, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
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July 8, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
July 8, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

AdrenalinDragon 8 July 2021

A massive disappointment and a total bore. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness feels cheap and ultimately unsatisfying as being a waste of time. Any monster action that happens in these episodes is very little and Leon pretty much hogs all the spotlight once again. What about poor Claire? She pretty much does nothing for almost all of it except spill out conspiracy crap. If only the story was actually interesting and had good dialogue and writing. Well got some bad news for you it's probably worse than the latest Resident Evil games. Heck, I'd pick any of the previous CGI Animated Films over this without a shadow of a doubt. At least they had some action sequences instead of this being a total snooze-fest. The finale was basically just Degeneration again. Leon and Claire only see each other for like 10 minutes and are dull as dishwater. Just awful and honestly the only things that I thought were mildly interesting in this were the zombie rats and references to the old games.


chris-nilsen84 8 July 2021

Great graphics and animations but when I thought I started to understand the storyline it was over. I've been waiting awhile for this one and expected much more. (yeah I have played all the resident evil games)

potterundstone 10 July 2021

Netflix spilts this 80 mins TV movie into 4 episodes series. That's cheating, I guess.

jynnm 8 July 2021

Resident evil has such a strong game IP but like any other great games, when it comes to movie/tv series adaption is just a big let down. First of all, 10 year old kid could have come out with this drama plot. Such predictable. To matter worse, it certain scenes just makes no sense literally (Especially last episode). Perhaps this is more for those who have yet to expose to RE (resident evil) IP but come on, as a director/producer, you could've done better especially now there are so many films about zombies that has better plot than this. As an asian, am proud to say Japanese are the pioneer and leader in the anime industry but it's regrettable to say they are behind the curve when it comes to developing shows like this (with western culture element). Seriously, i hope the director/producers of this film see this and think hard about it. I understand from a business point of view it will expand the user base by exposing them through this tv series but it won't get any traction if the tv series sucks (basically your ROI is not profitable either, might as well spend that marketing budget for players to buy your games) P. S: I love RE games, but seriously if you want to make tv series or movies about it please do it properly.

shawnyu64 13 July 2021

Individual scenes weren't too bad, the overarching plot and premise are okay, and CGI was quite good. But when sequenced together, it was very hard to watch. There was no setup, no development, no climax... everything was flat. Even as a RE fans who finished multiple games and know a few things about character and plot, it was impossible to care about characters and what's going on. And the plot just went on and on and on without inciting any emotion when watching it. Even in one of the big conspiracy revelation, it felt like "uh, okay" at best. It's a huge missed opportunity because again, individual scenes and overall premise wasn't bad. It just poorly presented as a whole.

Natte_Nate 8 July 2021

What is this? The writing is like that of a 13 year old. Extremely cringy one liners in the most awkward situations and so many plot holes. I forced myself to watch all the episodes because I played the games but this is just so bad it made me laugh uncontrollably several times at how stupid it is.

jsucie 12 July 2021

This was ok. If you've seen other Resident Evil animated movies, this won't surprise you. This is basically all it is; a RE movie cut up into 4 chunks. If you're truly going to do a RE series, it has to be longer than 4 episodes. 6 at the very minimum.

It still is impressive CGI and I'm sure it probably is very cost consuming. My hope is that enough people will watch that they green light more episodes because there is a lot of story to tell in this universe if done properly.

alkeidesv 9 July 2021

If infinite darkness and the CGI movies told me something about Japan is that they can produce incredible products based in the nature of their environment and circumstances.

But dear god, when they tried to mimic the action thriller Hollywood western style is the most nonsensical and idiotic thing you can consume ever.

Corny, ignorant, boring and underwhelming.

mrouttt 13 July 2021

First, it's way to short.

Second, sometimes the story seems to become interesting just too let you dissapointed few minutes later.

Third, the animation seems to come out of a PS3 - Xbox 360 game. I mean, any cut scenes inside Resident Evil 2 Remake, which are made inside the game engine, is way more appealing than any scenes on Infinite Darkness.

This was suppose to be a series inspire by Resident Evil early games, not a single moment feels like it.

There is a lot a work to to do in the second season to improve all of it.

abdullah-10000 9 July 2021

As I'm old RE fan since 90s, but I personally got bored from Leon and Claire and the whole old RE characters.. I extremely appreciate the great reinvention they did in the story and gameplay for (RE7& RE8) and I would like to see similar reflections on the animated series/movie... There are many great potential side stories that can be taken from latest games... But anyway RE infinite Darkness is here and as always it is ( more of the same)

josechung-87373 9 July 2021

The Biohazard animated movies were disappointing and boring at least, the Constantin Film movie adaptations with Milla Jovovich were really bad (and the last movie in the franchise was the worst movie I ever saw) but this is absolutely awful. Coming with this sort of poor cinematography is just insulting the viewers and fans of RE series. CGI graphics are way outdated for 2021 movie - 3D models, lightning, shadows, animations are just pure garbage. Last generation of video games rendered in real time looks way better. Also voice acting is really bad. The plot is non-existent as character development - nobody care for this sort of nonsense. Cutscenes from original old Resident Evil games were far better than this, made with more care and more polished - and they were made more than 20 years ago. Don't waste your time to watch this.

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