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Riverdale (2017)

Crime | Mystery 
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Country: USA
Language: English

While navigating the troubled waters of romance, school and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in dark Riverdale mysteries.

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October 9, 2019star9.3 2518 votesS4E1 Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam
November 8, 2017star8.5 1769 votesS2E5 Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls
February 3, 2021star8.5 1044 votesS5E3 Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation
November 7, 2018star8.4 1718 votesS3E4 Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club
April 25, 2018star8.4 1444 votesS2E19 Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners
April 13, 2017star8.1 1968 votesS1E10 Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend
November 29, 2017star8.1 1522 votesS2E7 Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside
November 15, 2017star8.1 1512 votesS2E6 Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof
February 7, 2018star8.1 1368 votesS2E13 Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart
November 14, 2018star8.1 1337 votesS3E5 Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

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User Reviews

tzuuuUUUU 29 January 2019

While first season was cheesy it still had an interesting story to follow, it was a great watch all in all for what it was 7.5/10. In the second season they started to run out of ideas and it was just "okay", I would rate it 5.5/10. The third season though.. oh my god. It might be one of the worst things ever made in human history. The writing is SO BAD, like its written by a 10 year old kid, everyone's acting is awful, like ten times worse than the first and second season. Nothing makes sense, no weight to anything.. everything is just awful. I would seriously give season 3 a 1 out of 10 and I am not kidding. A goddamn 1/10. Horrible.

feliciaa-08320 14 March 2019

I really liked the first season, the second we're okay but the third I don't even recognize the series I once used to like.

They have 1000 story lines at the same time, new things pop up all the time that makes no sense and some story lines are so unnecessarily because they just mess up the show more and in the end it didn't matter.

Also, (this isn't a "big" problem) but sometimes I think the creators forgets that the main cast is supposed to be 16 and not 20+.

I don't know why I keep watching it, probably because I've waisted so much time on this show and now it just make me laugh because it's so weird.

Ahmadkkotb 9 February 2019

What started as a strong teen drama with thrilling mysteries and good twists and hit season two with a good plot, by season three totally lost it's charm, it no longer has any logic or reason begind it, simply a bunch of teens walking around acting like they're adults and adults letting a bunch of kids run the town in the most ridiculous ways to the point it's no longer in connection with reality

almabjellerup-53059 1 April 2019

Started out great interesting and intriguing. But not it's just simply the worst. One of the worst shows I've seen. Too bad, really liked the first season.

flynnwcarson 13 April 2019

I actually used to like the show the first season was good the second season was questionable but the third is a complete mess

pawanpunjabithewriter 2 July 2021

Season one was terrific. I honestly rated 8/10. Season two got better and bigger with greater character arcs, suspense and crime-drama. Betty is wonderful. Jughead and FP make a great team. As per me, Season two gets an 8.5.

With ratings escalating, if I were the creater, I wouldn't introduce such a horrific $hit in the season 3. I hated it to the greatest extent. There were, by no means, believable. It was a mixture of supernatural and psychological not-really-a thriller. Nothing in season 3 made sense. Most of the pleasant surprises bestowed on us in the first 2 seasons were all gone.

Please don't watch this show after season 2. It gets sillier and unworthy.

G & G? Seriously? What is that? How can you bring such a horrendous stuff after two miraculous seasons. You could have taken time or thought of something better.

S1: 8/10 S2: 8.5/10 S3: 1/10.

cerenkarakas1997 14 December 2019

In the first season i was really into the show ,then I quit watching at the beginning of season 3.I think the first season is for everyone to watch but other seasons are meant for teens/high schoolers.

amandarekonwit 9 July 2017

Someone recommended this show to my girlfriend. We both hate it, but she is committed to watching all of it, to give an honest critique back to her friend. And thus, so am I.

8 episodes in, and here is my take.

If you're 16, and are just beginning to watch and enjoy high school melodramas / teen movies and such, this is for you!

For everyone else, save yourself the time and embarrassment of even knowing that this show exists and go watch 'American Beauty' again, or 'Freaks and Geeks', or 'Six Feet Under', or 'My So Called Life'.

This show is trying so hard to be '13 Reasons Why', and failing miserably on all counts. Yes, I know, '13 Reasons Why' came afterwards, but the similarities are uncanny. ...Formulaic moody voice-over protagonist examining laughably cliché and shallow life-lessons at the start of each episode with an ongoing 'dark' mystery that I have literally no interest in discovering 'who the killer is'... ...This is, quite literally, the g-rated version of '13 Reason Why'. The baby brother that should have been aborted long ago.

I'm hate watching this show just to laugh at how bad the writing is, and how over-the-top the actors are in reading the lines. I genuinely feel sorry for all of the cast involved, since they are all stunningly gorgeous, late 20-somethings, for what is supposed to be a high school drama.

A lot of investment has gone into the production values, episode direction and 'Glee'-like songs, but that doesn't make up for the horribly predictable 1 bit characters.

I guess, since this is based on a terribly banal comic strip, that I'm supposed to look the other way, and expect it to just be a skin- deep romp. Like watching the movie-version of 'Battleship', knowing, and accepting, that there isn't any real substance underlying the content of what the show is originally based off of.

It's a shame really. I feel like this could have been something, had there been just ever so slightly a bit more comedy and charm worked into the characters. The only saving grace is Betty's gay best friend, who provides a strikingly blunt and hilarious perspective at times, and is seemingly always down to rave. He is a teen version of 'Elijah' from 'Girls'.

Contrast him, with the main character Archie. ... Archie is the most hatable character, despite always having the smoothest things to say to work him out of the most terribly awkward situations. He never lies to anyone, but it's laughable how everyone fawns over his presence and excuses his poor decisions.

For instance, one minor plot spoiler here... I find it really hard to watch and empathize with a high school football captain jock, who friend zones his smoking hot best friend while in the process of having a scandalous affair with his music teacher. Oh, and when his love triangle explodes, everyone gives him a pass with even his father basically patting him on the back and saying 'it's not your fault'. Really? It's not? Are you sure? Something feels terribly off about the entire ordeal.

A. He's dating a teacher. While this has been done before in other shows, 'Boston Public' comes to mind... ...Here it feel very... very... wrong and superficial. In one episode he acknowledges that he's just having fun with her and celebrating the present with little regard to what repercussions their relationship may have on hi

zachglad 3 February 2017

Honestly to sum it up pretty quickly: this could seriously be any horrible CW teen drama with the names switched out. Literally just a bad show wearing Archie's skin. There's no actual reason this has to be an Archie show. The pacing is awful, the characters are dull and flat, the mystery is boring, the show takes itself way too seriously, and above all it's just ripping off Twin Peaks minus all the interesting bits. I fail to see why this had to be made or why we have to keep getting these washed up shitty teen dramas. Not all teenagers are this attractive or look like they're in their late 20s. I feel like these teen dramas are just a weird color by the numbers sort of thing. Like you need a sex scandal, a murder, at least one crying teen per episode, something about drugs, a really moody character, everyone has to be extremely attractive, lots of underage sex for some reason, and of course nobody actually looks their age. IMDb made me stretch this out to ten lines, but all in all the show is complete trash.

Sleepin_Dragon 12 December 2018

I'm stunned by just how many episodes they've managed to churn out, talk about over egging the pudding. The characters transform inexplicably from week to week, and everything is so absurd, that 99% of it is impossible to comprehend. Yet there is something rather addictive about it, sure it's full of beautiful people, but there are some really interesting characters too, Cheryl in particular, great fun. They have recycled scenes from Carrie, Halloween, and just about every movie you can think of, but who cares, this is low brow, trashy, hugely enjoyable escapism. I would never repeat watch it, but I'll always sit down to a new series. 7/10

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