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Sacred Games (2018)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   8.6/10 75447 votes
Country: India | USA
Language: English

A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.

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Season 2

August 15, 2019Episode 8 Radcliffe
August 15, 2019Episode 7 Torino
August 15, 2019Episode 6 Azrael
August 15, 2019Episode 5 Vikarna
August 15, 2019Episode 4 Bardo
August 15, 2019Episode 3 Apasmara
August 15, 2019Episode 2 Siduri
August 15, 2019Episode 1 Matsya

Season 1

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User Reviews

muamorris 13 July 2018

Not an Indian but am completely hooked. Better watching this in Indian with subtitles than the English dub. Great story, great actors and the way they finished the season, just when it starts getting more interesting makes me mad because I've got to wait how long until the next season haha.

shubhamtyagi-10119 7 July 2018

This is first Indian netflix original series directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwani.

The second season was a bigger disappointment than what I'm to my parents. Well, jokes apart, S02 was not as bad but S01 actually raised the bar so high that matching upto that level was never going to be easy. They just made the Gaitonde's character a mere joke. Guruji's character doesn't have the potential that we expected. The more they digged into other characters, more cartoonish they looked except Zoya, Malcolm and Jojo's character. They kept an open ending in S02 also but I hope they better come with a killer script else...

First 30 seconds in the first episode and you'll get to know that this series is going to be dark, edgy and controversial. This series starts with bold statements on religion, and then continues with same on political figures like Rajiv Gandhi to a lot of cuss words, violence and drug use. If you're a person who gets offended very easily then I advise you to keep yourself away form it.

Sacred Games is just an example of what Anurag Kashyap is capable of. This is his real potential. Now screw CBFC. I maybe am a bit biased towards Anurag Kashyap or Phantom productions in general.

The whole cast did a great job, while we saw Saif Ali Khan in a good role after Omkara and Being Cyrus. Radhika Apte has a quite short but impressive role. In my opinion Neeraj Kabi, Jatin Sarna and Nawazuddin are the backbone of the series.

avhirupjazz 7 July 2018

With a solid start to the drama,with every episode makes you heart beat faster. The rawness of the drama is surreal and gets you hooked. Every episode leaves you with a question unanswered? and doesn't answer them till the very last. Great acting by the whole cast.Not only do the "star" actors shine but the an amazing supporting cast make keeps you engaged.Lastly, Dont watch the first episode if you have your exam the next day or i promise you you will be locked in your room for 8 hours straight.

nina_fairfax 22 July 2018

First of all, if you're not from India, please do not watch the dubbed version, it's not necessary at all. Subtitles will do fine, and the unfamiliar tones of languages spoken in India only add to the amazing feeling of the show. I've heard people say the show is confusing and they couldn't follow the plot - try a little harder. Map out the characters if you must, replay a scene if you didn't understand. Most likely you were unable to understand because (sadly) western people are not used to Indian names or faces: it takes a little more effort to remember who is who. Take that effort. It's more than worth it. After a few episodes, I had no trouble following the storyline. I hope Netflix will create more shows from places all over the world, and that in time, this won't be an issue anymore.

Some reviewers say Sacred Games can't be compared to Narcos. I think it can. Enough twists and turns, just the right amount of violence, engaging, political, touching... Characters are not good or bad, they're in between, and you're not sure whether to love or hate them. I truly cared about some of them, which I can't really say about the characters of Narcos. Gaitonde is a man who killed more people than you can believe, but the show still makes you love him, all credit going to the great actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

I didn't rate it a 10/10 for three reasons:

  • I did not always find Anjali Mathur's performance convincing
  • Kukoo's story was dragged out too long in my opinion
  • The final episode seemed rushed, although I'm glad they gave us somewhat of an answer

pratibhbist 7 July 2018

First of all, hats off Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditay Motwane, how did you manage to put this together is an amazing feat. I am saying this because they both have directed the show but for different characters (Anurag for Nawaz Storyline and Vikram for Saif's). The performances are amazing and Varun Grover deserves all the applause for writing down street smart dialogues. With every character having a grey role in the show, all the characters have layers of sketch going into it. Eagerly waiting for Season 2!

hussain_zs 8 July 2018

Having fallen in love with the book 10 years ago, I had a lot of reservations of how its screen adaptation would be. In the book, Vikram chandra had explored each character in so much depth with different layers that to make a 3 hour Bollywood Flick would have been foremost a daunting task and secondary an injustice to the plot.

Enter, Netflix. Having changed the Tele scene world over, no other production house would be more suited and daring than Netflix to take this Plot head on and do justice to it. And no other duo of Directors than Anurag Kashyap and Vikram Motwane to direct it with such finesse, style and daring.

The series is gripping, fascinating, dark, thought-provoking, chilling and so much more. It is also very relevant in today's India with its tense social and religious under-current.

Every actor is top-notch. The role is Bread & Butter for Nawazuddin Siddiqui and he owns every scene he is in. How badly I wanted Saif Ali Khan to prove himself once more after 'Langda Tyagi'. He is not only superb but you feel the amount of efforts he has put in the role. Also the actor playing 'Bunty Sharma' is the best among all the sub-characters.

The series is truly Binge-worthy and shows what can be achieved without the CBFC 'Big Brother' role. I am however quite sceptic of how it would be received by majority of the Indian audience who have been spoiled with mushy romantic genres and action for them is a muscular middle aged guy beating up 30 under-fed rowdies. I sincerely hope that this series results in a commercial success for all involved so that we can get to see more and more epic like this from our filmmakers.

arjunkhatri 16 August 2019

People who doesn't understand they are giving it low ratings because when you see it clearly, 1st season has all the questions and 2nd season have all the answers, 2nd season is the answers for the people who are saying that Sacred Games is getting success because of abusive words and nudity, it can go beyond of your mind, complexity of script and small open secrets hiding nowhere but in front of your eyes. Over the top performances, well written and well directed.

l-marwah2008 9 July 2018

With this show Netflix has really changed the game of television and storytelling in India. Bollywood now really has to step up and stop making brain dead movies just for commercial success.

It is directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikram Aditya Motwane and trust me there are no other directors in Bollywood who could have done justice to this show. It has that same rawness, realism and intricate storytelling like Gangs of Wasseypur and Dev D by Kashyap and Motwane.

Acting is suberb and top notch by a great ensemble cast with Nawazuddin channeling his Faizal Khan from Wasseypur with more emotional layers to it. Radhika apte, Saif Ali Khan, Neeraj Kabi, Jitendra Singh also delivers strong performances. Kubra Sait delivers a heart warming breakout performance like never seen before.

This is a must watch for anybody who likes watching stories that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also must watch just to see how Mumbai becomes a character in a story like none other told before.

Really can't wait for the next season. Need it like yesterday.


coolprinceofbaroda 17 August 2019

Man, season 2 could not have been any better. I think a lot of people expected this season to be just like season 1 and hence they were disappointed. Season 1 had jokes, funny characters , Nudity, earthly mumbai life and a lot of Bunty. S1 kinda gave off that gangs of wasseypur vibe that we all love. But for S2, They took a different approach by choreographing the story in a very serious and poetic fashion (Well they had too because its the endgame). It totally worked IMO. The way story unfoldes in a poetic and dark manner was amazing. If you pay close attention to all the hints Guruji makes, you will understand that he actually made a lot of sense. Kinda like Thanos from the avengers. It is such a shame that the majority of the viewers could not get past the dark comedy of season 1 and appreciate the intellence behind season 2.

ekhanderahul76 8 July 2018

One of the finest actor in Marathi Film Industry grabbing the opportunity .Amazing Performance Saheb !

bobandlulureview 25 July 2018

I liked how the story began. This isn't a slow narrative, you basically have to run with the characters to catch up with their mind and emotions and sometimes have to see between the frames. I live on the extreme ends of storytelling arch. I love the slow narrative where each and everything is described in such a manner that you feel you are in that situation and you start feeling what the character feels and then there is the impromptu situation where you are unexpectedly put in and you have to start catching up with why the characters are doing what they are doing. Both are fun ways to sit back and enjoy a show. Sacred Games falls under the latter category. Ganesh Gaitonde is that don who has only one purpose and that is to be the city he lives in - Bombay. The show takes us through his journey from Trimbakeshwar to Bombay and how as an adult after pedaling in drugs he decides by and by that he is meant for much more than that. He dreams big and he sets his ambition into action. We see ruthlessness in him which is a pre requisite of being a don but at the same time we see him trying to make his gang walk the secular line so as not to have religion come into play. You and I and that is if you were born in the 80's will nod your head at the narrative of the story when scenes of unrest are shown in the post Indira Gandhi era that has left the nation broken and at the same time has become that "gap" that Politicians use as their mosh pits come election season.

Gaitonde claims he has three fathers and tells us about each one and how they influenced his life and made him who he is. Then we have Sartaj, the Sikh inspector who is trying really hard to battle the internal corruption in police services by refusing to give a false statement in court. His refusal becomes leverage for his superior who dangles his refusal as bait at every opportunity that Sartaj needs back up or when he works on a lead. Sartaj has his own emotional baggage. His wife has left him and he hasn't gotten over her. This I presume is what leads him to consume anxiety pills. We see a little bit of emotional instability in him but not so much that we question his judgment as he pursues his cop instincts. Anjali Mathur, the RAW agent who wants to step out into the field and not just stay behind her desk. She, like Sartaj, follows her instincts and teams up with Sartaj to save the city. Except she believes there is more to the story than just a gang war. Of course she is stopped from acting on her hunch and evidence because hey she's a girl and girls can't go out and play after sundown. Like Sartaj she also has her own reasons for being who she is and that is what propels her into going forward to uncover the roles of different people in the story. Kookoo, I think was a metaphor for the city itself and whoever had Kookoo had Bombay. That's all that I'll be saying about this character.

These are the primary characters and these characters all have very obvious roles to play and are definitely the leads but for me it was the secondary actors who did all the work in making me hate and love the plot. Kanta Bai, who is so freaking stoic even when there is chaos around her and even when things are going bad she is just there strong as a pillar and not scared of Gaitonde. Probably because she is more like a mother to him, after all it's all thanks to her that he gets his first break. Katekar, is that constable who is at Sartaj's beck and call. Even though he represents the constable in the series he is also doing the

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