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Scandal (2012)

Rayting:   7.7/10 67281 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with secrets.

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Season 7

April 19, 2018Episode 18 Over a Cliff
March 29, 2018Episode 15 The Noise
March 15, 2018Episode 14 The List
February 8, 2018Episode 11 Army of One
January 25, 2018Episode 9 Good People
January 18, 2018Episode 8 Robin
November 16, 2017Episode 7 Something Borrowed
October 26, 2017Episode 4 Lost Girls
October 19, 2017Episode 3 Day 101
October 5, 2017Episode 1 Watch Me

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User Reviews

stanson28 29 April 2020

It starts out well but just gets ridiculously stupid. KW overacts and is such an unbelievable character with pained facial expressions that the best thing I could do was turn it off.

friedenberg-ingrid 31 March 2014

CAN'T TAKE THIS SHOW ANYMORE!!!! "Scandal" is becoming one hell of a soap opera. Every actor is OVERACTING, it's like every one is PMSing... "Olivia Pope" just makes sad, confused faces and shouts all the time, it's annoying. "Huck" only WHISPERS, since episode one... "Jake Ballard" wants to be the bad ass, but sorry, far from it, he only makes puppy faces with puppy eyes.... this show just died... last episode was like: "let's get everyone having sex, to put some sparkles on it".... FAILED!!!!!! Horrible timing... maybe the producers, could perhaps take some notes from "House of Cards" and "Political Animals"... and I understand this is supposed to be a "scandal" from a romance btw the president and an outsider, but both of them are becoming narcissistic pricks and I don't even care if they stay together, the show would be better if they actually found others to get involved with. Everything in Scandal just SUCKS lately!!!! Good bye "soap opera"... I'm done!!!!

johncarson-44057 26 May 2017

I enjoyed first 2 seasons, but has sunk faster than the Titanic. Over time you realize everyone acts the same. Every actor has the same cadence when they talk. Olivia can't act, it's just the same expression over and over and over and over... By this last season , you realize it's the most idiotic thing you've ever watched EVER. It's hilariously stupid, yet the show still takes itself seriously... It's like Adam Sandler thinking 1 of his movies will win an Oscar. I'm not surprised by any twist and turn because it's so stupid - it's just 1 eye roll after another. I feel like the type of show it was changed after the first 2 years. Anyways, I want my life back

MikeSNation 11 February 2017

This show seems like it was written by or for children or overly- emotional halfwits. The writing has all the depth and nuance of a ridiculous dime store romance novel. Nothing that happens in this show is based in reality, no character is either real or likable, and none of their reactions are in any way realistic. Every single character seems like they have the emotional age of an impetuous tween.

The show is devoid of any real life feelings or characters, and the worst part is the writing. The dialogue is all completely ridiculous. Characters constantly launch into tirades, at least 2 or 3 every single episode. Why would anyone want to watch grown people throw tantrums constantly? Plus all of the characters talk the same -- what really grates on me though is how all of them constantly repeat themselves. "I will not do that! That is something I will not do! You will not make me do that and that will not be done by me!" That's pretty much exactly the way they talk.

Olivia Pope is completely unlikable and Kerry Washington is a truly terrible actress whose performance rings about as true as Ashton Kutcher would in the same role: as Olivia Pope.

I can't stand a single thing about this show.

castares49 20 June 2017

This show had just gotten so ridiculous and far-fetched, it's difficult to watch. The acting of Jeff Perry (Cyrus) is laughable at every turn. Kerry Washington is so one-dimensional and the way she enunciates every word is downright annoying. Tony Goldwyn totally sucks as POTUS. I will continue to watch and since I don't watch Sitcoms, I'll laugh at this pathetic excuse for a show. I will finish it and hope that Shonda Rhimes goes on a sabbatical!!!

fritz-129 6 September 2015

The English writing and acting in the original House of Cards was excellent. The American take, except for the superb presence of Kevin Spacey, was a cardboard cut-out of the original.

Scandal is another serious step down into soapoperaland. The blatant, clumsy plagiarism of the Michael Dobbs creation should be in court.

Kerry Washington has the acting range of a statue and the premise fads quickly into the daytime soap milieu. Scandal goes from the corny to the ridiculous and on to the absurd in short order.

The undignified treatment of the US Presidency is offensive. The Brits conveyed the cold ruthlessness of power. Scandal is a patronizing joke.

For those with IQs above room temperature, do not waste your valuable time.

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