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Search Party (2016)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   7.7/10 8K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Search Party is a dark comedy about four self absorbed twenty somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.

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January 28, 2021star9.0 157 votesS4E7 The Infinite Loop
November 25, 2016star8.9 311 votesS1E10 The House of Uncanny Truths
June 25, 2020star8.9 155 votesS3E9 Irrefutable Evidence
January 28, 2021star8.8 149 votesS4E10 The Shadows
December 17, 2017star8.7 197 votesS2E10 Psychosis
June 25, 2020star8.7 159 votesS3E8 A Dangerous Union
June 25, 2020star8.7 155 votesS3E10 The Reckoning
January 28, 2021star8.7 120 votesS4E9 The Inferno
June 25, 2020star8.6 145 votesS3E7 Rogue Witness
June 25, 2020star8.5 146 votesS3E6 In God We Trust
January 21, 2021star8.5 128 votesS4E4 Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig
December 17, 2017star8.4 175 votesS2E9 Frenzy
June 25, 2020star8.4 160 votesS3E2 The Rookie Lawyer
January 28, 2021star8.4 134 votesS4E8 The Imposter
June 25, 2020star8.3 148 votesS3E3 The Whistleblower
January 21, 2021star8.3 118 votesS4E6 The Thoughtless Woman
November 19, 2017star8.2 229 votesS2E1 Murder!
December 3, 2017star8.2 186 votesS2E5 Paranoia
June 25, 2020star8.2 143 votesS3E5 Public Appeal
November 23, 2016star8.1 256 votesS1E6 The Secret of the Sinister Ceremony

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User Reviews

manateefella 1 April 2021

The first 3 seasons are hilarious, inventive and, at times, genuinely suspenseful. Unfortunately, season 4 has one of the steepest quality drops I've ever experienced. Almost everything enjoyable about the show is altered, and every episode is an absolute slog. The focus shifts to a new, uninteresting and obnoxious character who undermines 3 seasons of development for the characters who the viewer has come to enjoy.

Such a catastrophic misstep in direction.

erolsabadosh 23 November 2016

7 episodes in and I'm hooked! This show is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! The style of humour is somewhere between Broad City and Louis; it's quite dark and weird at times but also fun and irreverent. The cast is awesome, doing a really good job portraying characters who are deeply flawed and making them entertaining to watch. A lot of the comedy stems from making fun of them and the often ridiculous things they do but it's not mean spirited; the show has a real charm to it that makes it ideal for binge watching. Every episode adds another layer to the mystery and we watch the characters unravel and get into ever-increasingly bizarre situations that all had me laughing out loud and often cringing too. One of my new favourites!

ActorMan22 23 November 2016

I have no idea what the other three reviewers were watching, but I truthfully could not stop laughing. I'm 51, so I doubt this show was aimed at my demographic (according to advertisers, the fact that I'm past the age of 49 means I either I don't exist or I don't consume, or both).My bete noir is bad scriptwriting, where every scene can be predicted, and the characters are one dimensional; this show didn't fall into that trap ONCE! After the first scene, I assumed that the Drew character, Dory's boyfriend, was a narcissistic simp, but as the first episode continued, he was shown to be an OK guy, who truly loves Dory, or at least, really cares for her. I have watched eight episodes on On Demand, each one is funny and touching; touching because Dory is such a vulnerable, relatable, 3 dimensional character. Give it time, and make sure you're actually watching "Search Party" and not the apparently horrible show the above reviewers watched.

pridgeondesigngroup 2 January 2021

There have been dark comedies in the past but this is one of the most engaging. As you get deeper into the episodes the viewer is forced to examine their feelings about the characters they have grown to love and identify with. You pull for them to escape the punishment that they all deserve but should you? This series toys with your emotions, and you know what? I am finding that very enjoyable . As you are laughing out loud, your inner dialogue is asking, "should I be laughing at this?" Then you realize that you are laughing out loud, and that's rare these days.

doubleobird 29 May 2020

I fell in love with this show when it first aired and then after season two, nothing for years! Now we are getting two additional seasons from HBO Max. This show is so smart and unique. The characters are shallow and so selfish but you can't help but want to see what happens next. Alia Shawkat as Dory is amazing at portraying her characters guilt and struggles with the decisions that she has made. Just watch it! You won't regret it!

Gretel1006 10 April 2021

I've watched the first 6 episodes and don't care for it much. I find it bland and the characters irritate me. I read some reviews to find out what others think of the show and there are so many who absolutely love it, going so far as to call it a masterpiece. Isn't it crazy how different our tastes are? Crazy in a good way though.

fsu1985 9 February 2021

The first 3 seasons were pretty good. Tense at times, funny at times with great characters. Then there was the fourth season. TOTAL STUPIDITY! Midway thru the 4th season I started wishing it was over. Then I started fast forwarding to hurry up and finish it. I would say watch thru the third season and then use your imagination.

betogotdajuice 3 February 2021

The show is decent, but took a nosedive season 4. First 3 seasons were a good mix of comedy and drama, but S4 is all about Dory and Chip's crazy asses and I just wanted it to be over.

joelkydd 15 February 2021

Why is the show about a murder in Canada is on trial in New York?

jyao-44116 23 November 2016

If you go into this for a cookie-cutter Bones, SVU, CSI type show or constant one-liners you will be disappointed. The characters aren't meant to be likable, but serve to rustle up emotions like annoyance and frustration. The brilliance of this show is its commentary on what it means to search for meaning, fulfillment, and actualization in a post-modernist society. The jokes are subtle and character based. There is a heady dose of nihilism, which is done in a style unlike any other show I've seen, and it's deeply existentialist. This show serves as a mirror into our own lives. That's the kind of mindset it should be viewed in--don't expect to like the characters or a mystery.

jasonaball 26 January 2021

This is what television should be. Absolutely addictive. Smart story. And absolutely fun with an Amazing cast.

violettesla 22 November 2016

Search Party isn't a non-stop laughfest, nor is it a dreary ID crime investigation, and it certainly isn't a perfect blend of the two. What it is, however, is a realistic journey of self-trust.

This isn't a show where the main character is a genius and can link clues at a rapid pace or where a team of expert analysts know exactly where to find the next missing piece. This is a show where an everyday woman with nothing to lose puts herself in charge of her own life and throws everything she has into this mystery.

Each episode doesn't give leaps and bounds of clues for the mystery, like investigations in the real-world. Dory is an everyday woman, and Search Party follows her personal conspiracy and investigation in a real-to-life pace.

The characters are flawed, just like real people, and if you find them distasteful it's because they were written to be that way. The whole opening theme is that Dory finds herself stuck in life. Stuck with a dead-end job, stuck with lackluster friends, and stuck with a unsatisfactory boyfriend, but the one thing she does have, (as another character notes), is this conspiracy of a girl from her past who goes missing.

If you want an action show watch Hawaii Five-0, if you want a comedy watch Angie Tribeca, but if you want a realistic underdog story this is the show for you. You're not supposed to be recovering minute-to-minute from drama or laughter, real people don't have that every waking moment of every single day, you're slugging it out with Alia Shawkat (who SHINES) and witnessing Dory make something out of herself.

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