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See (2019)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   7.6/10 48000 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Far in a dystopian future, the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society has had to find new ways to interact, build, hunt, and to survive. All of that is challenged when a set of twins is born with sight.

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amraamx 5 November 2019

First of all i think there's too many negative reviews the show is just starting the idea is promising and has a lot of potential i can understand that some people can't swallow the dynamics of blind world but you can't unveil all the series mysteries in 3 episodes give it time and it can develop into a great show i would rather watch a series with a good start and then develop into an epic ending rather than starting with a great pilot then 8 season later ends in a disaster

risbyceonna 2 August 2021

I loved this show from the minute I saw the trailer for season 2. The acting is always very strong and they did a good job in introducing all the characters. I seen a lot of people complain about how unrealistic some things were but you have to understand this is a fantasy after all. I think they did an amazing job in displaying how the world has evolved from being able to see, to being blind. There's lots of good action and good suspense. The reason I said this show was "unusual" was because of the queen praying by putting things up her vagina but like I said, this is a fantasy 😬. I do recommend it very much, it gives off a game of thrones type vibe. I do hope Haniwa gets some character development because she's very annoying.

Also I saw people say why bother wearing clothes if they're blind but clothes aren't just used to keep people from seeing you naked, they're used to keep you warm. They've been blind for hundreds of years, they learned to adapt, build and communicate. People are just nitpicking at things that can be explained if you just think about it.

Protozoa1975 24 November 2019

People are blind but women still have the need to wear makeup, bride hair, put decorations on clothes and head. Go figure...

zkmarkov 28 June 2021

The cinematography is great The acting is great for the most part The writing is alright The choreography is the best part I'd say, there's generally action and combat in every episode. If you're a fan of Tararntino style action the choreography alone my keep you in your seat.

In conclusion it's pretty good, but you might find it dull at parts. If you don't like it by the end of episode 2 you won't like the rest of it probably.

masterkiller-37218 7 January 2021

It will be much better if we can get rid of the two most annoying characters Queen Kane and Haniwa.

g_hannum 5 November 2019

Almost passed this up because of all the bad reviews, glad I didn't, this is a pretty good fantasy series, through 3 episodes anyway, everyone taking it way too serious, just enjoy the world they have created.

and if humans were blind for several thousand years, they would adapt,

MR_Heraclius 19 March 2020

This show breathes something fresh and something new. I'm quite sure these low ratings were giving by the same individuals that rated 'Game of Thrones' low in its first season and then jumped on the bandwagon thereafter. I put off watching this show and then decided to watch it. I'm glad I did as it kept me compelled to keep watching. This show has it all, action, drama, suspense, etc... Can't wait to see how many people jump on board. Excellent!!!!

makhshar01 2 November 2019

People already judging this show before it even explains everything. well to me it seems people are very fkn annoyed that these people have been blind for a long time and most people adapt to their environment. I honestly have no idea either but so far the story itself is getting very good. Give it a go u won't regret it.

somzer 2 November 2019

"Suspension of belief" is not an excuse you can use to explain away contradictions, plotholes, irrationality and nonsense in other names. It's about accepting unrealistic elements for the sake of the overall picture. Sounds in space, throwing fireballs, or dinosaurs in human disguise, sure, people will accept it, but then you STILL ought to present a reasonable, coherent story that abides by the internal rules of this fictional world.

"See" is built entirely on the foundation of "suspension of disbelief", but its architect is about as qualified as a drunken toddler is to propose laws, seeing as the finished product demands far, far more than that.

It requires the total, absolute suspension of reason.

Here, suspension of disbelief would be accepting a virus left only a fraction of the population alive, but left them blind. A post-apocalyptic setting.

Yet what you need to do here is accept these blind people regressed back to the bronze age, where over 99.9% of the accumulated knowledge of humanity that we enjoy today is either less than a myth, or forgotten completely. It's a world where people don't even believe in the Sun, Moon or stars, and indeed, where "sight" is a concept regarded as ridiculous...aside from being heretical warranting immediate execution in the name of "God". Good to know at least some things don't change.

You must accept that here is a world where small bands of tribal savages live in the wilderness fighting over berry bushes, but you also have to accept their fabulous makeup, their well-done hairstyles, their stylish clothing and their fancy accessories. Why any of that is necessary - or even possible - when none of them can see, I don't know, but then again, nor does the writer so who are you to judge!

"But where are the cities?" you may wonder, and the answer is: They're in the bank because post-apocalyptic city shots are way too expensive and totally unnecessary in a post-apocalyptic series anyway!

Accept all the "blind things" shown, such as heightened hearing and smelling ability, and accept they use tools to detect objects in their path like the blind would, but then forget it immediately, and instead, accept that they can fight like people who clearly see the blows coming and dodge them casually while retaliating with inhuman precision.

And accept that even though their other senses are unrealistically heightened to the point they can hear a horse breathe normally from miles' distance, alla Superman, the same people can still be sneaked up on with ease by a heavily armored foot soldier, when the plot so demands it.

"Consistency? Reason? What do you mean?" -asked the writer before he resumed fantasising about his dashing, butchering knife waving, blind martial artists putting on their scary warpaint sensually before the grand battle over their prized berry bushes.

If that all doesn't sound too bad and you want to give it a shot, prepare to vacate your mind of all thought and watch it as you are supposed to: Drooling.

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