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Seinfeld (1989)

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The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York City stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York City friends.

Episode Guide

Season 9

April 30, 1998Episode 19 The Maid
April 23, 1998Episode 18 The Frogger
March 19, 1998Episode 16 The Burning
February 26, 1998Episode 15 The Wizard
February 5, 1998Episode 14 The Strong Box
January 29, 1998Episode 13 The Cartoon
January 8, 1998Episode 11 The Dealership
December 18, 1997Episode 10 The Strike
December 11, 1997Episode 9 The Apology
November 20, 1997Episode 8 The Betrayal
November 13, 1997Episode 7 The Slicer
October 30, 1997Episode 5 The Junk Mail
October 16, 1997Episode 4 The Blood
October 2, 1997Episode 2 The Voice
September 25, 1997Episode 1 The Butter Shave

Season 8

Season 7

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Seinfeld Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 12, 1994star9.6 4574 votesS5E21 The Hamptons
November 18, 1992star9.5 6153 votesS4E11 The Contest
November 2, 1995star9.5 4953 votesS7E6 The Soup Nazi
February 11, 1993star9.4 4138 votesS4E17 The Outing
November 6, 1997star9.2 3129 votesS9E6 The Merv Griffin Show
October 3, 1996star9.2 3086 votesS8E3 The Bizarro Jerry
February 10, 1994star9.1 3785 votesS5E14 The Marine Biologist
November 21, 1996star9.1 2690 votesS8E9 The Abstinence
November 14, 1996star9.0 2902 votesS8E8 The Chicken Roaster
February 26, 1992star8.9 3426 votesS3E19 The Limo
April 23, 1998star8.9 2608 votesS9E18 The Frogger
April 4, 1996star8.9 2554 votesS7E19 The Wig Master
April 10, 1997star8.9 2388 votesS8E18 The Nap
May 5, 1994star8.8 3202 votesS5E20 The Fire
September 23, 1993star8.8 3122 votesS5E2 The Puffy Shirt
November 25, 1992star8.8 3100 votesS4E12 The Airport
January 5, 1995star8.8 2911 votesS6E11 The Switch
October 9, 1997star8.8 2853 votesS9E3 The Serenity Now
October 10, 1996star8.8 2769 votesS8E4 The Little Kicks
December 18, 1997star8.8 2759 votesS9E10 The Strike

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User Reviews

sdfrsdfr 26 December 2004

I caught a few episodes of Seinfeld over it's final two seasons run on public channel, and made it a point to catch a lot more of Jerry and friends during it's reruns. I found it very amusing on first viewings, but as time wore on, I began to like it more and more, and to eagerly borrow taped episodes from friends, and to hunt for re-runs on syndicated channels.

Of the two comedy TV series in the history of television, I would choose both Seinfeld and Monty Python as the cultural landmarks of the medium. In Seinfeld, there is not a trace of sentimentality and glib moralizing that plagues the American sitcom genre. Characters do not hug each other on Christmas, fall in love, wax on and on about family and friends, there is no faux-cathartic season ender so favoured by the writers of, say, "Friends".

Instead, we have the narcissistic Jerry, constantly mining the minutiae of everyday detail for every bit of situational comedy; we have the hyper-aggressive Elaine, whose strings of breakups with boyfriends are as impressive as her petty neuroses leading up to the breakups themselves; the ultimate schlub-loser George, who lies to every single woman he dates, sells faulty equipment to the handicapped and muscles off women and children when fleeing an apartment fire; and the impossibly inventive physical comedy of the entrepreneur cum schmooze Kramer.

Over and over again, week in and week out, the quartet discuss trivialities with unbridled zeal, as the non-descript narrative pings from one mundane setting to another. Seldom has such wit been generated by such gargantually pointless human endeavours. That is where the brilliance of Seinfeld lies, in the ability to go to the most bizarre ends to fulfill the potential of a less than hopeful comedic premise; and the endless, pointlessly smug and nihilistic banter that almost invariably escalates into some of TV's classic lines, such as when George shouts triumphantly after winning an argument that "there is no bigger loser than me!".

Surely, we won't find something like this again, for many more years to come.

danielosborne-27850 17 November 2020

A show that is about nothing. A formula never tried before and never since. This show works because of its unique sense of humour, characters and writing. Before Seinfeld entered TV sets everywhere nobody had seen anything similar to it. The show creates endless laughs and hilarity beyond belief. Whilst since it has been accepted as a great of the sitcom genre shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory have attempted to repeat a similar low-brow, clever sense of humour however have been unable to repeat what this show could create.

Perhaps the reason why this show is the greatest sitcom ever is that it creates such a unique way of find laughs and somehow despite the fact that so many great shows after it have tried to repeat it, it is the only thing like it and is still able to be a never-ending run of laughter.

So, if you are considering watching Seinfeld go for it, give it a few episodes to become familiar with the characters and you won't regret it. You will never see another sitcom like it and you will see why many people consider it to be the greatest sitcom ever made, a true testament to the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

jp88 17 January 2005

It has ended 6 years ago and we still talk about it, i think that this shows us how fantastic this series was. There are some new programmes that are good, but any of them is half as interesting as Seinfeld was. Many of its episodes are really comedy masterpieces. After watching one of them you become an addict. The characters are fantastic, the actors performed so well that you can't think of them like anything but the character they played, maybe this is the reason because they couldn't success in other shows. The writers who could do 8 seasons of a "show about nothing" doing each episode funnier than the last one deserves our respect and admiration. To sum up, Seinfeld rules

drednm 11 August 2005

Seinfeld is the funniest TV show in history. Built around the day-to-day life of a New York comedian, Seinfeld managed to spear every sacred cow in sight. The irreverence of the show's four main characters never let up over 9 glorious seasons. The "gang of four" were petty, childish, surly, selfish, compulsive, obsessive, and totally hilarious ... like 4 children in adults' bodies.

Jerry Seinfeld played himself and surrounded himself with an ex-girlfriend (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a childhood friend (Jason Alexander), and a neighbor (Michael Richards). Four terrific actors with incredible chemistry among them, the four careened through 9 seasons of total mayhem. Sex, religion, politics, old age, political correctness, race, relationships, homosexuality, Los Angeles ... you name it, they harpooned it.

Great supporting cast over the years included Jerry Stiller, Estelle Harris, Barney Martin, Liz Sheridan, Wayne Knight, Patrick Warburton, John O'Hurley, Len Lesser, Heidi Swedberg, and others.

And so many brilliant actors who only showed up once or a few times: Steve Hytner as Bania, Mark Metcalf as the Maestro, Megan Cole as Peggy the germophobe, Sheree North as Babs Kramer, Charles Levin as the mohel, Elmarie Wendel as Helene the actress, Philip Baker Hall as the library detective, Judge Reinhold as the close talker, Bette Midler as herself, and so many others.

Seinfeld probably added more catch phrases to the English language than any other show in TV history. Brilliant writing that found humor in WORDS (such a concept) as well as SITUATION, Seinfeld owed much to the writing of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and others. So with great scripts, a perfect cast, and no respect for anything, Seinfeld marched along to his own drum and made us all captives of its brilliant wit.

One of the great things about Seinfeld was that you could see a little bit of yourself in each of the 4 zany characters. And you could ALWAYS recognize the dumb situations they found themselves in. Just brilliant!

And let's not forget that Jerry Seinfeld became the first Jewish Superman/Everyman on TV. He was everything from comic to sex symbol and everything in between.

alexkolokotronis 21 April 2008

I hate saying something is the best ever. Still how could you go wrong with Seinfeld. Just hilarious characters and setups everywhere.

For everyone who has seen this show, what other show or even movie deliver so many open ended endings that still felt like a perfecting closing. That right there is great writing.

The characters are another great example of great writing. To think of people like Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. These characters were developed so greatly that the ideas for episodes were endless. Also the guest stars did a great job in their appearances just sliding right in.

The plots of the episodes were not that great from the outlook. If you actually watch the episodes though the most basic daily problem could be made into a very enjoyable episode.

This can only be done with great, superb writing. If you have seen this show watch it.

slumberland 8 September 2003

I cannot, through any stretch of my imagination, grasp how anyone can't find the humor in this series. Perhaps they have succumb to a similar problem I have in writing this review. I find that I cannot accurately describe just why exactly this sitcom should be held so far above the others. It's Kramer's awkward movements and border-line insanity; it's Jerry and Elaine's never-rekindled romance; it's George's terrible luck and inadequacy issues; it's all of those and so much more. I do find, however, that the show can be described with one word: irreplaceable.

"Friends"? Have you ever noticed that in "Friends" commercials, not even they, the reigning kings and queens of sitcoms, dare tread on the title of "funniest show ever"? Just watch the next commercial you see, and you'll find "the funniest (running) show on television!" I don't know if I would call that perfectly accurate, but it proves my point. Seinfeld was groundbreaking, and it went to places that few comedies (or dramas, for that matter) have since gone, and nothing before nor since has in quite the same way equaled it.

I notice a reoccurring complaint of negative reviews on this site: the opening and occasional ending of Jerry Seinfeld doing standup. I admit, it isn't the funniest thing that I've ever heard, though he is by far the best "have you ever noticed" comedian, but give me a break! That is your complaint? At least some other reviewers go on about characters, and the implausible plotlines (not that I agree in the least with them), but just that reason alone? You obviously don't have the intelligence to grasp the humor of the series, content only with the easy-to-understand slapstick of today's comedy; but nonetheless, in your blatant stupidity, you cannot grasp why it ISN'T funny, either -- so you pick the standup.


In any case, despite the negative reviews or even the positive, Seinfeld stands the test of time, and is the greatest sitcom ever made. Even TV Guide's compiled list of the "greatest television series' of all time," not at all exclusive to comedy (20/20, I believe, made the list), put Seinfeld right where it belongs: NUMBER ONE.

The last and greatest juggernaut of comedy, I know I'll be watching the untiring reruns that never seem to get old when I'm old and gray and long since committed to a retirement home.

And do you know what?

The intelligent viewers of humanity's next generation will be doing the same thing.

gcanfield-29727 22 January 2021

I've always thought the "show about nothing" thing was inaccurate. The show was really about "everything." The pilot episode has Jerry and George, pretty much as the characters evolve. However, Kramer is too stupid at first, and there's no Elaine. The show gets funnier as the seasons move along. The best episodes come about half-way into the series. All in all, a great series-and possibly the last truly classic TV show.

thekingkaran 15 September 2020

I just can't stop binging this show. Like ever. Don't get me wrong FRIENDS is historic in its own place & I've binged that a lot too but Seinfeld just edges it for me.

Jason Alexander, you legend. George Costanza is the character that you see nowadays sitcoms are trying to pull off but they just can't. He's One of a kind. Just like Joey & Chandler. They are in a league of their own.

I review rarely and this is my first review & I'm sounding like i should be giving Seinfeld 10/10 but I've settled with 9. The reason for that is i base my rating simply on 3 factors: 1) Characters 2) Storyline 3) Screenplay i.e. length of how long a show is keeping me attached to the screen before i lose interest.

So for George, Kramer, Jerry i give it a perfect 10. But when it comes to Elaine, she's so lame. As a character, as a person i don't get her. Beauty of me binging Seinfeld is that I've chopped off her parts from all episodes. She's terrible, irritating and hardly makes me laugh. Writers haven't even attached background applause to her wise cracks. Downpoint of the show. 'Elame' Benes.

To shed a light on Jerry & Kramer, well they are the lifeblood of the show. Their chemistry makes you laugh. Kramer is very underrated. Also, Jerry & George's coffee shop chemistry. Those scenes are hilarious & refreshing. You'd never get bored watching their riddled lifestyles.

That's all, its a must watch. Even if sitcoms ain't your genre i think you must give this a try no matter what. It's just that good. And yes, first 2 seasons are a bit downer but important to watch for you to establish those characters. From season 3 you'd love the stories & start getting used to it. By season 5 & 6 you'd literally crack yourself up.

BEST SITCOM EVER MADE HANDS DOWN. Effortless entertainment. Once you watch it, mark my words you're gonna binge it. P.S: I've already crossed the 3-figures binge watching it and currently rewatching it for 183rd time. Love this show to bits. Never getting enough of this ever.

shrek2004 25 July 2003

This show was totally unique. Nothing has been done like it before, or since (with the possible exception of the Simpsons, which does mimic some of the "nothing" plots a little). While it was about nothing, it was really about everything--but the little things that no one thinks about, like giving your bank code to your fiancé. I also liked how this show was the last of the "non-fashion" shows.

You always saw Kramer wear the same ridiculous jacket, pants, and shirt. George always had those too-small plaid shirts and even Jerry had the black-and-gray striped shirt we saw him wear in the one where he and George make "The Pact". Even Elaine had many of the same clothes, even after her "make-over". I mean, I LOVE the show Friends but every time the guys have a new turtleneck or sweater, and the girls always have a new dress or a new pair of pants, which is totally unrealistic (for the guys anyway).

This show had consistent humour all the way up to the last season, which is unusual for many shows. I LOVED George styling his hair to look like the bald guy from NYPD Blue, Elaine buying the JuJubes on the way to the hospital, Uncle Leo yelling "STOP THE SHOW" on the PBS special--these were just some of the great moments! This show is the best on televison, and if you haven't seen it, go and watch now!

WrathChld 6 May 2004

I was sitting in my apartment tonight watching the end of a sitcom era with the last "friends" episode and it brought me back to 1998 when we all said goodbye to "seinfeld". I won't sit here and debate, which was the better show because, lets face facts they both did a fine job. They are two very successful sitcoms, but other than that they really had an entirely different feel and format.

"Seinfeld" gave us all so many catch phrases and we all continue to enjoy these characters and episodes six years after the show ended. I just love it. I constantly find myself reciting lines from the show with a good friend of mine. This show rocks. It will always be a great show. I will continue to watch this show in reruns over and over. It sure doesn't get old.

I wanted to add some favorite lines or scenes from the show, but there are truly too many. Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry just rule and have such a great chemistry. The additional characters throughout the years were cool too. Some of my favorites were Puddy, Peterman, and Frank Castanza. Oh greatness.

So keep Seinfeld alive in your hearts and keeping watching the show about nothing.

Giddie Up!

brentleysmth 10 October 2020

I dont know why People even bother bringing up friends.... it literally isn't even in the same league when comparing it to the brilliance of a man like George Constanza, he alone conquers the entire cast and sub cast of "friends"

It's the best show that ever was and ever will be -Fact

DiCaprio-HardyFan 18 July 2021

What can I say about Seinfeld that hasn't already been said? It's just flat out hilarious and still holds up almost 20 years later. I don't know of any sitcom ever (outside of maybe Friends) where all the co-stars are all equally funny! That's what happens here, all 4 main characters are all hilarious! I mean everyone has there favorites but bottom line is they're all great, as is the show! If you read any "best sitcom ever" list ever written you will find Seinfeld near the top on every list for a reason...because it is!

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