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Sense8 (2015)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   8.3/10 139521 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world's order.

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mihl-38415 26 May 2021

This show impacted me so much I had to scrap my novel in-the-making because the concept inspired me so much. This show changed my perspective view in the world, as to how every living beings are connected to each other. Sense8 got to be, if not the best, one of the best sci-fi films ever. Very disappointed Netflix cancelled the show.

ivarvanbrink 30 May 2021

This is one of the most beautiful series ever. It requires patience and understanding and the first few episodes are confusing. After that you start understanding what is going on and see the unique relationships that get formed throughout the series.

electrobird 5 June 2015

Netflix does it again. After House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil, they now release one of the best series ever. Well directed and written, gorgeously shot and edited… From the opening sequence, you know you are watching something very special. Sense8 has the human element that Matrix lacked. It reminds me of The X-Files, but better. It is fantasy and science fiction, but not far-fetched. Not even for a single moment. It feels alive, real and very, very exciting and suspenseful.

Andy and Lana Wachowski go around the world to bring you this beauty... From the streets of Nairobi to the alleys of San Francisco through the smoggy Mexico City and the snowy mountains of Iceland, this show brings it all… and it is DEEP! The series brings elements of drama, suspense, comedy and action and differently from other Wackowski's movies; it brings characters we can relate. Every single one of them is incredibly well constructed and the cast performance is superb. It is impossible to watch this show without deeply connecting with those people. I cheered, I cried, I laughed, I bit all my nails and I feel in love with Kala, Riley, Lito, Nomi, Capheus, Wolfgang, Will and Sun. I adore those characters and at the end of the season, they were like my own family. This, my friends, is great cinema. Nothing else! …and it deserves much more! I can't wait for season two.

maliapac 5 June 2015

It isn't 9 but I will give it one just in spite of all the haters. I just watched four episodes of the show and it isn't bad at all. Just the contrary. It is one of the best SF shows in the last few years. I will try to explain why.

Straczynski is an old-school storyteller. His stories are methodical and often revealed in the later stages of the show (remember B5 where the whole S1 was an expose only). "Sense8" isn't any different. It's a show where the story begins after the first few episodes so if you don't have patience to wait and see into what will the story develop just don't watch it. However, if you acknowledge that and give the show a chance you'll see that it's a testament of tolerance. In the beginning of the show 8 people are interconnected. They can literally "feel" each other. That's freaky. But they are all as different as they could be. They also come from different continents and different surroundings. "Sense8" asks us to have faith in each other and perhaps even to coexist because and not in spite of our differences. However, story is slow, and in the beginning there is just to many characters to feel any real connection to any of them. It doesn't matter really. We can see the sketches of the things to come.

"Sense8" tackles some serious subjects. Homosexuality, transgender relations, racial differences, feminism and deficiency of capitalism.

Of course, all that criticism probably won't appeal to everyone and it will probably offend the feelings of the conservative viewers but neither Wachovskis nor Straczynski are worried about that.

"Sense8" does what it describes. It introduces us to the bigger picture. The story will fully develop in the later stages, the universe of the S8 is just fleshed out here. This passed with B5 in the nineties but today when people are watching their cellphones while watching the movie and when everything must happen now or it doesn't matter anymore - S8 is a bit anachronistic. It's not made for everyone and it won't be liked by everyone. But it isn't bad. On the contrary, it's one of the best SF series in a while.

pablo_moriano 29 May 2021

To be honest, I almost quit watching after the first two episodes but luckily I didn't and I found something really amazing and engaging.

sarahferraro 5 June 2015

I had very, very high expectations for this show. I've never been so anxious for a new show to come out. From start to finish and at every point along the way this show more than met those expectations, it blew them away. The transitions from one person to the next, one scene to the next were exquisitely done every time. The way each sensate connected with the others, what they were able to help each other with emotionally and physically was masterfully done. Nothing felt inevitable, at each point there felt like there was genuine risk to each of them. I love this show. I literally stayed up from midnight until noon watching each episode one after the other. And tonight, when I get home from shopping, I'm gonna do it again but with friends. This satisfied me on so many levels. Genre, plot, gender, race, sexuality. I care so much for each of the eight and I love how they all complement each other. They are amazing. This show is amazing. The editing, the directing, the writing, the acting, the chemistry between the eight....just perfect. I can't wait to watch it again and again and again.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 15 June 2021

Sense8 is one of those shows where you truly start to care about all the characters and what happens to them. That's because they actually take the time to develop all of these characters and build this world very carefully. They had to end the series because it started to become ridiculously expensive and I get it. At least there were enough fans that they didn't leave it with a cliffhanger and gave us a movie to end the story! It really is a good sci-fi series!

mae_east 5 August 2020

I started this show back in 2016 and honestly, just could not get into it. The part of the dildo on the floor was not very appealing to me. I wasn't offended by the love of two women, but what could have been a nice love scene was tainted by that action and that is where it stopped for me - the first time around. Then the pandemic hit and I was locked in my home wondering what wall I haven't banged my head against yet, when I came across this show again. This time with nothing else pulling me out of my house, this show played on, pulling me in and keeping me there. It is slow, yes, but only in the beginning. It is a slow burn, but a good burn and it hooks your heart, very gently and ever so deeply. Some reviews are speaking about pushing an agenda for gay rights, and maybe it is, but that is not what stood out to me. I'm not a homosexual, nor am I homophobia, so that is not where my attention went. For me, it was the friendship. The overwhelming theme of having someone, 7 someones, who are connected so inseparably to each other, that they protect you at all cost. They are the type of friends that most people would give anything to have. This shows embodies love, family, and connection. It is, sadly, without a doubt, well before its time. I was so very touched by the beauty in this story that it moved my heart and my mind, and oh how very dangerous that can be! I'm just one person, and I know that there is not anything so special about how I feel to think I am the only one who feels this way, which means, there are a lot of others out there that feel exactly the same. And if we all are moved, like I have been, then that is when one person becomes one more and one more until we are all connected and moved to make the our lives, our hearts, our thoughts, a better place. What a wave that brings. One where the impact of such may take time to become evident, but make no mistake, it will come. Well done! If the creators of this show ever feel like their work, their art, their creation did not have the effect hoped for, I hope you "hear" my voice. It did! In time, I think this show will soar. Thank you for making it. You have moved me beyond what words can ever convey. And the song at the end - Experience- is married in my soul and every time I hear it, I will think of the power of love - of any kind. and the enduring, everlasting beauty of friendship. I am truly grateful for such an experience! Thank you.

Perse_phone 6 June 2015

I very rarely write reviews here on IMDb, but after reading some of the other reviews of this amazingly diverse, colourful and new show I actually feel the need to do so.

There have been a few reviewers complaining about "all the gay and/or transsexual people in this series", going as far as claiming this to be "gay propaganda"(!). ... Well, okay. I admit that I am shocked because really?? Yes, there are gay and even one transsexual character in Sense8.. Oh, and they even get to be main characters! Wow. That really must be gay propaganda - because surely no Scifi TV show intended for the mainstream could possibly have normal, every-day gay characters in it -- that aren't even there for the usual comic relief. I mean, of course there are TV shows and films that have plenty of gay characters and plot, and that's apparently OK, because they're mostly intended for a gay audience. And most importantly, they advertise beforehand that the show "is gay". And Sense8? It had the bloody gall to not follow this fine established etiquette. (Boo hoo.)

Seriously. There's plenty of straight sex to be found in your average film/TV show and no one would ever call that "heterosexual and/or anti-gay propaganda". It's simply two (or more) people, in the nude, having, ya know, sex. Nothing new in the world of TV. Considering the fact that there are plenty of gay, bi, trans etc. people out there one might possibly find it strange how most shows or blockbusters have so little glbt lead characters... But no, instead we're confronted with a scandalised outcry because gay sex. And gay people's problems. (Okay, the slippery strap-on dildo wasn't really necessary, I'll give you that. But on the other hand, there're plenty of other TV shows showing similar or even more explicit sex scenes/stuff - and with those being of the straight variety there aren't half as many people complaining about it as here.)

In my (very humble) opinion, Sense8 is a very engaging, well-made and super interesting science fiction drama with a very interesting and varied bunch of characters. And I really mean interesting - there isn't even one character that I can't bond with, don't want to know more about or find interesting here, which on it's own is quite an accomplishment considering that there are 8 main characters who couldn't be more diverse.. Made even more intriguing by all these developing connections between culturally very different people.

The show is not fast-paced, and far from your average sci-fi action show. I get that this show might not for everyone and understand how one might be disappointed and call the series (too) slow - especially if one started watching this show expecting it to be a fast-paced, action-packed SF mystery.

This is, imo, more a drama about very different people who start connecting in the strangest of ways despite all their differences - may it be culture, gender, sexual preference, job (policeman vs. criminal) or social background. And in the first few episodes the show mainly concentrates on exactly that development - introducing each character, their history and the world they live in. (Yes, that includes a bit of "gay plot line" or "cliché"-characters as well - i.e. a parent not accepting their transsexual daughter or a guy being afraid of facing the possible consequences a coming out might entail.)

The so-called "clichés" are unfortunately still a harsh real

vayalapatisandeep 29 May 2021

My eyes are blessed to watch this show.

Definitely you will enjoy watching this.

jgrapejiang 11 June 2020

When I first watched the show, I rated it a 10. I found it unique, beautifully filmed, and so...human. You witness all these different people learning about each other and aiding in each other's struggles using their individual strengths. The sense of empathy amidst the topical struggles they faced was inspiring. Even into Season 2, which took a long time to come out, I deeply cared about these characters.

Why dock 2 stars? 1. It was confusing, honestly. Sometimes sci-fi shows can do that; they introduce complex issues and throw on layers and flashbacks to make the story more "realistic" and "interesting," I'm guessing. I didn't quite process everything until Season 2, meaning most of Season 1 left me wondering what exactly was going on. 2. I get the point of the sex scenes. Sex is part of being human. The sensates experience extra pleasure during sex due to their connection. However, it did become a little much. 3. After reading the reviews here, I suddenly recalled that yes, each character arc was permeated with stereotypes. I won't repeat what the other reviews said, but essentially, the show fronts as being novel and groundbreaking while falling on certain tropes. That stuff did feel overextended in Season 2. I will concede that putting them all together in a single show is still distinctive, and I personally haven't watched many movies or shows with trans women, Indian women, gay Mexicans, or Asian women battling a patriarchal society.

Because the show tells the story of 8 people, I sometimes wish there was more dialogue and further exploration of the cultural significance and societal pressures for some of the characters. Regardless, my rating is mostly based on how I felt watching the show, and the verdict is that I felt that many groups were represented, I liked the concept and overall story, and I came away feeling fulfilled.

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