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Servant (2019)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.6/10 26K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A Philadelphia couple is in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

Episode Guide

Season 2

March 19, 2021Episode 10 Josephine
March 12, 2021Episode 9 Goose
March 5, 2021Episode 8 Loveshack
February 26, 2021Episode 7 Marino
February 19, 2021Episode 6 Espresso
February 12, 2021Episode 5 Cake
February 5, 2021Episode 4 2:00
January 29, 2021Episode 3 Pizza
January 22, 2021Episode 2 Spaceman
January 15, 2021Episode 1 Doll

Season 1

Best Servant Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

January 10, 2020star8.4 1198 votesS1E9 Jericho
February 5, 2021star8.3 774 votesS2E4 2:00
November 28, 2019star8.2 1644 votesS1E1 Reborn
January 3, 2020star8.1 1142 votesS1E8 Boba
January 17, 2020star8.1 1134 votesS1E10 Balloon
January 29, 2021star8.1 780 votesS2E3 Pizza
November 28, 2019star8.0 1373 votesS1E2 Wood
November 28, 2019star7.9 1303 votesS1E3 Eel
December 6, 2019star7.8 1201 votesS1E4 Bear
December 20, 2019star7.8 1164 votesS1E6 Rain
March 19, 2021star7.8 632 votesS2E10 Josephine
December 27, 2019star7.7 1079 votesS1E7 Haggis
December 13, 2019star7.6 1168 votesS1E5 Cricket
March 12, 2021star7.6 590 votesS2E9 Goose
January 22, 2021star7.4 744 votesS2E2 Spaceman
February 19, 2021star7.4 632 votesS2E6 Espresso
February 12, 2021star7.4 630 votesS2E5 Cake
January 15, 2021star7.3 828 votesS2E1 Doll
February 26, 2021star7.2 605 votesS2E7 Marino
March 5, 2021star6.7 641 votesS2E8 Loveshack

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User Reviews

lonelyswordsman 18 March 2021

This is a very good show except the performance of Dorothy. Just like Dr. Smith makes me quit Lost in Space, Dorothy begin to make me hard to keep watch this show. Sorry I'm not a native English speaker, I don't know how to describe the problem of their performance: overdone? too much unnecessary facial expression? superficial? Just can't stand actor/actress with this kind of style. Other actors/actresses in this show are all very good. And the plot and suspension, great. I would have given it 8 if it was not that Dorothy with all her excessive facial expression!

secsubs 20 February 2021

Someone already pointed it out - started really suspenseful and could make you tense and arched like a nervous cat. 2-3 episodes later, they lost the plot. Nothing happened for several episodes, the story didn't move. Great direction and acting but they all carry the carcass of a dead plot. Season 2 is more confusing and castrated. Like so many shows - taking off and weaving a complex web is easy, landing it and untangling the threads is very hard. Unfortunately, this show is just an annoyance now.

hisxlnc 21 March 2021

The show started on a good note, there was a lot of intrigue, suspense and drama on offer however Season 2 has just gone off the rails completely. The plot is not really going anywhere and it often borders on utter nonsense.One wonders if the creators have up given up on their show and are just interested in milking Apple as long as they can.

kashmalanayyar 3 February 2021

I'm on season 2 and I'm so disappointed. It started off really interesting but this is taking forever. The build up is beginning to look quite disappointing.

venla-03305 26 December 2019

Feeling sad about the fact that this show really did seem like a good one. Now after watching the sixth episode I'm starting to feel bored. The whole series is dependent on confusion and no one knows what is or even could be going on. You can always guess but it gets boring after literally everything that happens is just confusing and all I can do is wait for some kind of an explanation to help the viewer to get a grip of this show.

mtyducs 13 December 2019

The show started off really well but now the episodes are getting repetitive. Every episode is thirty minutes of nothing with an odd twist at the very end that in no way, shape or form carries over to the next episode. I am sure this all will come to make sense in the end but it is a long painful process to get there.

I do like the main dude on the show, he is good. The nanny is good too. But the story is just way too slow.

UPDATE: After 8 episodes, I can confidently state the show is complete rubbish. Any story has gone out the window and each episode is so random.

AND WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPEN TO THE ONE POSITIVE ASPECT TO THE SHOW? The dad is practically nonexistent in the last few episodes. He basically makes cameos now. I will finish out the season for the same reason I never walk out of a movie no matter how bad it gets. Got to see how it ends. And in this case, got to see if and how the giant mess of a story somehow comes together.

SEASON 2 Apple TV is so bad that even this is picked up for another season. But really.....WHO CARES?

Erlik_Han 17 May 2020

The show is absolutely brilliant! The acting is amazing, the story that slowly unfolds is fantastic and thrilling from beginning to end. I've just binge watched the first season and I can't wait for the second season.

I do not understand how this show has a mediocre score like this. I couldn't stop watching, the acting alone deserves a 10. Don't read any spoilers, don't watch any trailers. Just watch the show, you will not regret it.

Despite what the description says it's no horror show. It has no cheap jump scares etc. It's a very suspenseful, extremely well acted and written character drama / thriller with beautiful twists and turns.

ankursinhparmar 29 November 2019

I got feeling that some people purposefully giving bad reviews to Apple tv shows, Please do not believe in those reviews, Give this show a try for one episode , I am sure u will end up watching all three.

And those sudden camera angle changing, chilling sound effects, just wow.

Just watch it.

jared-485-637443 3 February 2021

I got a free trial of Apple TV with my iPhone purchase so I decided to give this show a shot since I am a fan of of M Night. First 2 episodes were great, very interesting concept, after that it was a total snooze fest. They just kept dragging it out without advancing the plot. Every episode ends with a twist to keep you coming back, but it never gets better. Major disappointment.

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