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Shameless (2011)

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A scrappy, feisty, fiercely loyal Chicago family makes no apologies.

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April 6, 2014star9.5 3752 votesS4E12 Lazarus
March 30, 2014star9.4 2510 votesS4E11 Emily
December 18, 2016star9.3 1971 votesS7E12 Requiem for a Slut
December 11, 2016star9.3 1895 votesS7E11 Happily Ever After
February 15, 2015star9.2 2472 votesS5E6 Crazy Love
March 25, 2012star9.2 2260 votesS2E11 Just Like the Pilgrims Intended
April 7, 2013star9.2 2058 votesS3E12 Survival of the Fittest
February 9, 2014star9.1 1959 votesS4E5 There's the Rub
March 15, 2015star9.1 1865 votesS5E9 Carl's First Sentencing
November 20, 2016star9.1 1684 votesS7E8 You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?
March 10, 2019star9.1 1489 votesS9E14 Found
January 26, 2020star9.1 1338 votesS10E12 "Gallavich!"
March 16, 2014star9.0 1874 votesS4E9 The Legend of Bonnie and Carl
March 8, 2015star9.0 1803 votesS5E8 Uncle Carl
March 29, 2015star9.0 1794 votesS5E11 Drugs Actually
February 16, 2014star9.0 1769 votesS4E6 Iron City
April 3, 2016star9.0 1691 votesS6E12 Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!
March 27, 2016star9.0 1520 votesS6E11 Sleep No More
October 14, 2018star9.0 1380 votesS9E6 Face It, You're Gorgeous

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User Reviews

tomdavie 21 March 2011

I have never watched the British version of this show so I cannot comment on the original. I was under the impression it was a new Showtime story.

I have to admit that started watching because I have always been a fan of William H Macy. However, viewing Macy in this kind of role was startling . I had always seen him in more conventional-almost typecast - parts. I knew that Joan Cusak was a quality actress which lent the project some further credibility.

At first the show seemed to be almost forced. The plot seemed bizarre, and unbelievable. It seemed awkward. Its quite common for shows to take time to develop chemistry when the actors haven't defined their characters yet. The same can be said for the writers.

However, I had never seen anything like it. In that regard it was dynamic and worth the time. The young actors soon found their roles and by the 5th episode I found myself thinking about the show every day.

Now I cant stop watching. Im addicted. The actors are fantastic. The plots are far more developed. The supporting players play a big part in the series, and new characters keep rotating in flawlessly. The show has evolved .

And just for the record, Im getting really sick and tired of people trashing the show because in their minds it doesn't measure up to the original. Its not supposed to be the original. If you don't like it, stick with the British show.

clementmyers_myers 19 March 2011

I've grown up with the original Shameless. It's a fast paced Comedy-Drama like no other, in that it lends itself perfectly to both without apology or hesitation.

Whereas the British original finds it's characters living, fornicating, screaming and jumping in the revelry of zero-expectation in a rigid class system, the American remake masterfully equivocates the triumphs and the tribulations of a lower class family existing on the edge of acceptability at the heart of society in a flawless, delicate and shameless manner.

The pilot introduces the characters, much like their British counterparts, not in an effort to garner their sympathy but simply as a statement of fact. The aspiring teen marine struggling to hide his homosexuality only fears losing the love of his brother, the absent drunk dad who loves his children but through the haze becomes a heckling prophet - a Shakespearean fool who sees through the thin veil of sanity and order, a young woman struggling to keep the family together seeing a way out through a handsome highwayman. These people are not bad even if they do bad things. Society has forgot about them and for that they couldn't care less for it.

The whole cast is tremendous but William H. Macy rises to the occasion with the father, a Frank Gallagher straight out of a bar in Memphis at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday, last orders, don't interrupt him because he hasn't finished yet, he's got to tell you what's wrong with the world before he wakes up and it all ends. You would believe this guy was a war vet or something with the confidence and delirium at which he pontificates.

No matter what your race or background you can take something away from Shameless. Most television that likes to call itself Comedy, Drama, or both, tends towards a particular demographic, offering an escape fantasy for, say, the 'off-beat' teens in Glee or the sexually deviant young adults in True Blood or the repressed housewives in that show about the repressed housewives.

As the designated guardian's new boyfriend takes a seat at the head of the table, he pushes Frank's legs aside as he crashes drunk on the floor. Shameless doesn't escape anything, it lives in the world it is given and every so often reminds you, during those joyously chaotic scenes, that the sweetest lemonade is almost bitter, so it's just as well every episode is only an hour for you to laugh, cry and enjoy.

Moments of anarchic jubilation inter lap, run over and sometimes juxtapose flourishes of near-the-bone reality, served eloquently on a fresh platter to which America needs to to have the stomach for.

dnielsimpson 20 February 2021

One of the funniest shows ever. But like someone wrote before this, season 11 and 10 are SOOO BAD. 10 had some emotional moments but besides that no. And 11 is hard to watch. Like I have to force myself to watch the weekly episodes. I'm only watching them to say I've seen all the seasons.

ssih 29 April 2011

I was halfway through the American series before I even KNEW there was a British series. I think a was a little disappointed that we didn't create it, but I was also happy that it was one of the few shows that we copied without ruining it. When I checked some of the user reviews, I was surprised to see how many thought the show to be appalling. OK, not everyone will share my love for the show, but to rate it SO badly? But when I looked, the author of nearly every bad review was a fan of the original show. This simply sounds like a case of liking what you know. "I don't care how good their cooking is. It ain't as good as my Mom's!"

Once I finished the American series, I gave it about a month to settle in and then started watching the British series. But I'd like to think that I was objective enough to judge it on its on merits, and not simply that it's different than what I'm used to.

Since, as many have pointed out, the script is nearly word-for-word identical, the difference lies mainly in how the actors portray the characters.

So I'm going to give my character-by-character head-to-head appraisal of UK vs. US. I'm going to use the character names rather than the actors' names for simplicity. Starting from the youngest...

Little Debbie: UK wins this one hands down. No contest. She steals every scene she's in. Who can not fall in love with this girl???

Carl: This one's close, but the UK one is (at least in the first season) a little more deranged and fun to watch.

Ian: Another close one, but this goes to UK, too. US Ian is somber and good looking, but UK Ian always seems a bit panicky, and the wide-angle closeups of his face make him look pretty bizarre.

Lip: This is solidly with the US. I like US Lip's darkness. He seems more responsible and intelligent. UK Lip is just kind of impish and unsure. You can depend on US Lip and he offers some of the only real family support to Fiona.

Kevin: Dead heat.

Veronica: Very different performances by each, but in the end, I like them the same.

Fiona: This was a difficult one to call, but I'm giving it to the US. And this is probably because I saw them first. I just like her better. Hard to put my finger on the reason.

Frank: Sorry, UK, but I just don't like your Frank. I understand the character is usually drunk, but he seems that way even before he starts drinking. He seems clinically stupid. US Frank (Macy) is equally as obnoxious, entitled, selfish and deluded, but he only seems drunk when he's drunk. At other times, his pontificating is fun to listen to. You feel good about hating the guy, because he's like this by choice. With UK Frank, you have to pity him. I feel like I'm laughing at someone who's mentally challenged.

lp-27434 25 January 2020

The first few seasons of Shameless was very entertaining and enjoyable, but it slowly lost its fire. By the end of season 9 I wasn't sure I wanted to watch season 10. Well after 2 episodes I couldn't handle it anymore. The writing is terrible and the characters suck. I know that several scenes were meant to be funny but there was no humor in the writing or the delivery.

I agree that they write with a political agenda and it's not whether I agree or disagree but more importantly I tune into shows to escape from that BS. I wish Hollywood will learn that when a series becomes successful, follow the path that got them there and keep the political dialogue for the cable news stations.

Good-bye Shameless.

kgft 21 February 2021

I have loved this show for 10 years, but season 11 sucks! I don't even know what to say about it. Apparently the writers think the show is over because all they can do is compile scenes from previous episodes. There have been a couple of eps that were really interesting and moved the story along, but that's all. Shame on the writers for letting down their loyal fans.

alex_madskills 24 February 2021

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Shameless, that's why i gave it a 9, it could have been a classic but they literally ruined it with the last 2 seasons. If you want to watch the most succesful show of Showtime, do yourself a favor and ignore the last two seasons. It's a shame a show like this has a writting for the ending seasons..

skysaxon 25 January 2011

Note: I have not seen the UK version.

I wasn't sure what to make of the first episode of Shameless. I wasn't sold on the characters and the direction seemed directionless. In fact, it wasn't until the third ep that my eyes were opened. It's as if the actors have found their mark and the characters have come to life.

While the ensemble cast is solid, and Macy is at his irascible best, it is the performance of three of the actors which makes Shameless something special. Emmy Rossum, as the 'adult' glue that holds the family together, has rightly received the most press. Her role requires a combination of strength, resolve, humour and vulnerability - qualities that would thwart a lesser actress. Rossum is able to convincingly bring it all together with fire and sexuality in addition to her other qualities.

Equally effective in his role as the younger brother Lip, Jeremy Allen White brings a world-weary innocence to his character. Blessed with a malleable physiognomy, White is at once rascal and protector of the brood. White makes us want to know Lip better. That's rare.

In a smaller role but probably my favourite is Emma Kenney as little sister Debbie. Her deadpan wisecracks supply the laugh-out-loud moments while her heartbreaking scenes of longing for parental love bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened soul. She can act toe-to-toe with Macy and still steal the scene.

The rest of the cast is almost as good. Their performances would be wasted, however, without a tight script and fluid - but not frenetic - direction. The third episode brought all these pieces together in a fascinating show. Whether the writing and direction can sustain this level of quality over a season we don't know. What we do have for now is some of the best ensemble acting you will see on TV or on film.

ljm-86617 21 December 2020

I am in shock as to the degree they have ruined this show. Literally EVERY scene in the last season is some absurd liberal talking point. Every scene. The propaganda is so strong, I cannot even watch it anymore, and I was a pretty big fan. Absolute garbage. Awful writing. I would be surprised if anyone can actually sit through the last season, because I had to turn it off it was so ridiculous.

agerson24 14 February 2019

I used to love this show but the last few seasons just keep getting progressively worse.. I am literally forcing myself to sit through episodes now.. This whole Fiona storyline happened in season 4. It's been played out already and now they are just recycling bad storylines. And now since Ian left they are randomly making other family members gay? Lip used to be this genius who could outsmart everyone and scam the system and it's like the writers have forgotten that the last couple seasons. Like you can be a recovering addict and still be smart and cunning.. It's just not good anymore and I have no idea how it got renewed for another season. The acting is still incredible but the writing is horrible.

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