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Silicon Valley (2014)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Follows the struggle of Richard Hendricks, a Silicon Valley engineer trying to build his own company called Pied Piper.

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Season 6

December 8, 2019Episode 7 Exit Event
December 1, 2019Episode 6 RussFest
November 24, 2019Episode 5 Tethics
November 10, 2019Episode 3 Hooli Smokes!
November 3, 2019Episode 2 Blood Money

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santacruzlocal 11 May 2014

I have been a member of IMDb for many many years now and am a big movie and TV enthusiast. That said, until now, not once have I felt the need to type up a review.

Silicon Valley if possibly the funniest show I have seen, ever. The writing is thoughtful, with perfect comedic timing. The only word to describe the characters is awesome. They all work so well together that the comedy flows effortlessly.

I am surprised to see that this show is coming from HBO. I would expect a show like this from Netflix but not HBO. But I must commend them because they hit this one out the park. I look forward to what I hope will be a long lasting series with many more seasons to come.

You can see from my profile that I have been a member here for many years and have not ever written a single review, so you can be assured that what I say is true. If you haven't seen Silicon Valley you are missing out. Go check it out!

cadillac20 13 April 2014

Silicon Valley is a TV show that was much talked about even before it's debut on HBO. With the Silicon Valley now finding a Hollywood-like atmosphere in the way it's viewed, the entertainment industry's focus on Silicon Valley and it's unique lifestyle and culture is somewhat new and has yet to find it's equilibrium of representation between the reality of the innovation happening there and the bizarre, comedy ammunition that lies in some of the more eccentric aspects. Mike Judge's Silicon Valley is a damn good start. It's witty and scathing, and takes an sarcastic approach to it with an outsider's eye. Of course, Mike Judge is no outsider, having worked in Palo Alto during the late 80's, and his disdain for it's people and culture shows.

What makes the series work is that Judge is able to focus on all the small, ridiculous things that have become such an icon of the culture. From CEO's innovators with Christ-like followings, to the idea that the industry is somehow spearheaded by college dropouts, Judge wastes not time and has no problem putting every Silicon Valley cliché/reality on a pedestal for people to laugh at. As a native, I can say that the show does exaggerate a lot of things, but it also gets a lot right. If you've seen Judge's other work, then you will quickly see how well this fits in. With Beavis and Butthead, we got a critique about the stupidity and waste of a generation, with King of the Hill, we got a look at Judge's insight into Texas culture and the ideologies of an American culture trying to cope with the changes of a modern world, and here we have a completely new sub-culture that Judges dives head first into.

The show most certainly has it's falls, but I was hard pressed to find them as I was too busy laughing most of the time throughout. I may have a skewed view of the show, with me observing this through a filter of the real Silicon Valley, in all it's great and weirdness. But in general, this bites down hard in the most hilarious way on a truly unique and fairly bizarre place in the world. And you don't even have to know the technobabble being spit out. I do think HBO has another winner here.

djanimartinov 10 May 2020

Deserves about a 8.7 . Really flows well , creates a good sense of accomplishment as the story progresses . Likeable characters , unpredictable funny jokes and moments (which is hard to find now a days ) . I also like that the episodes are 30 minutes , they keep it short enough to not make it too focussed on story yet long enough to not make it feel rushed and over filled with 1 liners. Overall a really easy watch as it doesn't require a lot of focus like other hbo shows , and it flows so easy that it becomes addictive as others have mentioned and has a certain likeablity that brings it together without force .

peter-laganis 13 July 2020

It could have been a 9 or even a 10, but it lacks of character development and tends to repeat itself. Don't get me wrong. The characters (especially the duo Gilfoyle-Dinesh) are extraordinary and well depicted, but they don't grow along the episodes. They are somehow glued to a repetitive story format. Richard is a magnet for problems and akward situations, Gilfoyle is the clever and cynical genius, Dinesh is Gilfoyle's perfect counterweight, Erlich has some rare lucid moments and becomes annoying by smoking from his pot, Jared is the good samaritan "having sex" ... Despite those two negative points, this is an intelligent warm tv-show with a gorgeous and humorous venture of an IT company In conclusion: If you have ever worked for an IT company you will definitely enyoj watching it.

OmarHartwellWhite 14 May 2014

I was a little skeptical about this show at first and went into with the impression that I would try it but it would lose my interest after an episode or two. This show so far has been a wonderful surprise. Unlike some comedies that create forced, awkward situations that are only funny to the recorded laugh track that plays, I have burst out laughing from a number of scenes that have aired in the few episodes so far. It is very original, smart, has a believable story and characters and has many funny moments with quite a few scenes that will catch you off guard and you will die laughing. At first this was just a show I was DVR'ing then watching at some point during the week maybe a few days later. However the last few episodes have been great and I have been watching live while it airs because it isn't a stupid comedy, it keeps you interested with a pretty good story.

rasultnt2008 7 April 2014

I really don't like other HBO Comedies like Girls and Looking. I heard about this show and I'm a programmer myself so i thought i will give it a chance and I'm not disappointed.

The pilot was great and SMART, the lines were great and performances were all terrific.

All the characters were kind of cool and i'm looking forward to see them again. The characters are believable and may exist in the real world. I can't wait for next episodes. i recommend it to all of you. Watch it and i don't think you'll be disappointed.


chintu-10596 30 November 2020

One of the tv show which showcases exact scenes from the tech world. Greatly written story about the real life tech world. All the storylines are perfect on how the techies face problems in real life and the issues the tech entrepreneurs would face in the real life. Fine performances by the actors mainly Middleditch. Along with the knowledge content in the story it also equally has nice comedy timing and humour.

moath-almonif 27 April 2020

One of the best shows I have ever seen, it's not cliche or cheesy like a lot of the shows, it's funny it's humorous it has a great casting and a great characters. Great storyline, great in everything! I just love it. It's just that it ended too soon, and the ending was not very satisfactory but it wasn't bad like GOT but it wasn't a really good ending.

bootsyjam 31 October 2019

Truly a one of a kind, with snappy dialogue and great characters charting the pitfalls of start ups in the new tech boom. No one else does it like this.

Having said that, I found the bumbling idiocy of the main character Richard to be rather irritating and repetitive by the time Season 4 and 5 came around. The show revolves around the scrapes that he gets them into and it just gets a bit annoying after a while that he keeps making similar mistakes. Ricky Gervais has the right idea that's for sure...

SeanErb 7 October 2020

I barely write reviews on IMDB, so this displays the effect this show had on me.

It has been by far my favourite TV comedy to date. The ending got me good and I was almost tearing. I laughed every episode and the only thing which stopped me from watching every episode non-stop was the lame human needs to eat and sleep.

I finished the season in 2 weeks and now I feel empty... I might rewatch it.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 17 June 2021

Silicon Valley was so much funnier that I originally thought it would be! I never watched it when it was originally on but recently I thought I'd give it a chance after hearing about how good it was for years. I'm glad I did! It had a perfect cast that made this one of the funnier and more underrated tv shows HBO has ever created. Every episode will keep you laughing as much as the previous ones!

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