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Snowfall (2017)

Rayting:   8.1/10 14K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A look at the early days of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the beginning of the 1980s.

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Season 4

April 28, 2021Episode 11 Episode 11
April 14, 2021Episode 9 Sleeping Dogs
April 7, 2021Episode 8 Betrayal
March 17, 2021Episode 5 The Get Back
March 10, 2021Episode 4 Expansion
February 24, 2021Episode 2 Weight
February 24, 2021Episode 1 Re-Entry

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Season 2

Season 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

April 14, 2021star9.2 230 votesS4E9 Sleeping Dogs
August 28, 2019star9.1 336 votesS3E8 Hedgehogs
April 7, 2021star9.1 206 votesS4E8 Betrayal
September 4, 2019star9.0 311 votesS3E9 Blackout
April 21, 2021star9.0 218 votesS4E10 Fight or Flight
August 21, 2019star8.8 298 votesS3E7 Pocket Full of Rocks
March 3, 2021star8.8 209 votesS4E3 All The Way Down
September 20, 2018star8.7 308 votesS2E10 Education
March 31, 2021star8.7 186 votesS4E7 Through a Glass, Darkly
February 24, 2021star8.6 230 votesS4E2 Weight
September 13, 2018star8.5 253 votesS2E9 Aftermath
March 10, 2021star8.4 179 votesS4E4 Expansion
March 17, 2021star8.4 169 votesS4E5 The Get Back
February 24, 2021star8.3 252 votesS4E1 Re-Entry
March 24, 2021star8.3 161 votesS4E6 Say a Little Prayer
September 6, 2017star8.2 311 votesS1E10 The Rubicon
September 6, 2018star8.2 248 votesS2E8 Surrender
July 19, 2018star8.1 310 votesS2E1 Sightlines
July 10, 2019star8.1 265 votesS3E1 Protect and Swerve
July 27, 2018star8.1 260 votesS2E2 The Day

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User Reviews

Br4ve-trave1or 14 July 2017

I never stamp my approval after two episodes and I'm sure I'll update this, but I need you to know what you're missing out on! Forget the mixed reviews they probably had some kind of expectation, going into this with an open mind and you'll find so many sub-plots that are intriguing, characters that are likable and you'll notice that you want the narrative on each part not shifting only to shift and feel the same. It's John singleton everybody you can't go wrong!this show is extremely entertaining and compelling! It's the most fun I have in front of a TV of a TV for an hour. It had all the ingredients. Don't miss out it's a phenomal show during a fantastic era

burrisd 12 July 2017

I do not review that many titles but felt compelled to write a review after seeing the negative ones. While it is possible that this show will end up taking a dive as it progresses - I can say that the beginning so far has been great and has true potential. It sort of reminds me a little of a Breaking Bad type of show. I seriously doubt it ends up being as good as Breaking Bad, but if that is the type of show that you like then you should really consider giving this one a shot.

For those of you who wrote negative reviews, I can understand if it isn't your type of show. The most popular TV shows on today such as reality shows I can not stand yet they seem to get the most attention - we all like what we like. I think the acting has been great so far, and I feel as if I can connect with the actors and I imagine it will get even better with time. I like shows that feel like they can be halfway realistic and not ones that have over the top action where the good guy always wins and never runs out of ammo as he shoots his way through the whole show. So far this show has felt fairly realistic and very plausible, I just hope it stays that way.

One other thing I would like to mention is I love shows that take us back in time such as 11/22/63 or Boardwalk Empire etc. I believe this one was done very well in that regard, the scenery is great and really brings you back to that time period. Some shows like to make the past look different in some regard but with this show it is bright and looks the same as if you were there in the 80s with them.

Will this show stay on track and be one of the greatest shows? I don't know but I certainly hope so. For now I rated it as a 9, but it has the potential to be an easy 10/10, or take a dive down to a 5/10. But it is most certainly worth watching a couple episodes to see if you like it unless you are the type of person that gets upset with the sight of drugs or criminal activities and prefer a fairy tale type of show or fake reality shows.

Warren_Scott-55087 10 July 2017

Hmmm... OK... I've been reading reviews on IMDb for many years now for I am an avid fan of movies and TV. After reading some of the poor reviews for Snowfall, I decided to become part of the community. I don't feel this show glorifies or romanticizes the beginnings of the crack era, it just tells it like it was. It was one big party and there was lot's of money to be made. I Thought the pilot captured the 80s in East LA precisely and the soundtrack was aces. I felt the story line was interesting and it kept my attention to the very end. I also thought the acting was on point and the best is yet to come. Different strokes for different folks people.This is my unbiased review and I say this show will be around for awhile.

clydelouis 14 July 2017

I've watched two episodes so far and I have been blown away at how real and factual it has been based on what I've read in books about the beginnings of crack. The other reviewers that have given this poor ratings I think must be watching something else. With all the TV shows out there, this is by far above the rest in realism and ethnic relatable characters that don't come across as villains or heroes, just everyday people trying to make better lives for themselves that unfortunately choose bad paths.

scicero1 12 August 2018

So many reviews are personal opinion and copy pasted information summarized from other web pages or straight garbage. I'm sorry, this show is amazing, true to its word, the acting is electrifying, its draws you in so much you are truly hooked. It's not about the drugs than it is the struggle, it's not about the violence than it is the real life struggle we dont realize in our suburban homes, its not about race more than it is about the relationships and how easy going we were to how bad it is now. Its honestly a time machine and peek back into our history not tainted by the news and real look at how we funded wars off the backs of our own.

joebenicio 10 July 2017

I think the plot did move pretty quickly through the first episode. There wasn't much time to develop the characters, but the premise had to be set. I understand. There's a lot of background that needs to be filled in, and it has to be done in a way that doesn't slow the story down to a halt. I'm in it for the long-run, though. So far, I like some of the characters, and I enjoyed the visuals. Let's see more!

jonmccann 6 September 2017

It could be considered a bold move, putting on a new to air show, with relatively unknown actors, at the same time that big series are coming back and on air, such as Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Ballers etc!

But this stands out, not because it's better, those shows are awesome and this is just starting out, but because it has the exact feel, sense, and in fact you can almost smell the authenticity from the outset. That sounds bizarre, I know, it came from my head, but watch an episode and you will know what I mean. It is gritty, holds no punches, but at the same time it isn't that graphically violent, except a couple of places, it leads the viewer into working things out for themselves, pretty much the same way halt and catch fire does, you are left to work things out like a puzzle, with confirmation shortly after and a pat on the back to yourself, which makes for great TV in my opinion!

OK, it is a bit sceptical in places, could a young lad scale the heights he does, but I believe it is more of an overview of what life was like then and how poverty and tough climatic times can make you seek out something that you may otherwise never consider, which is quite in tune for a lot of people these days, one paycheck from the food bank!

Ultimately, this tells a relatively true story, but not centred around specific real life characters, and has a flexible feel to the actual situation back then, but that's drama and it does work out without you thinking, that's just not plausible. I would call this an indie style title, because I suspect it will go unnoticed a lot by people, but maybe a couple of years down the line it will get noticed and become a classic, bit like Banshee became and that bodes well given that it appears to have a second season green lit, which is great considering it was initially a 1 season docu-drama (as I understand)!

info-75439 7 July 2017

Decentman wasn't to decent with his review, I will try to dispel the rumor, that this was poorly written.

Snowfall began by showing the disconnect between the have and have-nots, and the solutions provided to close that gap. Reality can be very ugly, and be the basis for an ugly truth, that crack/cocaine stole the hopes and dreams of a society.

The landscapes where most of the events take place, are not stylized and cocaine use was not sensationalized. The character development, supplied in this pilot, prepares us for the horrific ride we are about to embark.

The writing was a mirror reflection of those turbulent times.

asphyxion_ 16 October 2018

Gritty, realistic, and excellently paced.

Season 1 was the introduction/world building season. Season 2 is the ramp up. Season 3 is going to be explosive.

Every episode will suck you in. There's an intersect between The CIA, The Cartel, Franklin Saint's crew, and the way it delineates Iran-Contra and how it wiped out the Black Panthers and infected minority-majority communities with drugs that have perpetuated generational poverty and criminality.

It's a no holds barred white knuckle thrill ride. If you need a well written crime saga, look no further.

Edit: RIP John Singleton. I hope Snowfall sees a third season despite Singleton's death.

luvleme1 1 August 2017

I LOVE this series. At first, I was disinterested in watching until I overheard a radio personality say it was a must- watch. After watching, I totally agree. This series is one of the best out now. It's one of those that keep you excited to see the next episode. Let's hope the nay-sayers don't discourage the series from reairing for other seasons. I love it and encouraged others to watch. Keep up writers, directors, whomever thought to put the info out. Its the truth!!!

DiCaprio-HardyFan 11 July 2021

Snowfall will hook you from the start and not let go! It really is one of the better new series of the last few years that is quite realistic and gritty. It's classic John Singleton, it's actually up there with the best he's ever done! I guarantee you that once you start watching it you'll become addicted and want to binge watch the entire series as fast as you can. Do yourself a favor and go watch this incredible show immediately!

roxmewild 29 May 2021

Where Fiction is overlapped by truth This is Avery intelligently written piece of work that is pure entertainment it encompasses many issues and problems that continue to exist in America today from Racial oppression drugs and government agencies being right in the thick of it all.

Good scripts good acting and history what's not to like.

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