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Sons of Anarchy (2008)

Crime | Thriller 
Popularity 158
Rayting:   8.5/10 275K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A biker struggles to balance being a father and being involved in an outlaw motorcycle club.

Episode Guide

Season 7

December 9, 2014Episode 13 Papa's Goods
December 2, 2014Episode 12 Red Rose
November 18, 2014Episode 11 Suits of Woe
October 21, 2014Episode 7 Greensleeves
September 30, 2014Episode 4 Poor Little Lambs
September 16, 2014Episode 2 Toil and Till
September 9, 2014Episode 1 Black Widower

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Sons of Anarchy Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

November 30, 2010star9.7 5431 votesS3E13 NS
December 9, 2014star9.6 6412 votesS7E13 Papa's Goods
December 10, 2013star9.5 4240 votesS6E13 A Mother’s Work
November 18, 2014star9.5 3453 votesS7E11 Suits of Woe
December 2, 2014star9.4 3521 votesS7E12 Red Rose
September 25, 2012star9.4 3189 votesS5E3 Laying Pipe
December 1, 2009star9.4 3044 votesS2E13 Na Trioblóidí
November 19, 2013star9.4 2699 votesS6E11 Aon Rud Persanta
December 4, 2012star9.4 2501 votesS5E13 J'ai Obtenu Cette
November 8, 2011star9.3 2227 votesS4E10 Hands
November 26, 2008star9.2 2909 votesS1E13 The Revelator
November 19, 2008star9.2 2894 votesS1E12 The Sleep of Babies
November 11, 2014star9.2 2838 votesS7E10 Faith and Despondency
November 10, 2009star9.2 2573 votesS2E10 Balm
November 24, 2009star9.2 2413 votesS2E12 The Culling
October 1, 2013star9.2 2317 votesS6E4 Wolfsangel
November 22, 2011star9.2 2138 votesS4E12 Burnt and Purged Away
September 7, 2010star9.1 2636 votesS3E1 SO
December 6, 2011star9.1 2386 votesS4E14 To Be, Act 2
November 29, 2011star9.1 2096 votesS4E13 To Be, Act 1

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User Reviews

ansharora-12638 8 May 2020

Only a few shows get stuck in your mind for quite some time after you finish watching them. Only few shows. For me Sons of Anarchy is one of them. This is not just another show about a ruthless lawless biker gang, but it is a show about ruthless moral filled biker gangs who are well aware of the rights and wrongs of society and human nature. Never disrespected women and always took care of their own. Kurt Sutter is a specialist in that kind of genre, ever since from The Shield. By the way, another brilliant show co-written by SOA's creator.

The music is beautiful and some of the songs are just great, along with the casting, every piece fits. Yaa we know that at the end everything always favored our title gang but that's why the series finale was written like that. No spoilers. Give this show a chance and try to stick with it till the end before giving a rating. Don't know why people judge a show by giving rating after seeing only few episodes or seasons.

Action+music+brotherhood+entertainment+drama. A good package.

jw-01577 16 January 2021

Son's of Anarchy premiered before its time. Breaking bad was a show that much like Game of Thrones created the interest in tv beyond the cookie cutter crime shows on local networks. Shows like The Sopranos and Dexter paved the road, and Breaking Bad with Game of Thrones traveled it making it famous. Unfortunately during that same time Sons of Anarchy was also trying to make a name for itself. While tales of knights and a science teacher gone rouge were, on paper, more relatable and comforting in therms of a story, Sons of Anarchy creates a relatable feeling deeply rooted inside of audiences that plays on the "what if I was an outlaw" idea instead of the "what if a normal daily life went off the rails" such as Breaking Bad or the comfortable medieval story with and adult spin that Game of Thrones has. Due to this, it was largely overlooked because the world wasn't ready to dive into the darker inner outlaw inside themselves quite yet. However, if it was released exactly the same in today's world of 2020, the woke media would hate it because of the controversial realism the show brings to light of the world in which outlaw bikers live in. It's not for the faint of heart. It's not for everyone. It is also severely underrated.

MeechaB 13 April 2009

A friend of mine got me into SOA as it isn't anything likely to hit our screens here in Oz. Ironically enough the theme of the show is not that far removed from a lot of the bike gangs we have here and hear about but i digress.

It took me a few episodes to get hooked on SOA as i can honestly say it is unlike any American show i have watched. Its grainy and raw and even the actors are people who you'd see in your everyday life and not the glam and glitter that Hollywood or the like fobs off.

For that i ended up loving SOA. A lot. I like also that there are a lot of "known" but not blown up actors. You know their faces but you don't have them seared into your mind from over exposure so you can suspend judgment and believe these characters exist. And the characters drive this series. It isn't the most polished TV series but its edgy and if you are looking for something you can sink your teeth into and not get sick from the saccharine then bite into this show.

You will invest and you will care about these people even if they are the "kind" of people we normally fear and shun. And that is not to say the writers glamorize or sympathise, they just offer a different view point. Something we don't normally see.

That is the hook and the viewing pleasure of Sons of Anarchy.

m-omer-zabit 29 November 2008

This is without a doubt the best TV show I've seen in ages. There is nothing about this show that one can't like.Every character is well defined and has it's own boundaries. The story line has enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seats through out the episode. And it may come across as strange, but you don't wait for the next episode because you wanna know what happens next (as in Prison break etc) you wait because you absolutely love the show. I envy the respect the S.O.A have for their members and what they are willing to do for one another.

All in all, this is how you make a freaking entertaining show. Kudos to FX!!!

Systreco 22 May 2009

OK, I saw Sons Of Anarchy by mistake a few weeks back (I recorded the wrong program) I Had heard of it but never really fancied it! Bikers and all that, not my thing! I had major doubts about Charlie Hunnam, I have only ever seen him in one thing before and that was a movie called Green Street (Hooligans) where he played an East End Londoner (West Ham) football fan-cum-hooligan! He is from Newcastle and his accent in Green Street was terrible but he must have had some voice coaching because in SOA he accent (usa) is spot on, all but the odd word! I watched the first episode and thought it was awesome! But then again, how many first episodes are awesome, only to be followed by a totally average rest-of-season? But I am so happy to say that I was wrong! I am up to episode 10 and each one is better than the last! It's not your average knuckle head biker show! It follows the trials and tribulations of each and every cast member! I really can't recommend Sons Of Anarchy enough! 10/10

magicdancer 27 November 2008

I decided to watch "Sons of Anarchy" initially because I am a fan of Charlie Hunnam (a seriously under used and under rated actor,) Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal. What I didn't expect was the best ensemble I've seen in a TV show in years. Every cast member is spot on and the three I mentioned are positively brilliant. In the first five minutes, I completely forgot that Charlie Hunnam is British because his American accent is excellent. This show is heavy on violence and rough language, but it all fits in with the do the occasional sex scenes. Everything about it is excellent: the acting, scripts, sets, cinematography and direction. I'm thrilled that this excellent show will have a second season. If you haven't seen it, all episodes except the finale (to come) are available on line. I hope many more people will watch this terrific show.

rhino-94279 25 March 2020

This show is easy watching when you want to unwind after a long day. It's entertaining with plenty of action and intertwining story lines but it has some major issues...

Awful acting, over the top stereotypes and ridiculous storylines. The gang somehow manage to get mixed up with every possible bad guy in the whole USA and Ireland along with several different divisions of police force and yet they always come out unscathed. There must be a hundred shootouts / explosions throughout the entire series yet our hero jax never gets more than a scratch on his pretty face.

You'll probably enjoy the show if you don't take it very seriously. Just accept the ridiculousness of it all and cheer on the bad guys with hearts of gold.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 12 July 2021

I know that people say this all the time about a ton of different shows but Sons of Anarchy is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best shows ever created and is easily one of my 2 or 3 favorite shows of all-time! I just got done watching the entire series for a second time through and it was just as good the second time around as it was the first! Every season is just as amazing as the others, which everyone knows is really rare for a tv show but which this one pulls off. I really can't say enough about this amazing show that hasn't already been said, all you have to do is read through the reviews to see how loved this show really is! Do yourself a favor and just go watch it!

dburke-27 27 August 2009

I originally began watching the show to see how realistic it would be. Living in that culture for many years, I know most people have no idea of the 'lifestyle'.

I was pretty surprised as I have only found a few issues that were, in my opinion, not realistic. I would give it a 85-90% for accuracy.

Much like other specific shows/plots, I really didn't expect this show to be very good, but I was pleasantly surprised and want to thank FX for doing some homework.

The cast is extremely well picked and fits their personalities.

I also highly suggest this series. Is it for everyone, of course not; but for those who want to see the 'other side' of life, it is not only fairly accurate but also very entertaining.......

JosephPorta2000 18 April 2020

After I finished the last episode I immediately started rewatching the first one ( I was so sad because it ended). Then my friend started watching the show, I was gelous I already saw it and I knew what pleasures this one has to offer.

Everything is just so good: the cast, the story, the soundtrack, the violence, the symbols, litteraly everything. I'm listening to one of the songs as I'm writing this. Totally worth watching.

And for those of you who already saw it : SHOULD THE DIRECTORS MEET MR.MAYHEM FOR ENDING IT?

geekroad 13 November 2009

I almost didn't give this show a chance because Hollywood rarely offers up fully developed biker characters, much less decent or realistic plots about outlaw biker clubs. If there's a Harley and black leathers in the shot -- bad guys killing and doing bad things -- their work is done. Not so with Sons Of Anarchy.

While you will find all of the above elements, they're woven into a much richer fabric that brings each and every character to life in 16 million colors and full resolution, rising above the stereo-typical black-and-white portrayals of VGA-rendered knuckle-dragging villains.

And the casting! Katy Segal is phenomenal as Gemma, the widow of club founder and wife of present club runner, Clay Morrow, played by Ron Pearlman. Gemma's son, Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, butts heads with his step-father's vision for the club.

But what really sets this biker drama apart is the context. The bikers are all natives of Charming, childhood friends in a small town. They've kept the town free of corporate tentacles and development, partly so they can run their legal and illegal businesses free of interference (gun-running and porn), and partly because the town itself might as well be a club member. The characters have deep roots to the townspeople who fear but also trust them to a degree, at least in the sense that it's sometimes better to deal with the devil you know and sometimes it's even handy to know the devil. The Sons have 'profitable arrangements' with certain local law enforcement officials, including the Chief of Police played magnificently by Dayton Callie, better known as Deadwood's Charlie Utter.

Conflict arises from neighboring clubs, gangs and criminal organizations trying to horn in on the action, and to an Aryan businessman and politician, played by Alan Arkin, who wants to set up shop in Charming and take out the Sons of Anarchy so he can take their place at the top of the criminal heap.

As if this wasn't fodder enough, Ally Walker joined the cast in season two as ball-breaking FBI agent June Stahl, going after the Sons and IRA gun runners who are selling to the Sons. Her quest, made painfully personal, by a meeting-gone-wrong with an imprisoned club member.

The action is gritty, the anti-heroes are plentiful, the characters are full-bodied and the writing is Class-A. Let Sons of Anarchy become your newest guilt-free pleasure and you'll find yourself heading into it full throttle.

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