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Star Wars Rebels (2014)

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Rayting:   8.0/10 36K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Empire as it tightens its grip on the galaxy and hunts down the last of the Jedi Knights.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

February 26, 2018star9.5 2049 votesS4E13 A World Between Worlds
March 25, 2017star9.4 2422 votesS3E20 Zero Hour (1)
March 5, 2018star9.4 2031 votesS4E15 Family Reunion - and Farewell (1)
February 19, 2018star9.4 2030 votesS4E10 Jedi Night
March 23, 2016star9.1 1896 votesS2E18 The Mystery of Chopper Base
October 14, 2015star9.0 2172 votesS2E1 The Lost Commanders
February 18, 2017star9.0 1790 votesS3E15 Legacy of Mandalore
March 25, 2017star9.0 1476 votesS3E21 Zero Hour (2)
March 4, 2017star8.8 1496 votesS3E17 Secret Cargo
March 5, 2018star8.8 1359 votesS4E14 A Fool's Hope
January 20, 2016star8.6 1560 votesS2E10 A Princess on Lothal
February 25, 2017star8.6 1462 votesS3E16 Through Imperial Eyes
January 7, 2017star8.6 1436 votesS3E11 Ghosts of Geonosis (1)
February 26, 2018star8.6 1339 votesS4E12 Wolves and a Door
January 19, 2015star8.5 1738 votesS1E9 Idiot's Array
October 8, 2016star8.5 1460 votesS3E3 The Antilles Extraction
November 4, 2015star8.4 1585 votesS2E4 Brothers of the Broken Horn
March 16, 2016star8.4 1531 votesS2E17 The Forgotten Droid
February 19, 2018star8.4 1330 votesS4E11 DUME
February 23, 2015star8.3 1603 votesS1E12 Rebel Resolve

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User Reviews

wilmeech 11 April 2020

Watchseries; Season 1 may not be great but seasons 2 to 4 are fantastic. Watching the characters grow is joyful, the relationships between them are real and heartfelt. The finales of each season never fail to deliver. Some of my favourite moments in all of Star Wars are in this show. Please, if you dismissed Rebels when it started, go back to it, it improved drastically. At its peak, this show is in my opinion superior to the Clone Wars. Please watch Star Wars Rebels, you will not regret it

wilmeech 11 April 2020

Season 1 may not be great but seasons 2 to 4 are fantastic. Watching the characters grow is joyful, the relationships between them are real and heartfelt. The finales of each season never fail to deliver. Some of my favourite moments in all of Star Wars are in this show. Please, if you dismissed Rebels when it started, go back to it, it improved drastically. At its peak, this show is in my opinion superior to the Clone Wars. Please watch Star Wars Rebels, you will not regret it

overwatchgengi 3 May 2020

Star Wars Rebels watchseries. Star Wars: Rebels is excellent at times when it incorporates characters from The Original Trilogy or The Clone Wars, however usually this show is just good, not great. With Season 3 being the only consistently great season, and Season 1 being terrible at times, I can't say this is anywhere near the Clone Wars, but it does continue some stories from that show which I'm thankful for. Rebels fits nicely in the Star Wars canon but usually doesn't add much to it, with a few major exceptions.

ahmedmohamedmostafa 7 August 2020

Ignore all the bad's not the clone wars for sure bit it's 10/10 for what it gives...Thanks Dave

erikhiggins2157 5 October 2014

If you happen to view any of the other "reviews" here you'll find that many have given abysmal ratings for the show because of trivial reasoning; many because they're still rather perturbed over the status of the Expanded Universe, others seem like attempts at trolling, and many are spiteful simply because they don't agree with the concept of the show and cannot accept that the Expanded Universe isn't coming back. One even seems to have gone the full-on melodramatic route and declared Star Wars to be dead and that they won't be showing their younger siblings Star Wars at all due to this horrible tragedy.

Should you view the individual ratings given to the show you'll find that the general opinion is favorable with votes generally increasing the higher up the ratings you go, save for a rather blatantly obvious discrepancy. The ratio of "1/10" reviews compared to the others has been grossly blown out of proportion by people whose anger seems to have overcome them.

The characters are perfectly fine, the animation could have been better I will admit, and the pacing for the premiere was quick and could have taken more time to breath but when all has been said and done the show has learned from the mistakes made during the early seasons of The Clone Wars and has applied those lessons much the same as the latter seasons did.

People talking about how the designs or appearances of things are off haven't been paying attention to the development of the show, as the creators have on numerous occasions cited the reasoning behind the changes and additions. The Imperial's equipment has taken a design cue from Kenner's classic line of toys adored by children who grew up on Star Wars, fans, and collectors alike. The show takes places five years before "Star Wars" and as such they wanted everything to feel extremely familiar while being off just enough to give the feel of this being a different time period. The TIE Fighters have shorter wings, the stormtrooper's helmets are more bulbous and their blasters have a small hump along the spine, and the REX droids from Star Tours serve as pilots on spacecraft. The camera remains static and far less dynamic to mimic the movement of the original movies while even switching to mimic 70mm film during space sequences. The lightsabers flicker and are flatter, green light cracks whenever two blades meet, and pulling out a lightsaber feels special again. Every single detail has been carefully considered and crafted to capture the feel of the Original Trilogy Era and movies.

It's Firefly meets Star Wars with a ragtag crew running around the edge of civilized space trying to get by and hitting the Empire whenever the chance is presented. It's classic Star Wars and exactly the kind of thing you'd like should you be a fan of Star Wars at all.

BiiivAL 5 June 2018

For me, as a fan of "Star Wars" since childhood, it was a real gift, even a surprise, because I did not expect that I would get to the show.

What can I say: the series is "episode 3.5" - the plot is located between the "Sith Place" and "New Hope". In the first series, the creators have saturated the plot with the atmosphere of a "distant-distant galaxy". Every now and then, the imperial storm troopers and their commanders step on the screen, and this instantly causes nostalgia for the very first film of 1977. The atmosphere is just as gloomy, the characters are completely new (unlike the animated series "Clone Wars"), but this should not prevent loyal fans from enjoying a pleasant feeling. In addition, one of our old acquaintances, and possibly even two, has penetrated the premiere series.

The protagonist who hates the Empire, the boy Ezra, is an orphan who survives by theft. By the will of fate, he encountered a small group of resistance, which does everything to annoy the despotic Empire. This group is the rudiments of a rebel alliance (in the series the famous symbol of the rebels flashes), and this meeting will forever change the life of Ezra ...

The pilot "Rebels" is a story about friendship and a difficult choice, as well as about the sense of duty. This is 44 minutes, allowing you to plunge again into a familiar atmosphere (there was especially a musical accompaniment, similar to the creation of maestro John Williams), that already goose bumps are provided. Beautiful, eye-pleasing graphics remained at the same level as in Clone Wars. The action will be enough: chasing motorcycles (by voice acting and by drawing this scene can be called a reference to "The Return of the Jedi") and classic skirmishes on blasters, which so likes, which Han Solo trusts. In general, the pilot of the "Rebel" turned out to be very sound, memorable, interesting. And most importantly - the desire to watch has arisen after the first series (although in some serials, retraction occurs through several episodes).

So I'll watch a new chapter of the ZV on, those more, I've been waiting for her very much. After all, after looking at Clone Wars, I wondered if the dark spot between the III and IV episodes of the saga would illuminate. That's the answer, and he's the most affirmative! Evaluation of the pilot Rebels (of course, apart from the series as a whole):

10 of 10

wisemantonofski 5 January 2020

Season One (2014) There's a familial heart to this first season which makes it immediately appealing, centering on building a strong foundation in the relationships of our main cast and giving us an idea how tightly knit they would become over the series. The first season flounders a little when it comes to properly conveying the threat of the Empire, a flaw which is rectified very efficiently by the arrival of Grand Moff Tarkin; and it builds to a bold and satisfying resolution that lets the audience know that, like Clone Wars before it, Rebels is not afraid to push boundaries and embrace the Darker Side of Star Wars stories.

Season Two (2015) Where the first season placed a lot of focus on Kanan and Ezra, the second expands that focus to envelop the entire crew, taking their small weekly victories and allowing the events of the series to greater influence those on a galactic scale. It builds on the familiar and begins to dabble in new and darker ideas, opening the story up to unimaginable levels of potential; and the raw emotion at the heart of the season's climactic finale, an epic confrontation years in the making, gives fans the duel they never knew they wanted and makes them pay for it tenfold in heart-wrenching tension.

Season Three (2016) By far the most stylistic and best looking the series has ever been, the third season deals heavily with the consequences of the previous two, moving the story forward and making our heroes pay for every small victory they have achieved. Though a thorough and calculated slow burn to the finale, we are rewarded with some of the most visually stunning sequences in Star Wars animation; building toward a conclusion so rife in tension and nail-biting action as to be worthy of Grand Admiral Thrawn's inclusion to the series.

Season Four (2017) The fourth and final season is by far the strongest and most coherent of the series, blending the classically episodic nature of previous seasons into one long continuous story that grows and evolves week on week. But even through a season of some of the best action and most revolutionary additions to the mythology, the heart of the show is still its family of central characters and their powerful bond; forcing them to choose between their allegiances to the Rebellion and their relationships with each other as they face their hardest challenges and most tragic losses ever.

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